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The Growing Threat

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The Prophecy begins to unveil itself to the world but are the Rogue Vampires really the only threat that waits?

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The sun had yet to set as Robin slumbered and a steamed Slade was still plotting the Titans downfall. He remembered his fight with Robin and the fact that even with his new powers he still lost against him. Slade must have been given these powers for a reason but whom or what gave them to him?

Sure his strength had increased and so had the powers of flame but he still had human speed unlike Robin.

Slade knew that they were probably equal in strength, but speed was entirely a different matter. Slamming his fist against the wall, he ended up punching a hole through it. Brother Blood just watched the enraged Slade in silence knowing that he would probably turn to him if he spoke.

‘I must find a way to defeat Robin and I doubt that any amount of robots will help now’ Slade thought to himself and continued to walk down the dark corridor.

He remembered his fight with him and no matter what he tried the Boy Wonder managed to bounce back from it. This thought only enraged Slade and a glowing fiery aura surrounded him. The aura formed dragon like wings, the only difference was that they were made of fire. Slade’s visible eye flashed a fiery orange and red color, but reverted back to normal very quickly.

Brother Blood took a step back away from the madman. Despite how powerful he was, Slade had always been the stronger one of the two.

(Titans Tower)

Four of the five titans were in the common room thinking about all that had happened last night. The major attack had affected the city and the team. Robin seemed to be the only one that hadn’t been beaten by the overwhelming numbers of Slade’s robot armies.

There had been a few minor crimes today, but nothing as serious as the events of last night though. It looked like the sun was going to go down soon, which meant that Robin would awaken soon and Leo would be on his way to the tower.

“Okay guys, should we make dinner now or wait for Robin to wake up?” Cyborg asked.

Raven shook her head at the stupidity of that question.

“Cyborg, you know that Robin can’t eat food and can only drink blood. So what is the point of waiting for him?” Raven explained.

Cyborg and Beastboy raced off to the kitchen to begin on of their meat versus tofu wars yet again.

In Robin’s room Robin slept like the dead so to speak, but inside his mind it was utter chaos. Visions of death and destruction were once again haunting his dreams. They showed Jump City being engulfed by living blood, while inhuman laugher echoed through his mind. Then a deep voice spoke to him and he realised that it was the same one as in his last visions.

“Join me and watch the human world fall…” it said and the inhuman laugher stopped.

“You will bow to me. The Vampire god shall rise again!” The voice stated and more images began to show up.

This vision showed shadow like beings killing everyone in sight, including humans, Vampires and Werewolves alike. It seemed that all creatures would suffer when the Vampire god returned.

“Soon everyone will bow to me. Let the games begin!” The voice spoke and then an image of the planet and everything around it destroyed entered his mind.

Then another familiar image followed, the muscular build and silk clothes, the utter presence of evil unlike any he had felt before. This image, it was Shillian, the very touch of his presence terrified him.

"Soon, First Sign...Soon." that terribly cold voice spoke.

Robin awoke with a start and the visions began to disappear. But the ones he had seen were still fresh in his mind. He shook his head in hopes of getting rid of his visions which had been incredibly disturbing.

He got out of his bed and put on his sunglasses, Robin tiredly swept his hands through his silky black hair and sighed. The dreams were getting worse, now he knew how Raven had felt when she had been dealing with Trigon. This threat though felt alot worse than Trigon. Especially this Shillian, the very thought of the creature was enough to make Robin shudder in fear.

Walking up to his closet, he opened it and then noticed that his entire Robin uniforms had been thrown away and replaced with leather clothing.

‘I’ll have to thank Leo for the new clothes,’ Robin thought and picked out a set of clothes and took off his old one.

He slipped into his fresh leather uniform and noticed that there also was a Vampire emblem on it.

He checked the time and it said seven o’clock, which meant the sun had been down for a good twenty minutes. He walked out of his room and then teleported into the med lab. Robin walked up to the fridge and opened it. Grabbing a pack of blood, he teleported into the kitchen. The walked up to the cupboard to his left and opened it. He grabbed the closest mug and put it on the counter. He was lucky that there was still a mug left since the attack last night had damaged a lot of things. Most of the cups and mugs were broken and so were the majority of the windows as well.

Robin tore open the pack of blood and poured it into his mug.

‘I’ll have to fix those windows later, but I don’t think we have enough money to do that,’ Robin thought and pressed the mug to his lips. Robin sipped down the crimson liquid, it went smoothly down his throat as he stared out of the window and into the moonlight. The night sky seemed very calming. Then Robin sensed a familiar presence in the common room. He recognised it as Leo, the know it all Vampire Elder who strangely hated politics. He left the kitchen and walked into the common room just to see Starfire, Beastboy and Cyborg finishing dinner.

While Raven didn’t seem to be eating anything, Leo was flipping through the television channels in an attempt to annoy the other Titans. Robin sat down next to Raven and Leo turned to look at him.

“Hey Robin, I was beginning to wonder whether you would wake up this century or the next,” he said with a devilish grin on his face.

Robin shot him a death glare to shut him up for once. Raven could sense that something was troubling him greatly but what could it be?

“Leo, I’ve had more visions about the Vampire God and this apocalypse but they seemed to be more than just visions,” Robin said with a look of worry on his face.

Raven began to see images in her mind and realized that these were the ones Robin had seen in his visions. Some of them were the most disturbing things she had ever seen as people were dying left and right.

She sensed a great power coming from this vision that would have made Trigon look like a weakling. A power that only a God could possess and the very thought of going up against someone like that chilled her to the core.

“More visions… well that was to be expected. The closer we get to the apocalypse, the more descriptive the visions will be,” Leo explained as he flipped through the channels.

Robin looked at Raven who looked a little disturbed about something and he had a good idea what it was.

“Hey Raven, are you alright?” Robin asked sounding concerned.

Raven turned to look at him and gave him a small smile, but there was still a look of nervousness in her eyes.

“Oh yeah everything’s fine, and by the way, I wondered if we could go out to dinner?” Raven said with a sound of hope in her voice.

Robin thought about it and decided that it sounded like a pretty good idea. He was beginning to wonder whether Raven liked him more than just a friend.

“Sure thing. So where do you want to go anyway?” Robin said as he sipped down some more of his blood.

The liquid trickled down his throat and pleasure rushed through his senses.

A look of relief spread through Raven’s face as Robin accepted her invitation.

“So that’s why you wouldn’t eat anything I cooked,” Beastboy said with a scowl on his face.

Raven looked like she was having trouble holding back a laugh or something like that.

“No Beastboy, I just don’t like tofu in fact I doubt any of us here do,” Raven said with a mocking look on her face.

Beastboy’s face fell at the thought of him being the only one that liked tofu in the tower. While Raven had managed to hold back a laugh, Leo wasn’t as lucky as he was giggling like a maniac and it wasn’t long before Cyborg joined him. Beastboy’s frown deepened and he left the room probably to go to his bedroom. Raven got to her feet and so did Robin. They began to leave the common room heading for the entrance of the tower. Leo watched them leave and then decided he had spent enough time in the tower and had business to take care of.

Robin and Raven walked down the path to the garage. Thanks to his vampire senses he could tell that she was excited and slightly nervous. They reached the garage and he opened it. Robin pulled out his R-cycle, since his other one had been completely wrecked by the Hive students attack last night. Raven doubted that Robin could take it if this bike was destroyed like the last one, since he was practically in tears because of losing his other one. Robin got on it and started the engine and she climbed on behind him.

Raven wrapped her arms around his waist and they sped off into the night. As they rode down the pathway leading away from the island, green gas seeped out of a manhole cover not far away from the tower.

Robin and Raven sped towards town on his bike with her arms tightly wrapped around his waist hanging on for dear life. She wondered how he could ride so fast and make it look so easy. Well, he did have vampire reflexes, so that might have something to do with it. Robin swerved around a corner with ease , which no normal human could ever do.

They started to slow down and Raven saw the nearby restaurant that she had booked ahead of time.

“Okay Robin, stop at that car park over there,” she yelled so that he could hear her over the roaring wind.

Robin pulled into the car park and found an empty space for his bike. He pulled into it and cut the engine. They got off and Raven started to lead the way to the restaurant. In the car park, green gas was coming out of a manhole cover and a rotten hand started to lift it.

Raven and Robin walked up to the restaurant and the doorman stopped them at the entrance.

“I’m sorry, do you have a reservation?” The doorman asked politely.

Raven looked up at the doorman and stopped the twinge of annoyance.

“Yes we do. It is under Raven and Robin,” she said and the doorman looked at the list.

“Oh, go right in,” he said and opened the door for them.

They walked in and seated themselves at an empty table. Raven ordered a salad and a cup of herbal tea. Robin had ordered steak bloody. Even though he couldn’t eat food he could still use the blood from the steak itself. They had seated themselves in the corner so that there was less chance that people would see his new eating habits.

“So tell me, why did you want to take me out to a restaurant tonight?” Robin asked with a hint of curiosity.

Raven looked up at him and seemed slightly hesitant to tell the truth even though she trusted him more than the other Titans.

“Well, the thing is that I needed to get away from the others and you’re probably the only one who doesn’t get on my nerves,” Raven replied sounding extremely nervous.

Robin cocked an eyebrow and decided that it was true, since Starfire was to cheery while Cyborg and Beastboy were too immature. Robin chuckled, realising that Raven and himself were more alike than any of the other Titans.

“Well, they can get annoying at times, sure, but think how boring Titans tower would be without them,” Robin said.

Raven thought about this for a minute and in the meantime, the waiter put down their dinners on the table. Robin paid the waiter and they turned their attention to the food. He picked up his steak when no one was watching and squeezed all the blood into his wine glass.

“Well I guess your right, but still I think it would be more peaceful without them,” Raven said and started to eat her salad.

Robin got rid of the steak since he couldn’t eat it and turned his attention to the glass of blood. He picked it up and sipped down the crimson liquid.

“What do you want to do after this?” Robin asked as he pulled the glass away from his lips.

Raven looked up at him, diverting her attention away from the salad that seemed to have a hint of spice. “Well, I never really thought about that… but maybe we could go and look around town,” Raven replied.

She got back to her salad and Robin sipped some more blood down.

“Sounds like a good idea. Maybe we’ll find something else to do as well,” Robin said and continued sipping down blood.

If anyone nearby saw him drinking that blood they would have simply assumed that it was red wine.

Robin began to smell something oddly familiar nearby. It was the smell of rotten flesh and had a scent of death as well.

‘Oh god, not those things again! We’re in trouble.’ Robin thought and looked out of the window.

He could see something moving out there, but green mist was stopping him from getting a good view.

‘Wait a minute, green mist? I was right it is them’ Robin thought and jumped to his feet just as the restaurant doors burst open.

A partially eaten body with the uniform of the doorman fell into the restaurant and blood oozed over the floor. Green mist started to enter the room and several people screamed at the sight of the corpse. Raven got to her feet. her eyes glowing bright white. This showed that she was ready for a fight, but Robin doubted that her powers would be useful against these creatures.

“Raven, your powers are useless against these things, so just stay clear of them,” Robin instructed.

Then two zombies walked into the restaurant with their eyes set on the humans. Robin did a whirlwind kick and hit the first zombie in the side of the head. Its head went flying off its shoulders and bounced off the nearby wall. The other zombie turned to face him and started to slowly walk towards the boy wonder. He punched the walking corpse in the stomach and saw his hand go straight through it. Robin stepped back and shook the blood off as quickly as he could, since his instincts were screaming at him to get rid of it.

Robin then did a triple kick combo and knocked it down to the floor of the restaurant. It got back to its feet and he did a roundhouse kick which connected with its chin. Its head went flying off its shoulders and through the ceiling.

The guests’ faces were now white with fear at what they had just seen. Suddenly Robin’s communicator started beeping and he answered it.

“Robin, we’ve got trouble! These...walking corpses are attacking the tower and we can’t kill them,” Cyborg said sounding slightly panicked.

Robin shook his head so softly that if you weren’t paying close attention you would have missed it.

“Just aim for the head and that’ll finish them off. Good luck, me and Raven have our own things to deal with,” Robin said and turned off the communicator.

Raven walked up to him and knelt down next to the half eaten doorman. She began inspecting the bite marks and then the doorman grabbed her arm. He moaned and looked like he was about to bite her but Robin stamped down on his head. The head exploded under the pressure of his foot.

“What happened there?” Raven asked sounding slightly worried.

“He was bitten and he came back as a zombie. That’s what happens when you’re bitten by one,” Robin said.

He slammed the front door of the restaurant shut and motioned the head waiter over to him.

“Lock this door! Hurry, we mustn’t let any more of those things in here,” he yelled.

The head waiter quickly locked the door and turned his attention to the three dead bodies on the floor.

“What about them?” The waiter asked pointing at the three former zombies.

“Dump them back out and get a few people to help you,” Robin instructed and turned back to Raven.

He walked up to her. He picked up his glass of blood, finished it off and put the glass back down on the table.

“How do you know what those things are?” Raven asked with a cocked eyebrow.

The chefs had stopped cooking and the other smells within the restaurant had become much clearer.

“I’ve fought them before only a few nights ago and the only thing that stops them is destroying the brain,” Robin explained.

He then caught the scent of a creature that aroused deep hatred in his vampire instincts. Robin turned around and saw a man glaring at him.

He got to his feet and walked up to the boy wonder with a barely contained scowl on his face.

“You’re a vampire, aren’t you?” the man said and Robin could feel the hatred flowing from him. A small smile graced Robin’s lips and he looked the werewolf straight in the eye.

“And you must be a Werewolf, but how about we work together so that we have a better chance at getting out of here alive?” Robin suggested with what could be called a friendly smile.

The werewolf’s scowl lessened as he looked at Robin’s extended hand. He hesitantly took the offered hand and shook it.

“My name is Marcus. I am a Werewolf elder and considering the power my senses are picking up from you, so are you,” Marcus said.

Robin let go of the Werewolf’s hand and gently shook his head.

“No, I was just created by a Vampire elder that’s all, really, and my name is Robin,” he replied.

The Werewolf’s eyes widened at what Robin had just told him.

“But it is forbidden for a Vampire over the age of a hundred to create another, isn’t it?” Marcus asked sounding slightly curious.

“Yes, it is, but Leo was never really one to follow the rules of the vampire nation,” he replied.

If Marcus had looked shocked before, now he was absolutely stunned at what he had just heard.

"You mean THE Leo? The oldest living vampire on this planet,” Marcus said with wide eyes.

“Wait, how old is he anyway?” Robin asked sounding slightly confused.

Marcus scratched the side of his head and had a look of deep concentration on his face. It would be a rough guess since there weren't many records that had survived the ages that far back. Alot of them had been destroyed or lost in human wars.

“Around three thousand and seven hundred years is what the archives say,” Marcus explained and turned to the front door.

Banging could be heard on the other side as the Zombies tried to get in. It seemed that there were more than a few Zombies on the streets tonight. It was odd, when Robin had encountered them in the sewers, they seemed pretty scattered and low in number.

Marcus removed his pistol and Robin did the same since the door probably wouldn’t last much longer.

‘How could Leo be the oldest vampire? It just doesn’t make sense’ Robin thought and then snapped out of his thinking.

“Even though Leo is the oldest, he didn’t used to be since there used to be ones before him, but they died somehow. Nobody knows how though,” Marcus continued to explain to Robin.

A decayed hand broke through the door and they fired off a round each hoping to hit it in the head somehow by getting a lucky shot.

More hands burst through the door and it began to collapse.

“Everybody, get to the back of the restaurant! We can handle this!” Robin yelled and the guests ran off into the kitchen while Raven stayed with them.

The door fully collapsed and green mist began to slowly leak in with the zombies. Robin and Marcus fired while aiming for the heads. Bullets kept hitting them in between the eyes and they fell to the floor. The stench of these zombies was horrendous and it looked like Robin and Marcus would throw up from the smell. The werewolf pulled out another pistol and began firing rapidly. Unfortunately, there seemed to be too many of them and not enough ammo to take the mall out. Robin and Marcus holstered their pistols and got into their fighting stances.

Then, in a burst of flames, Leo appeared next to them.

“I’ll get the humans out of here while you two deal with the Zombies.” Leo explained and started to help the guests.

The zombies approached them and Robin did a flying side kick, knocking a zombie to the floor. Marcus cocked an eyebrow at the young fighter and then did a spinning kick, snapping the neck of a nearby zombie. A grin spread across Robin’s face and he did a thrust kick, sending a zombie flying across the restaurant.

Large claws extended from Marcus’s fingers and he started to slash zombies with them. Robin focused his energy and then bat like wings burst from the back of his uniform, destroying his leather jacket. He decided that this was just as far as he should go with his transformation and then took flight. He flew over the zombies delivering powerful kicks and punches in mid-air. Marcus did a spinning kick and sent a nearby zombie flying out the window.

“Not bad, you’re pretty good!” Robin said in mid air whilst attacking the zombies.

Marcus looked up at him and a smirk was on his face.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” the werewolf replied and uppercutted a zombie.

Robin focused his energy and sent out a huge blast of lightning frying the zombies. He made sure not to harm Marcus though, since he would still be useful. Robin landed back on the floor and looked around at the fallen zombies. He and Marcus ran out of the restaurant to see that people were being attacked left and right by the zombies. Some of them looked inhuman as they had rotten and decayed so much.

Then Leo appeared next to them in a burst of flames with a grin on his face.

“Don’t worry, the Titans are fine. I helped finish of the zombies at Titans tower,” Leo explained and the three of them took their fighting stances.

People were being bitten left and right and if they didn’t do something soon they would have one hell of a population problem. Robin ran up to a zombie that was feasting on a now dead civilian and did a roundhouse kick.

The zombies head went bouncing across the pavement and Robin flipped out of the way of another one. Marcus stabbed a nearby zombie in the head with his long and extremely sharp werewolf claws. Leo threw a green energy ball at a zombie and the it exploded on impact with the energy ball. Gunfire could be heard in the distance as well as screams.

The green mist was almost everywhere, which meant that the zombie population had been growing for some time and they had only just made an attack. Police sirens from several directions announced that this was happening all over the city.

“This is not good, I believe this is the next sign of the coming vampire god: A zombie outbreak,” Leo explained.

He kicked a zombie in the side of the head and sent it crashing into a building. Robin threw a zombie off him and then flew into the air. He focused his energy and sent a wave of lightning against any enemy he could see.

(Jump City - Downtown Area)

Slade fired a beam of fire at the incoming group of zombies and they were burnt to a crisp.

“Damn it! What the hell is going on here?” Slade yelled.

He did a roundhouse kick and sent a zombie through a nearby wall. Brother Blood did a flip kick and the zombie fell back. He turned around just in time to see one of his students bitten in the neck by a zombie. Brother Blood did a flying kick and got it off his student, who stepped back holding his neck and then collapsed on the floor.

The kid was dying from severe blood loss as blood kept pouring out of his bitten neck. Their factory complex was quickly being overrun by these creatures and Slade seemed to be the only one that could fight back.

Slade did an uppercut and sent a zombie head crashing through the ceiling. Most of the HIVE students had fled since none of them had seemed capable of fighting these creatures.

‘I hope that the Titans are having a harder time than we are,’ Brother Blood thought to himself and decided it was time to leave.

“Slade, we have to run! There are too many of them,” Brother Blood yelled and jumped out of a nearby window.

He fell a couple of stories and landed gracefully on his feet, only to find himself facing more zombies.

“Say what you want old man, but I’m not running from these pathetic creatures,” Slade said and continued to fight.

He did a flip kick and sent a zombie crashing through a wall just to find himself surrounded by others.

‘Fools! They actually believe that I will let them have me for dinner,’ Slade thought to himself and focused his energy.

A wave of intense flames burnt all the zombies around him to a crisp and he found that he had killed them all.

Slade turned to the television since they had been watching the news before the zombies attacked. It seemed that this was happening all over the city and he could see Robin and two others fighting in the background. All three of them moved with inhuman grace, but one of them moved differently from the other two. The reporters seemed to be staying back as half eaten bodies seemed to litter the ground.

‘Strange. What could cause the sudden appearance of those creatures?’ Slade asked himself and decided that the best course of action would be to wait until this little incident was over and done with.

Brother Blood seemed to be having a hard time with these creatures and his mind control seemed to be useless as well. Maybe it was because these monsters had no real will of their own and were acting on instinct. Brother Blood flipped away from the group of zombies and then threw red energy beams at them. The beams didn’t seem to be having any effect on them. He threw one at a zombie’s head and it fell to the ground.

‘Ah, so that’s how you kill these little buggers!’ Brother Blood thought and got to work.

(Jump City - Commercial Zone)

Robin did a roundhouse punch and severed a zombie’s head from the rest of its body. He spotted the reporters in the background and noticed that they were keeping their distance. Raven had joined them and used her powers to make sure that the zombies didn’t get too high in number.

Marcus did a triple spin kick combo and sent a zombie crashing into a nearby building. Leo held a zombie in the air by its throat and then slammed it down onto the pavement as hard as he could. The pavement was smashed from the force of the throw and the zombie started to get back up. Leo smashed his foot on its head and the zombie’s head exploded from the pressure. Robin spotted two zombies heading for the reporters and then spread his bat like wings. He flew past them and landed in front of the reporters.

“It’s best for you lot get out of here now,” Robin said and turned to face the zombies.

One made a grab for him but he dodged it with ease and did a Tae Kwon Do style kick. The kick knocked the head straight off its shoulders. He then blasted the second one with lightning.

Robin’s communicator then chose the time to start beeping at him.

‘Damn it to hell! Now is not the time to call me, Cyborg.’ Robin thought and ignored the call.

He looked back to see that the reporters had decided it was getting too dangerous to stick around and were leaving.

‘Good. At least they’ll be out of the way.’ he thought and turned back to the slow moving Zombies.

Robin threw a lightning ball at the closest zombie causing it to explode. He did an uppercut sending a zombie flying through the air from his powerful punch. Leo did a triple kick combo and knocked a zombie to the ground. Marcus leaped into the air, flipping over a group of zombies. Robin threw one of the creatures over his shoulder and then stomped its head as soon as it landed on the ground. He then did a windmill kick, knocking away a couple of zombies. His communicator had started beeping again and he felt a twinge of annoyance.

Leo threw another green energy ball at a nearby zombie and this time it melted instead of exploding. The vampire elder smirked slyly and then did a whirlwind kick, sending a zombie crashing into a nearby building.

Robin flipped behind the final zombie and snapped its neck. Raven flew back down and saw that there must have been at least fifty or so of them just on this street. Then some of the civilians that had been killed by the zombies started getting up again but they were no longer human.

“Come on, get behind my quickly!” Robin yelled and Raven, Leo and Marcus ran behind him.

He focused his energy and sent out a massive wave of electric waves. The lightning waves destroyed all the corpses on the street removing any chance of the dead bodies coming back to life.

Robin spotted the anger in Leo’s eyes as he finally noticed Marcus.

“Don’t even think about it, Leo! He helped us and we better get back to the tower,” Robin said.

He then turned to Marcus and had a friendly look on his face.

“You’re welcome to come with us, since we could really use your help,” Robin said.

Marcus returned to his normal form and a smile appeared on his face. Robin then noticed that he only looked like he was at the age of seventeen.

“What you mean, become a teen titan? Well, it sounds like a good idea that you’re offering,” Marcus replied with a grin on his face.

“Yes, but somehow I don’t think that goes too well with Leo, though,” Robin said calmly and then gunfire started to ring out in the distance.

“Looks like more people need our help,” he said and they ran down the street.

When they reached the corner, they saw a police blockade and about twenty or so officers with machine guns, firing at an incoming hoard of Zombies. It turned out that the cops were seriously outnumbered and realised that the only real option was to run.

“Aim for the head, you idiots!” Leo yelled as loud as humanly possible.

‘Know Leo to be the one to call the police force idiots.’ Robin thought and then saw that the officers had heard them.

They had begun to shot the zombies in the head and hopefully at this rate the blockade would hold. Green mist seemed to be engulfing the city and Robin thought he could sense something very similar. Robin turned around to see twenty robed vampires. They were followers of the vampire god and were from the same group that attacked the vampire bar. Leo, Marcus and Raven turned around to see the Vampire god followers and knew that they were dedicated to the resurrection of the vampire god.

“So it looks like the vampire prophecy is true after all,” Marcus said with a quick glance at Leo.

“You are all to surrender to the will of the vampire god or be destroyed,” one of the robed vampires said with an emotionless voice.

The four of them cocked an eyebrow and looked at each other.

“Yeah right, what makes you think that any of us would surrender and help bring about this planets destruction?” Leo said and Raven stepped back.

“Surrender, First Sign of the apocalypse and we might let you live,” Another robed vampire said calmly.

‘Huh, why? So they want me of all people. Sure, I’m the first sign, but that’s it,’ Robin thought and looked at Leo.

“You can’t have him, besides, even if I wanted you to take him I doubt that you could anyway,” Leo said and crossed his arms over his chest.

The Vampire God fanatics took their fighting stances whilst Robin, Leo and Marcus did the same. Raven decided that she didn’t have anything to do with this fight so she stepped back so that they could handle it by themselves. Leo threw a green energy ball at the other vampires, but something unexpected happened. The lead vampire caught it in his hand and clenched it into a fist. He opened his hand and green dust fell to the floor.

“We have been empowered by the Vampire God himself. You cannot defeat us,” the vampire who caught the energy ball said calmly.

Leo looked shocked, yet there was something on his face like knowing. Robin threw a lightning bolt at the same vampire but he deflected it back at him with ease. Robin held up his hand and absorbed the blast. The robed vampire that had done most of the talking and action so far stepped forwards. The other vampires stepped away and Robin stepped forward calmly. “By careful, Robin. I may not be able to help you in this fight,” Leo said as he watched the two walk towards each other. Then the robed vampire moved so fast he left a green after image behind him. He tackled Robin and knocked him to the floor.

Robin flipped himself to his feet and then moved with inhuman speed. He did a triple kick combo and the robed vampire blocked the attack, countering with a punch, but Robin caught the fist.

He grinned at the robed Vampire and threw him to the floor. The vampire flipped himself to his feet and then did a spinning axle kick which Robin dodged with ease. He punched the vampire in the stomach and lightning bolts came out if his fist as it made contact with him. The robed vampire fell to the ground and got back to his feet. He then waved his hand at Robin and a shock wave sent the boy wonder flying into the air.

His agility was already inhuman before he became a vampire but now his agility had increased ten times. He found it easy to regain his control in mid air and landed on his feet making it look simple to recover from a shockwave.

Robin fired another lightning blast at the robed vampire but an orange coloured energy field appeared in front of the himm and absorbed the blast.

”One of my unique Vampire abilities. I hoped you liked it,” the robed vampire snarled.

Robin realized that the energy field could mean a lot of trouble, since it could probably block all of his attacks. He did a spinning kick but the robed vampire flipped out of the way a split second before the attack would have hit. Robin focused his energy and bat like wings burst out from between his shoulder blades. ‘This should give me the advantage I need to win this fight,’ he thought and flew up into the air.

Robin couldn’t see the expression on the robed vampires face as it was completely hidden, since the robe was hooded as well. He waved his hand in Robin’s direction and a shockwave went straight for him. Seconds before it hit him, he nimbly flew out of the way avoiding injury of any kind.

Robin flew down to the robed vampire using his wings to give him an advantage and did an extremely offensive assault. The assault forced the vampire to stay in the defensive or he would most likely end up being pummeled. The other robed vampires watched in silence as if they didn’t care who would win or lose in the end. Robin managed to find an opening in the robed vampire’s defence and he ended up being punched in the side of the face. The vampire crashed into the side of a nearby building and Robin flew up to the hole in the wall.

He could see the robed vampire getting to his feet and began to wonder if this guy actually knew how to stay down.

“Foolish newborn! I will never go down for I serve the vampire god and soon the human race. And all others along with it shall perish,” he said calmly and looked Robin in the eye.

Whose eyes widened as he realized that the robed vampire had just read his thoughts. Robin’s feet once again touched the floor and his wings disappeared back inside his back. He focused his energy and then held his hand above his head.

The robed vampire looked at Robin and then felt deep hidden power within him. One that made him look like a pathetic weakling even with the power up the Vampire God gave him. The robed vampire stepped back as he realized that he was outclassed in every way possible. A blue electric ball began to grow in Robin’s hand. The vampire knew that Robin knew nothing about this power, since vampire instincts alone could not tell him about this. He needed to be pushed to the edge; his anger had to reach a whole new level to work. The only way to fully realise his power was to think of it as a need and not as a want. His anger had to be great and with it the sense of despair and loss. Only then could his powers fully emerge.

“I wonder if you can stop a blast such as this… Let’s find out, shall we?” Robin said and the lightning ball finally stopped growing.

It was about two feet tall and two feet wide. It probably packed one hell of a punch as well. The robed vampire put up his energy field and then Robin threw the energy ball at him. The force field caught it, but was strangely unable to absorb it, though. Robin must have been controlling the electric ball with his vampire mind powers so that it wouldn’t get absorbed.

The robed vampire put more energy into the force field, but it didn’t seem to work as the lightning ball pressed harder against it. Robin’s eyes began to glow red and then he focused all his will power onto that lightning ball. It started to break through the energy field and then hit the vampire right in the face. The lightning ball exploded in his face causing his entire body to explode as well. Robin walked to the opening in the wall and looked down. He was five floors above the ground and then wings burst from his shoulder blades. He flew silently down to the ground and then landed next to Leo. Robin turned to face the other robed vampires and saw that they hadn’t even moved the entire time he had been fighting.

Then one of them stepped forward and even though he moved slowly he left a blurred image of himself behind him.

“You may have won today, but remember that the prophecy cannot be stopped and the vampire god will rule this world,” he said with what looked like a calm exterior.

Robin couldn’t tell though, since his face was hidden by those hooded robes.

“You know, you guys really need to get a life,” Robin said with a smirk on his face.

The robed vampire removed his hood to reveal his face. His eyes were glowing bright crimson in colour and there was absolutely no emotion on his face. All hair had been shaved away and the skin was pale, even for a vampire.

“Be aware that the return of the vampire god will return us to our former glory and we will once again rule this world as we used to,” the robed vampire said.

He and the others then disappeared in a flash of dark energy. Robin had never seen teleportation like that from a vampire.

Robin turned to face the others and saw that their expressions were of shock.

“Er, what’s wrong with you guys?” he asked sounding annoyed.

A mirror materialized in Leo’s hand and he handed it to Robin. He looked at himself in the mirror and saw that his eyes were glowing with an intense red colour.

Robin focused his powers on his eyes and they returned to their normal shade of red.

‘Man, maybe I should be careful about that. If I’m not careful the wrong people might see them’ he thought and put his sunglasses back on.

After a few seconds the mirror disappeared into nothing as it had served its purpose. Robin looked back at the police blockade and saw that they had managed to defeat the zombies, but they had suffered a few casualties as well.

He walked up to the police and saw that ambulances had started to arrive and they were definitely in a hurry. They were heading for the police blockade and they weren’t slowing down.

“Oh shit, everyone get out of the way now!” Robin yelled and he and the others dived out of the way.

The ambulances crashed into the blockade, easily smashing the police cars. Luckily that had stopped them and Robin ran up to the ambulances. He opened the driver door of the nearest one and saw something that really disgusted him. The driver was dead and a zombie still half in a body bag was feasting on him. Robin kicked the zombie and knocked its head off.

He pulled out his pistol and saw that he had one bullet left in it. He waited a few minutes, then the half eaten corpse started to get up. Robin aimed at its head and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit it right in-between the eyes and it collapsed back on the seat. He turned to face the police force and saw that they looked slightly nervous. Robin pulled out his empty clip and put in a fresh one.

He took the safety off and looked around at all the humans on the street.

“Okay people, I need to know if any of you were bitten by those things and it is very important that you tell me now,” Robin said calmly.

Raven watched the boy wonder closely wondering what this was about. Leo and Marcus walked up to the him and stood by his side.

‘Hm, no wonder he is in charge of the Teen Titans, the kid is a born leader.’ Leo thought to himself and knew that Marcus felt the same way.

That was probably why Marcus seemed to respect him despite that all werewolves hated vampires.

“Come on, I need to know because if you’re bitten you’ll turn into one of those things so unless you want to become the walking dead, you better tell us now,” Robin said with a scowl on his face.

A couple of cops put up their hands and a saddened expression went over his face but it quickly disappeared.

“I’m sure you understand why I have to end your lives now, since I highly doubt that you want to become a zombie,” Robin said.

The two cops that put their hands up walked up to Robin calmly, but were wearing sad expressions. Leo stepped up in front of Robin and then turned to face him.

“Maybe I should do it since I am more used to ending life than you are,” he said with a neutral expression on his face.

Robin looked up at the older vampire and realised that he felt extremely uncomfortable with ending human life, but had no problem with ending the life of a zombie, vampire or werewolf. Though when Robin looked into Leo's eyes, he saw Leo didn't want to kill those officers anymore than Robin did.

Leo pulled out his pistol and the other officers that hadn’t been bitten turned away as they didn’t want to see their own team mates shot. Leo closed his eyes and shot them both in the head making it quick and painless.

He turned back to face Robin and Marcus and saw the expression on their faces. Robin had what looked like sadness and Marcus didn’t really seem to care all that much.

“Robin, you’ll have to except that killing is what vampires and werewolves do, and humans are what keep us alive,” Leo said calmly.

Robin looked up at him with a look of shock on his face. Leo spoke from experience, yet the tone in his voice was regretful but regret for what?

“We kill not for the pleasure of it, but to survive, but that was back in the old days over a century ago,” Leo said and looked at the nearby humans.

“Yes, I know we feed on human blood, but I don’t drink directly from humans,” Robin said calmly looking at the night sky with a serene look on his face.

“Well, most vampires don’t either. We get ours from blood banks or the vampire bars that are scattered throughout most cities,” Leo explained and looked up into the night sky with Robin.

Marcus rolled his eyes and could still smell plenty of zombies, but they were pretty spread out though.

Robin walked up to Raven and put his hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him and found his eyes hidden behind those pitch black sunglasses of his.

“We better get moving and take out the rest of the zombies before it’s too late,” he said.

Robin, Leo, Raven and Marcus ran down the street and then went around a nearby corner. There were at least five zombies on the street and were pretty spread out. They moved slowly as usual, but strangely didn’t seem to notice them. Robin blasted the closest one with a lightning bolt and that got the remaining four zombies’ attention. They turned to Robin and slowly started to make their way over to him.

Robin used speed that would make the flash green with envy and delivered a punch to the side of the closest zombies face.

Its head went flying across the street and its headless body fell to the floor. Another zombie attempted to grab him, but Robin flipped out of the way. Leo fired a green energy ball and it destroyed the zombie upon impact. Marcus’s fingernails grew into massive claws and he ran up to one of the two remaining zombies. He swung his claws, neatly taking its head off its shoulders.

Robin did an uppercut sending the final zombie flying into the air and he blasted it in mid air with a lightning bolt. The zombie was destroyed almost immediately by the blast and Robin then saw something on the big screen television that hovered over this street. It was a news broadcast coming from various other parts of the world and it seemed they were having the same problems as Jump City.

‘Looks like this prophecy is affecting the entire world and not just jump city,’ Robin thought and then turned back to the others.

Marcus and Raven looked surprised while Leo seemed to look like he was expecting this from the beginning.

“Well, at least it looks like they have figured out the weakness of a zombie so that should be a big help against the fifth sign,” Leo said calmly as he walked up to Robin.

“What’s the sixth sign? Because tonight we had just reached the fifth one with the Zombie invasion.” Robin asked with a serious tone in his voice.

“Oh, some vague references to eternal night or something like that, so I’m not sure,” Leo said and looked up at the night sky.

Robin looked at his watch and saw that it now showed that it was three in the morning. Raven looked absolutely tired whilst Marcus only looked a little sleepy. Leo and Robin still looked fresh since they only needed to sleep during the hours of the day. Army trucks drove past the four of them and Robin felt that the situation would be under control soon enough.

“We better get back to the tower. We can sort out the mess from there and find out how bad the situation really is,” Robin said calmly.

Leo teleported them back to the Titans tower. They reappeared in a burst of flames in the common room. Robin saw the thoroughly exhausted Cyborg, Beastboy and Starfire. It looked like the place was even more wrecked than before and the main entrance to the tower had been broken down.

‘Damn, I wish things like this would stop happening. I’m not made of money and repairs for the tower are costing a lot,’ Robin thought and sat down on the sofa.

“Hey, who’s that guy?” Cyborg asked.

Robin turned to look to where Cyborg was pointing and saw Marcus.

“He’s the newest member of the Titans and was a really big help in the battle in Jump City,” Robin explained calmly and then snoring invaded their ears.

Robin, Raven and Cyborg turned to face a sleeping Beastboy and unfortunately the snoring was almost deafening to their ears.

Cyborg’s human eye was twitching with annoyance and it looked like he was about to throttle the green shape shifter. Robin used his mental powers and stopped the snoring and a sigh of relief was heard throughout the room.

“Maybe we should wake him up since I doubt any of us want to carry him to his room,” Leo said with a smirk on his face.

Robin pointed his finger at Beastboy and a small spark of electricity came out. The spark hit him right on the butt and he cried out in part surprise and pain.

“Ow! Okay, who did that?” Beastboy asked sounding slightly irritated.

He couldn’t tell though since they were all laughing at how he was woken up.

Robin lifted his hand and blue bolts encircled his hand. Right then and there Beastboy knew that it was Robin who had woken him up from his slumber.

“Sorry Beastboy, but I doubt any of us want to carry you to your room and you have the worst snoring,” Robin said with a sly smirk on his face.

Beastboy stormed off to his room, grumbling about something like Robin being rude at waking him up.

Leo decided to teleport back to his home, wherever that was god only knew. Robin turned on the television and Raven sat down next to him with a dull look in her eyes.

“Well, even though the date didn’t go as planned I still had a good time,” Robin said with a light grin on his face.

Raven had a amused look on her face which showed that she had probably had a decent time as well. Robin doubted that the rest of the city was having a good time at the moment since there seemed to be thousands of zombies attacking. He wanted to help, but the sun would be up soon and he couldn’t do anything to help until tomorrow night, so the others would have to handle it.

Cyborg went off with Marcus to show him his room, which left Robin and Raven by themselves.

“Robin, what do you think Leo meant by the sixth sign as eternal night? And why did they call you the first sign?” Raven asked sounding slightly curious.

Robin didn’t know what Leo had meant by eternal night but he knew exactly who ‘they’ were.

“Well, the robed vampires referred to me as the first sign because I am the first sign of the vampire apocalypse,” Robin explained slowly to Raven.

Raven looked at Robin in the eye and suddenly saw more of the visions that he had been suffering from lately.

It showed the sun being eclipsed and the sky was glowing a red and purple colour. Monsters and shadow like creatures were attacking humans, vampires and werewolves alike. Another image showed Robin fighting with a mysterious large figure. She saw Robin slash him in half, but as this was happening the severed torso reconnected with the rest of the body.

“You can’t beat me. I’m a God, remember?” the mysterious man said and with a single punch sent Robin flying across the room.

The images stopped and Raven realised that this was the future that Robin had seen in his visions. But would they really come true?

Raven could sense the power of the man Robin had been fighting in his visions and the power level was probably stronger than five Trigon's combined.

“Something wrong, Raven?” Robin asked with a concerned tone in his voice.

Raven suddenly realised that she had been staring at Robin this entire time and did her best to hide a blush.

‘Is Raven blushing? No it can’t be,’ Robin thought and then turned his attention back to the television.

He began flipping through the channels hoping to find something decent on at this time of the night, but it only had reports of zombie attacks and other special bulletins.

“No nothing’s wrong, I just felt something that’s all,” Raven replied and got to her feet.

She walked out of the common room leaving Robin by himself. ‘Something was definitely up there, but what could it have been? Robin wondered and then decided to get to his feet. He left the common room and began heading for his own.

(Jump City Outskirts)

“So Robin has a few new friends and they seem rather powerful. But that won’t stop me in getting you by my side once more,” Slade said to himself as he watched the news in the darkened room.

Brother Blood was nowhere to be seen at the moment but he had managed to avoid injury from the zombies.

The same couldn’t be said for a lot of the Hive students, since many had been killed in the zombie attack. When they had started off with a hundred students, now Slade only had around twenty left. His robot army had been a big help in the fight, since the Zombies didn’t consider robots food. Unfortunately, he didn’t have many of them left after the huge battle at Titans tower from nearly twenty four hours ago.

‘By tomorrow this factory will be fully operational and the production of my robotic army shall begin’ Slade thought and then a smirk came across his face.

He got to his feet and walked out of his room. He went onto a balcony and below him were the ruins of an ancient temple. It seemed to have marking of Vampires and other things related to them. His new base had been relocated outside of Jump City and they had found an ancient temple of some kind. They had decided to set up base camp here.

Slade got the feeling that this temple was important in some way as well, but he couldn’t figure out what. He had managed to translate some of the markings on the temple walls. They had said the resurrection of the Vampire God was nigh.

To Be Continued.

I would like to thank my beta-reader Rose of Fantasy for helping me with this and the previous chapter. Your help is appreciated and if anyone has suggestions for future chapters I am willing to take a look at them.
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