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The New Alliance

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With the Vampire Prophecy still hanging over the Titans, they must make new alliances if they are to stand a chance against the approaching threat.

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The incident with the zombies had shaken the world greatly as humans now realized that they weren’t on top of the food chain. The appearance of zombies attacking humans on the streets had done a lot of damage. The combined force of the military and police had managed to get the situation under control. Well, that was the case in Jump City anyway since zombies had begun to appear over most of the world.

Robin, Marcus and Leo had fought the zombies and were greatly praised for it, although they didn’t want the thanks in the first place.

“Okay, I don’t get it. Why is it that this is happening all over the world?” Cyborg said with a small amount of irritation in his voice.

Marcus shook his head lightly and looked at the sun shining through the windows.

“This is happening because a prophecy is slowly being fulfilled and if the legend is correct then Robin is the key to defeating the Vampire god,” Marcus explained and got to his feet.

“I think Robin made a bad choice of recruiting wolf boy over there,” Beastboy said as he watched Marcus silently walk into the kitchen.

Raven shook her head and then Starfire decided to float into the common room. It was four in the afternoon and it had been three days since the zombies first attacked Jump City. Since then humans and zombies had been in war with each other.

“Come on Beastboy, the guy’s fun to have around and plus he’s the only person who can actually beat me at a video game,” Cyborg replied with a sly twinkle in his eye.

The last part of the sentence unnerved the green changeling just as Cyborg knew it would.

“Alright. Me and you on Tekken 4, now!” Beastboy said and they started to set up the game station.

Marcus walked back into the common room and spotted Cyborg and Beastboy turning on the game station.

‘I wonder if I can give both of those amateurs another royal pounding’ Marcus thought to himself and walked up to the sofa.

He sat down next to Starfire and watched as Cyborg and Beastboy started up a match. Raven watched for a few seconds without interest and then returned her full attention to her book. So far Cyborg, who was playing as Law, was beating the stuffing out of Paul, which was being controlled by Beastboy.

After about fifteen more seconds Cyborg had won the game and the second controller was given to Marcus. He grabbed it and when the character select screen came up he chose Hwoarang. After about fifteen seconds the game ended in a “perfect” for Marcus. He had made Cyborg look like a first timer as he hadn’t been able to even touch the werewolf when he played.

(Jump City Outskirts)

“Come on, move it! Get this thing uncovered now!” Slade yelled at his robotic minions as they worked to unearth the ancient table.

‘I don’t know how, but I can sense that this place has a great power that dwarfs my own. And I must possess that power, even if it is the last thing I do,’ Slade thought.

He had been making all his forces work to completely uncover the temple in hopes that he would find a way to control and harness this power he sensed.

Brother Blood walked up to Slade and saw that the temple was now one quarter unburied. It must have been extremely old if it had been covered up under all that rubble.

“How old have the robots dated the temple?” Brother Blood asked as he carefully watched the maniac in front of him.

Slade turned to face Brother Blood, watching him silently for a few seconds.

“They have dated it to be over thirty thousand years old. Before humans had the ability to build something like this,” he said and turned to look out of his window once again.

Brother Blood now stood next to Slade and they both watched the robots and Hive students working to uncover the temple as fast as possible.

“I’ve been able to translate some more of the markings on the temple walls as well,” Blood said and a look of amusement spread across his face.

“What did it say?” Slade asked bluntly.

“The temple won’t be able to power you in any way, but is used for the resurrection of the Vampire God and bringing about the total annihilation of all living creatures,” Brother Blood said calmly.

Slade turned to face him and a look of anger was in his face.

“Did the markings say anything else?” Slade said with his usual cold, emotionless voice.

“Well, it does say something about sacrifices, eternal darkness and some vague translation of the seventeen signs of the apocalypse,” Brother Blood replied and left the room.

‘Its only a matter of time and I will have uncovered what this temple was really for and maybe I could use this apocalypse to my advantage’ Slade thought.

A fiery aura surrounded him the energy took the form of dragon like wings. His entire body was surging with flames and the temperature of the room went up quite a bit.

(Titans Tower)

The sun had begun to go down and Cyborg was still being thoroughly thrashed by Marcus on Tekken 4. On the screen it said Marcus’s score was seventy three while Cyborg was still at zero. Marcus looked bored while Cyborg had a annoyed look on his face.

‘I guess he’s getting tired of being beaten, maybe I should let him win once…nah.’ Marcus thought and gave him the final blow.

Cyborg screamed in frustration and walked out of the common room stomping heavily.

“I doubt those two will actually want to play against you again,” Raven said and she watched the sun finally disappearing.

‘Robin should be up soon. I wonder what tonight will bring, hopefully he doesn’t make us fight zombies all night again,’ she thought.

Meanwhile in Robin’s room he was suffering from more visions of the coming apocalypse.

Images of the sun being eclipsed once again entered his mind, but this time it seemed much clearer. The images showed all the planets in the galaxy aligning with each other. Robin could sense a strange energy from this phenomenon. The planets began to glow a red and purple color. They had all blocked out the sun from the earth and then a gigantic beam shot out of the sun. It hit each planet and it grew smaller each time.

The planet of earth began to glow a reddish color and people looked up at the sky in wonder. Outside of the city a red beam hit the highest point of the temple and energy surged throughout it.

“Soon I will return and nothing will stop me,” an inhuman voice said.

Robin jumped from his sleep with a worried look on his face. He got out of bed and walked up to his closet. He opened it and put on a new leather jacket and his sunglasses. Then Robin teleported into the medical wing of Titans Tower. He walked up to the fridge and opened it. Pulling out a pack of blood, he suddenly felt an energy presence behind him. Robin turned around to see four robed vampires.

‘Oh great. The sun has just gone down and I have to face these dudes,’ Robin thought and then took his fighting stance.

One teleported behind him, blocking the doorway and another stepped forward while the other two didn’t budge a muscle.

Robin threw a lightning bolt at the robed vampire, but he caught it and absorbed it with his bare hands.

“You will come with us, infidel!” the robed Vampire said and he took his fighting stance.

Robin did an axle kick but the vampire blocked it and punched him in the stomach. Robin took a step back and then did a roundhouse punch. The enemy dodged it and countered with a roundhouse kick hitting him in the chin. Robin did a soul punch combo and managed to land a couple of good hits on the robed vampire who stepped back and started to laugh. Robin felt a twitch of annoyance and then did a flying side kick. The vampire stepped out of the way but Robin anticipated that move. His opponent ended up with an elbow in the face, followed up by a punch in the stomach.

The robed vampire flipped behind Robin and tried to grab him around the neck but he ducked out of the way. Tripping the vampire, he flipped back to get some distance between him and the enemy. The robed vampire flipped himself to his feet and once again took his fighting stance. Robin threw another bolt of lightning, but the vampire dodged it with ease. He pointed his hand at Robin and a red energy beam shot out at him.

Robin spun through the air in an attempt to dodge the red energy beam and did a good show dodging it as well. He could feel his thirst nagging at him and he knew that he needed to end this fight quick.

“You will never win!” the robed vampire said and did a roundhouse kick.

Robin grabbed the kick a mere second before it hit his face and swung his enemy into the wall. The boy wonder got into his fighting stance and watched as the other vampire got to his feet.

‘Damn it! Where are the others? They should have been here by now surely,’ Robin thought.

“Not likely. We have frozen time so that no one will interfere with this fight,” the robed vampire said and got into his fighting stance.

‘Oh boy, that’s definitely not good,’ Robin thought and did a left right punch combo.

The vampire dodged the attacks and Robin ended up being kicked in the face.

He stepped back and then did a twin peaks kick and knocked the robed vampire into the wall.

Robin used this chance to throw a lightning bolt at his enemy. He looked at Robin just in time to see the blue and white lightning bolt heading his way. The robed vampire got to his feet and was hit dead in the chest by the lightning blast. He collapsed and Robin turned his attention to the other three robed vampires. Robin knew that if those three had the same strength of the one he had beaten, there was little chance that he would win. But the three remaining vampires disappeared in a flash of purple and blank energy. Robin walked up to the robed vampire he had knocked out and then picked him up. He grabbed his blood pack with his free hand and teleported into the common room.

He dropped the vampire on the floor in front of the others and judging by the look on his face he had something in mind on what to do with him. Everyone else just stared at him with a look of shock on their face.

“Er…isn’t that one of the robed vampires who are trying to set off the apocalypse?” Marcus asked with a unreadable expression on his face.

Robin turned to look at the others and they could tell he had been in a fight recently.

“Yeah. And I intend to get some answers out of him,” Robin said with a serious expression on his face.

Suddenly Leo appeared in front of them in a burst of flames with that usual gentle grin on his face. People often wondered whether he was a loon or just high on some drug or another all the time. Robin often wondered how he kept his spirits so high at times like this and decided that it must just be his personality.

He then spotted the robed vampire lying unconsciously on the floor and his mood changed instantly. As rare as it was, Leo turned serious and picked up the vampire by his throat.

“Well, the elders have set up a meeting and want to meet you, Robin. And I think our guest here should tag along,” Leo said pointing at the robed vampire.

Robin looked up at the older vampire and then Raven and Marcus walked up next to him.

“Well, I better take you three while the rest of you should stay here,” Leo said calmly looking at the others.

He teleported to a different part of the world taking Robin, Raven and Marcus along for the ride. They reappeared on the streets of a city that definitely didn’t look like America.

“Welcome to Paris where the head council of all species of the supernatural meet,” Leo explained with a small grin on his face.

The air night air in Paris definitely smelt different from Jump City and the four of them walked out of the alleyway. A large hall that looked extremely expensive was a few feet in front of them and Robin could sense zombies scattered about.

“Yes, I can smell it, too. The zombie invasion affected the entire world not just Jump City,” Leo explained and they were walking into the massive hall.

Robin looked around and saw that most of the building itself was made of marble, which must have been very expensive. They walked up to the elevator and Leo pressed the call button. After a few seconds the elevator door opened and they walked in. The lift doors closed behind them and Leo turned to the numbered buttons on the wall. He pressed the buttons 317 and then pressed the enter button. The lift whirred to life and started going down despite being on the ground floor.

‘I wonder where this thing is taking us,’ Robin thought and then looked at the robed vampire who Leo was carrying over his shoulders.

He decided that the meeting was under ground since this was a public building and they couldn’t risk humans seeing the meeting.

After about a good thirty seconds the lift door opened and the four of them walked out into a darkened corridor. It wasn’t as brightly lit as the ground level and the only light came from the light bulbs. The floor, walls and ceiling were made of the same marble as the ground floor. They walked up to the only door in the corridor and Leo opened it. They walked in and Robin could sense vampires, werewolves and other mystical creatures, like witches and ones he didn’t have names for. Leo motioned them into the seats at the front of the room, along with himself and others. Robin could easily pick out the werewolf elders along with the other vampire elders.

He also could sense the hatred and dislike they had for each other. Even Robin had it for Marcus, but he just did a good job of ignoring it. The werewolf did the same for him, but he couldn’t say the same for Leo, unfortunately.

The vampire elder made it pretty obvious that he didn’t like Marcus, but hopefully he would get used to him. Leo sat down at the very front of the room with the other elders of all the mystical beings.

“We have all gathered here under this single roof for a reason. Do any of you know what that is?” Leo asked the whole room, but nobody answered.

“Well, it seems that a new threat has made itself known, a group of powerful vampires are intent on resurrecting the vampire god and starting the apocalypse,” Leo explained.

Whispers and gasps were heard among the crowd of various creatures that lived under the human world.

Robin could sense doubt and mock among the crowd and he felt anger at them for doubting the person who had created what he was today.

“Silence! It makes sense as the prophecy is already running its course and the sixth sign will soon be here.” Leo said with a deep confidence in his voice.

The elders looked at each other with realization on their faces as all the elders had read the prophecy.

“Very well, Leo Alistair. What do you intend to do to stop this apocalypse?” An elder with white birdlike wings asked.

Robin could sense that the winged man that had spoken with him was celestial in nature, most probably an angel.

“We combine all our forces to counter this threat as some of you are aware that this is the sixth sign of the apocalypse,” Leo said with a grim look on his face.

The elders looked at each other, all of them looking nervous about the thought of joining forces.

Robin wasn’t surprised since Leo had explained that most mystical species disliked the others.

“We are willing to take the risk of combining our forces. But who is this Vampire with you? If I am correct he is even more powerful than you,” the angelic elder said calmly.

“He is Robin, the first sign of the apocalypse. He captured a follower of the vampire god which may give us an advantage,” Leo explained with a hint of worry on his face.

Nearly everyone in the courtroom gasped in fright while Marcus lifted an eyebrow at what he had just heard. With Robin’s enhanced hearing he could hear words like freak and other such insults, but he did his best to ignore them.

“And who in their right would create a newborn with the strength of an elder?” the angelic elder asked calmly.

Leo just looked up at the ceiling and started whistling innocently. The other elders rolled their eyes as it was now clear who had created Robin.

“Leo, when are you going to get your head straight and start to follow our rules? Because they are there for a reason,” the angelic elder said with a disapproving look.

Robin guessed that this elder was in charge and probably for a good reason, too. When the elders started shaking hands because of their new alliance with one another, the robed vampire began to stir.

Leo dropped him onto the floor and Robin turned to him. The vampire got to his feet and looked around at his surroundings.

“Fools! I will destroy you all!” he yelled.

Robin did a flying side kick and knocked the vampire to the floor. He flipped himself up and threw a punch at Robin who caught the fist with ease and punched him in the stomach. Everyone in the room watched with great intensity at the fight that was on display. Luckily for them it wasn’t a pay to view match. The robed vampire did a spin kick, but Robin caught the leg seconds before it hit him. He twisted the leg and the loud snap of bones could be heard.

The robed vampire screamed in pain when Robin had broken his leg. He fell to the floor and Robin picked him up by the hood.

“These people want to know what you know about the prophecy and if you don’t tell them I will snap your other leg.” Robin said coldly.

“I shall tell, but nothing shall stop the vampire god from rising again,” the robed vampire said and was followed by a menacing chuckle.

The angelic elder walked up to the vampire with an unreadable expression on his face.

“What is the final sign of the apocalypse? This is the only one that nobody knows.” the angelic elder asked.

The robed vampire looked up at the angelic elder and a sneer crossed his face.

“It is when all the planets in this galaxy align with each other and the sacrifices needed for the resurrection are made,” he replied.

He may have sounded calm, but they could easily tell that he hated telling them.

‘I wonder who those sacrifices will be. Knowing the prophecies, they’ll have to be specific people’ Robin thought.

Leo had a disturbed look on his face as he watched the interrogation of the robed vampire. Robin walked up to the elder and turned to the robed vampire.

“I know about you, Virgil, the most powerful and oldest angel in existence,” the robed vampire said looking at the angel called Virgil.

“How do we stop the vampire god from rising? Tell us!” Virgil said with an impatient look on his face.

The robed vampire shook his head and looked Virgil in the eyes.

“You can’t. It is destined that he shall rise again, so there is no stopping it,” the vampire answered quietly.

Virgil’s eyes widened, but the shocked look quickly passed and was replaced with anger.

“Then how do we kill him? There must be a way even a God can be killed,” Virgil said with anger rising in his voice.

“You can’t, only the first sign can do such a task,” the robed vampire said and turned his gaze to Robin.

The boy wonder met his stare and blue bolts flashed through his eyes. It gave the intended message, telling the robed vampire to keep talking.

Robin heard whispers and other such thing among the crowd. They were mainly talking about him being the key to the vampire god’s defeat and were insulting Robin. They probably still thought of him as a freak because he was the first sign of the apocalypse, but he didn’t care.

“Well, I think we’ve heard enough from you,” Virgil said and did a roundhouse kick.

The kick sent the robed vampire crashing through the marble wall. Even Robin cocked an eyebrow at Virgil’s strength while everyone else seemed to want to keep their distance. Virgil moved with speed that even Robin would struggle with. The angel picked up the robed vampire and a third eye opened on his forehead, beginning to glow. A golden beam shot out taking off the head of the robed vampire with ease. Robin thought he had seen power when he fought Slade, but Virgil had just created a whole new meaning to the word power.

‘Well, he is a celestial being, so he would have to be powerful since he probably worked alongside the gods,’ Robin thought to himself.

Then he saw that people were starting to leave the room.

He guessed that the meeting was now over anyway and they had better things to do. Virgil walked up to the other elders as they just stood next to each other waiting for him.

“So I guess an alliance is born,” Virgil said and the, started to shake hands.

Robin swore that he heard Leo’s voice in the back of his mind.

‘This is why I hate politics,’ Leo said telepathically.

Robin just shook his head thinking how bad Leo had it. Marcus walked up to him and looked at the sight before them.

“You know, this is an incredibly rare sight. Usually they are all at war with each other,” Marcus explained calmly.

Suddenly a black and purple aura surrounded the room and when it faded away at least fifteen robed vampires could be seen. Robin took his fighting stance and the robed vampire at the front raised his hand.

A purple energy came out of his hand and went after the group of elders. An energy field went up and the only ones that weren’t caught in it were Robin and Marcus. Everyone else was behind that force field. Well, Raven wasn’t, but she didn’t stand much chance against the robed vampires. Marcus took his fighting stance as well and so did the robed vampires.

“Okay, these aren’t good odds, so we’ll have to fight at full power,” Robin said.

Marcus nodded his head and transformed into his half human half wolf form. Robin felt a sharp pain at his shoulder blades and bat like wings erupted from his back.

His skin started to turn into a dark grey colour and his muscles began to bulge slightly. As the transformation went on, his clothes seemed to disappear. His skin had turned black and he now resembled a half bat half human creature. It was this transformation that helped him win his battle with Slade.

Robin didn’t use it on purpose in that fight, but something inside him snapped and he just transformed. Luckily, he could control it now while he couldn’t the first time. A red beam was fired at Robin, but he flew out of the way and shot a lightning bolt at the robed vampires.

He just hoped that Raven had the sense to stay out of the fight since these vampires were too powerful for her to fight. Robin flew down and did a spinning axle kick. He knocked a robed vampire down and then did a roundhouse punch knocking back another vampire. Marcus used his extremely sharp claws to slash at his opponents, but the gashes he made healed very quickly.

Robin dodged an uppercut and countered with a twin peaks kick knocked the robed vampire to the floor. The enemy flipped himself up and took his fighting stance. Then two others grabbed him from behind and got him in an arm lock. They had a hard time holding him since he was in his transformed state. Robin used the grapple to his advantage and flipped behind them. They turned around to meet a ten kick combo that knocked them both to the floor. The one that had tried to uppercut him unsheathed an extremely sharp sword and Robin felt magical energy coming from it. He unsheathed his katana and did a diving slash. The robed vampire blocked it, but barely and countered with his own swing. Robin moved with speed that would make the flash green with envy and dodged it with ease.

He elbowed the robed vampire in the stomach and swung his sword at him. He tried to dodge it, but looked like he had a hard time doing so.

“Hmm… you missed,” the robed vampire said with a snarl.

Robin pointed at the side of the vampires face and a long gash appeared.

“What do you know? I didn’t miss after all,” he said mockingly.

The robed vampire swung his sword at the boy wonder, but he side stepped it. He then swung his sword taking off the vampire’s head. The robed vampires body turned to ashes within mere seconds of death. Marcus swung his claws at the robed vampire, but he sidestepped it and delivered a punch to his stomach. He stepped back and swung his claws as fast as he could. The vampire moved with shocking speed, dodging every slash.

Robin did a ten punch combo and knocked his opponent to the floor. He then heard something behind him and turned around to see a large metal piece of machinery heading his way.

“Oh shit!” Robin said to himself as his shock stopped him from moving.

The massive piece of machinery sent him crashing into the wall. The machine exploded sending everything near it up in flames. Raven had a look of immense fear on her face as she watched at what had just happened. Then the wreckage of the machine was thrown aside a figure walked out.

Most of his flesh was burnt away and his bones were visible as well. His skin quickly started to regenerate itself at in incredible rate. In a matter of seconds, Robin had fully regenerated and was back in his normal form except for the wings.

Robin brushed a stray piece of hair out of the way and turned to the vampire that had thrown the machine at him. The robed vampire let out an emotionless laugh and took his fighting stance. Robin spread out his wings yet again and hoped that what was left of his clothing wouldn’t be destroyed in the fight. He flew at the vampire and began throwing punches and kicks at him using his wings to his advantage. The robed vampire had a hard time blocking the blows and half of them hit. Robin did a roundhouse kick and it hit him in the chin. He went crashing into the marble wall and slowly got to his feet.

He looked around, but Robin had disappeared from sight and began to sense something nearby.

“Hey, up here!” a voice above him said calmly.

He turned around and was zapped by a blue lightning bolt by Robin. It turned out that he was standing on the wall above the robed vampire the entire time.

The walked down the wall and placed his feet back on the floor. His bat like wings folded behind him, but didn’t go back inside his back. Robin focused his energy and blasted the vampire which was attacking Marcus. Four robed vampires turned their attentions to Robin and all attacked at once. He blocked and dodged their various attacks, wishing that Leo or some of the other elders were there to give him a helping hand. To the looks of it, Marcus was having trouble with the robed vampires as well. Leo and the other elders were trying their best to get past the energy field one of the robed vampires had set up but nothing seemed to work.

He set up an electrical field to block side attacks so that he could focus on the ones in front of him.

‘Electrical powers has over a thousand uses. What would I do without them nowadays?’ Robin thought.

He found it easier to block now that he didn’t have to block all directions at the same time.

He blocked a punch to the face and countered with a kick right in the robed vampire’s chin. His enemy stepped back and then began to focus his energy. He pointed his finger at Robin and a thin energy lance which was purple in colour started to head towards Robin.

He spun out of the way and successfully managed to dodge the deadly energy beam. Robin landed gracefully on his feet and shot several waves of lightning at the four robed vampires. Marcus reverted back to his human form since a lot of energy had been drained from him and he didn’t have enough to stay in wolf form. He dodged a few punches and then countered with a axle kick, knocking down the robed vampire. Robin spun in mid air, dodging a spear that a vampire had thrown at him. The spear just missed him and he then landed back on the floor gracefully. The robed vampire took his fighting stance and then did a triple spinning kick combo. Robin dodged the attacks and punch him in the stomach. Lightning bolts came out of his fist and fried the robed vampire.

‘Okay, that’s three down, twelve more to go. Damn, we’re screwed!’ Robin thought.

He continued to keep fighting even though the odds were against him and Marcus. He knew that he had to finish this quickly, but didn’t know how to do that since he was outnumbered at the moment.

He blocked a kick and punched the robed vampire that had tried to kick him in the stomach. He then flipped over two of them and did a twisting tsunami kick. The attack knocked both vampires to the floor and Robin got out his katana. One did a flying side kick but he sidestepped it and stabbed the his in the chest. The sword went straight through the heart and the vampire burst into flames. Robin dodged a punch from another opponent and then swung his katana, chopping the robed vampire in half. Marcus flipped out of the way from two vampires and then got out some combat knifes hidden under his clothing. He threw them at them and the knifes hit one in the head and the other in the heart. They both crumbled to dust.

Robin dodged a roundhouse kick and countered with a thunder falls kick. When the kick made contact with the robed vampire’s chest lightning came out and did even more damage.

Robin blocked a punch and then swung his sword. The swing had taken off the vampire’s arm and it was the same one that was used for the punch. The robed vampire clutched his severed arm and looked up at Robin. A red beam shot out of his eyes and hit Robin dead in the chest. The blast made him fall to the floor and the vampire got back to his feet. Robin flipped himself up to his feet and threw a ball of lightning at him.

The lightning ball hit the robed vampire in the upper torso area and exploded upon contact.

He fell to the floor and Robin picked him up, throwing him across the room. Then he spread his bat like wings. Marcus stabbed another vampire in the chest with his combat knife and he turned to dust. The remaining robed vampires, which were about seven now, got into one group and disappeared in a flash of purple energy. The energy field went down and the elders were released from their barriers.

Robin turned to face them and saw that they all seemed to be in shock, except for Leo that is. He had his usual wise guy grin on his face.

“Strange, how did they manage to teleport in here when only the most important know of this location?” Virgil said with a confused look on his face.

Robin shook his head softly and turned to face Virgil.

“When was this place made exactly?” he asked the angelic elder who turned to face Robin.

He had a serious look on his face. “During the age of the Vampire God. He built these halls,” Virgil answered.

He said it as if this fact was common knowledge, which Robin doubted that it was.

“That probably means that they know because the vampire god had written it down somewhere or they communicated with him somehow,” Robin explained.

Virgil looked like a light bulb had just gone off in his head when Robin had finished his sentence. Raven walked up to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. Robin turned to face her and saw a worried expression on her face.

“Something wrong Raven?” Robin asked sounding slightly confused and looking like it, too.

“I was worried when that vampire threw that machine at you,” Raven said softly.

“Sorry I worried you there, but I’m fine now,” Robin replied with a small grin on his face.

“Good, and don’t do that again. You scared me half to death!” Raven said with all softness gone in her voice.

She grabbed his ear and pulled.

“Ow, that hurts! Come on!” Robin moaned.

Marcus lifted an eyebrow and just shook his head.

“Dude, you are so whipped,” Marcus said.

Leo had burst into a fit of giggles and had collapsed to the floor from laugher. Robin’s eyebrow twitched as he looked at the elder and he then turned back to Marcus.

“Believe me, I know,” Robin said rolling his eyes.

(Jump City Outskirts)

Back at Jump City, well, more like outside it Slade and his minions continued to dig up the forgotten temple. They had finally finished the translation of the writings on the temple walls and the new factory production facilities had been finished. Now that they had been finished, they began to produce Slade’s robotic minions almost instantly.

‘Yes, everything is falling into place and my nephew will once again return to my side,’ Slade thought as he watched the Hive students and his robotic army digging up the ancient temple of the vampire god.

At the rate of their digging it would be another week before they had completely uncovered the ancient temple.

‘This place holds great power but I won’t be able to use it until all the planets align themselves. I’ll have to thank Blood for finishing the translation,’ Slade thought.

He turned around to see Gizmo looking extremely nervous at the doorway.

“What is it that you want?” Slade asked sinisterly.

Gizmo visibly gulped and took a step closer into the darkened room

“All the students sent on the search have come up with nothing. Bird boy isn’t in the city, if he was we would have found him,” Gizmo replied nervously.

Slade stayed silent for a few seconds considering his options.

“You disappoint me Gizmo. And don’t do it again otherwise you’ll share the same fate as Jinx!” Slade said.

He motioned for him to leave and turned back the dig site.

‘Soon all my planning will pay off. But if Robin is not in the city, where is he?’ Slade wondered and began to walk out of his room.

With each step he took the carpet had burned in the shape of his foot prints which were caused by his fire abilities.

(Jump City - Residential Area)

Robin and the others had teleported back to Jump City and found traces of the green gas which meant that zombies were nearby. Gunfire could be heard which was proof that the fight between humans and zombies was not yet over. The sky was clouded and it blocked out the moon as well as all the stars.

“So, were you telling the truth that the sixth sign was all mystical creatures made an alliance with each other?” Robin asked sounding slightly curious.

Leo turned to look at the boy wonder and nodded his head.

“Yes, but if we didn’t do it then we would still have to join forces eventually, since this is too big for one species alone,” Leo explained as they walked down the streets of Jump City.

They turned a corner and saw a police blockade with around thirty officers firing at a horde of Zombies. Luckily they knew the weakness of a zombie and were making sure that they aimed for the head.

“Er, guys? Shouldn’t we help them?” Marcus asked, a confused tone in his voice.

Robin, Raven and Leo turned to look at the teenage werewolf.

“No, they have everything under control there,” Robin said as he rubbed his slightly sore ear from earlier.

It had taken a while for Leo to stop laughing at what had happened back in Paris, but he got over it. Robin could still hear him snickering from time to time whenever he thought about Raven pulling his ear. Every time he did snicker Robin wanted to pound him, but stopped himself as he knew no one would stop him.

When they turned the corner they saw a barricaded building with zombies on the approach. Robin used his senses and found out that it wasn’t cops in the building, but average people who weren’t trained to use a gun.

Robin removed his pistol and Leo and Marcus did the same. Robin fired a shot and hit a zombie in the side of the head. Green gas started to come up from behind them and that meant there were more zombies behind them. Marcus turned around and fired off a few rounds into the mist. Leo fired a few shots and smirked at Marcus who resisted the urge to shot Leo in the head, firing off more rounds at the incoming zombies instead. The building that the people were barricaded in happened to be a pub, so they probably had bad aim because they were drunk as well.

Robin ran up to the group of zombies and did a spinning axle kick. The kick hit the closest zombie in the side of the face and its head was torn from its very shoulders on impact.

The next zombie made a grab for him, but he moved with superhuman speed avoiding the creature. Robin fired his pistol and the bullet hit the zombie right in-between the eyes. Blood spurted out from the bullet hole in its head and Robin fired a few more rounds at the group of zombies. Leo fired his pistol and hit the closest one right in its left eye. He cocked an eyebrow at Marcus and then sensed the werewolf’s urge to shoot him there and then. Marcus did a spinning screw kick and sent a zombie crashing into a nearby building.

Robin fired his pistol at the final zombie in the group he was dealing with and hit it right in the forehead. The pub door opened and seven men walked out. Robin could smell the scent of alcohol on them from where he was.

“Yuck, what is that stench?” Leo said sounding disgusted.

Robin rolled his eyes and realized just how strong the smell was.

‘They’re as pickled as rats,’ he thought to himself shaking his head.

He watched the men walk off into the distance without a care in the world.

‘That’s probably why I’ve never drank alcohol before,’ Robin thought.

He heard some zombies groaning behind him and turned around to see more coming out of the green mist.

Leo, Raven and Marcus ran up to Robin and turned to face the zombies. Robin got both his pistols out and handed one of them to Raven. Leo and Marcus got out their pistols as well and reloaded them.

They aimed their pistols and fired at the group of incoming zombies. Not all the bullets hit them in the head, but some of them did anyway. Robin thought he sensed a familiar presence close by, but ignored it for now. He fired off three rounds from his pistol and each bullet hit a zombie in the head. Leo fired a single round and also hit the closest one in the head.

Five zombies remained and the four of them reloaded their pistols. Robin finished off two of them while the others killed one each. With the zombies dead, the green mist disappeared and so did the stench which the mist created.

Suddenly in the building next to them ten floors up a explosion rocked the building. They looked up to see nothing but flames on three different floors of the building.

‘Hm, what could cause an explosion like that?’ Robin thought.

A human figure dropped from the tenth floor and landed gracefully on his feet. The large man walked out of the shadows and revealed himself to be Slade.

“Everyone stay back! This fight is mine,” Robin said with his voice dripping with venom.

Flames encircled Slade and the temperature had gone up quite a bit since he had made his appearance. The other three ran back quite a bit as they knew that one explosive battle was ahead of them.

Robin got into hiss fighting stance and Slade did the same. Dragon like wings made of fire appeared on Slade’s back. It reminded Robin that he had to be careful as his enemy was as tough as him, especially with his powers to control and create fire. Slade’s hand lit up into flames and he ran up to Robin. He blocked the first punch, but slowed down from the pain of blocking a fire powered punch. This gave Slade the chance he needed and uppercutted Robin with his flame empowered hands.

Robin went flying through the air, but he managed to land gracefully on his feet. Slade waved his hand in Robin’s direction and he ran out of the way as flames burst from the ground.

Robin’s movements were a blur as pillars of flame kept missing him by centimeters. Slade waved his hand in a diagonal pattern and flames erupted right in front of the boy wonder. He turned to face his opponent and got into his fighting stance. Slade leaped into the air and Robin rolled out of the way. He noticed that Slade seemed to be moving slightly faster than last time as well. Slade landed on the cement floor and the floor around him cracked from the pressure of his landing.

“You’re coming with me,” Slade said and waved his hand in Robin’s direction yet again.

Robin moved with superhuman speed and started running up the nearest building. Flames burst from his back and propelled him into the air and gave chase after Robin.

‘Damn, he’s learned more about his powers. This is going to be harder than I thought’ Robin thought as he reached the top of the building.

The flames kept making him go higher into the air and he landed on the roof of the same building as Robin. Down at the bottom of the building Marcus, Leo and Raven struggled to watch what was happening on the roof.

With a simple gesture of his hand in Robin’s direction, flames erupted from the ground. Robin barely managed to dodge them this time, even with his great speed. He jumped off the building and his feet hit the skyscraper next to the building they were fighting on. He rebounded off the skyscraper and went straight for Slade. He punched him in the face and knocked him back. Robin’s arm alit with flames and he shook them away. The burns on his arm healed and he turned to face Slade.

“Very good, Robin. But my skill with my new powers has increased, so you don’t stand a chance,” Slade said and got into his fighting stance.

Robin did a roundhouse punch, but his enemy caught the fist and then backhanded him across the face. Robin went flying through the air and then spun, regaining his balance. He landed gracefully on his feet and turned to face Slade. Robin did a twin peaks kick and lighting erupted from his feet.

Slade fell to the floor and then flipped himself up to his feet. Robin shot out a red energy beam from his mouth. It was a trick he hadn’t used since last time he had fought him. Slade flipped out of the way and sent a beam of fire at Robin. He cancelled it out with a lightning beam. The two beams collided and caused a massive shockwave that shook the very building they were on. Slade ran up to Robin and did a spiral flame kick. The kick was flame empowered and knocked Robin to the floor. He got to his feet and brushed himself off. He looked up at Slade and the burn marks across his face healed almost instantly. Robin’s eyes flashed a bright red colour and blue and golden lightning bolts encircled him.

‘Hm.. Robin’s power seems to have increased since the last time I fought him, but can he control this power,’ Slade thought to himself.

“Very good, Robin. You’re doing better than expected. But you are still no match for me,” Slade said and leaped into the air.

Wings made of fire burst out of his back and the fiery aura continued to grow. Robin stepped back in awe at the power he was feeling.

“Don’t you understand that you don’t have a chance at defeating me? You never did, you fool!” Slade yelled.

Flames engulfed his entire body and he started to hurtle towards the ground.

Robin wondered what he was doing and then felt a power surge come from Slade. He then realized what his enemy was up to and leaped into the air to avoid his next attack. As soon as Slade touched the ground the entire roof burst into flames and that attack would have fried him for sure if he hadn’t jumped out of the way. He landed gracefully back on the roof, surrounded by flames. He could hear Slade somewhere, but the fire seemed to conceal him perfectly.

“Can’t see me, can you? I told you that you didn’t stand a chance,” Slade taunted.

Then he became visible right in front of him and uppercutted the boy wonder. Robin went flying off the roof of the building and had a twenty storey fall. He barely just managed to land on his feet from the fall and flipped back away from the building.

Slade jumped down and landed on the ground. The ground he landed on cracked and broke from his landing. The place itself seemed to be heating up from the very touch of his feet.

“So Robin, do you give up or do you still wish to fight?” Slade asked calmly.

Robin faced him and a smirk spread across his face.

“What makes you think I’ll ever surrender to you?” Robin said with nothing but malice in his voice.

Slade made a simple gesture with his hand and flames erupted from the ground, heading straight for Robin. He moved with superhuman speed and ran across the wall of a nearby building. Fire kept bursting out of the wall of the building from the simple movements of Slade’s hands. Robin jumped off the building and fired a lightning bolt at his enemy. Slade cancelled it out with his own beam of fire coming from his hand. Robin landed gracefully on the ground and turned to face Slade. He fired a red beam from his mouth and Slade spun out of the way avoiding any injuries.

“Let me show you another new trick of mine,” Slade said calmly.

Suddenly he was moving almost as fast as Robin and he was leaving nothing but a trail of flames behind him. In mere momenst Slade was in front of Robin and punched him across the face. Robin went flying through the air and crashed into a building wall. The flame had been empowered with fire so it had that extra little force behind it.

Robin got to his feet and the severely burnt skin healed almost instantly. He still felt the pain from the punch though and Slade just stood there mocking him.

He started moving with incredible speed leaving nothing but flames behind him again. Robin carefully timed it and sidestepped Slade. He went crashing into the building Robin had not moments ago.

“So it seems that new move of yours has a weakness,” he said mockingly.

Slade calmly climbed out of the rubble and dusted himself off calmly.

“Yes, you’re doing quite well, Robin. But I’m afraid I’ll have to end our little fight here,” Slade said calmly.

Flames erupted all around him and they began to engulf him. He disappeared inside the flames and Robin felt Slade’s power quickly growing. ‘He’s transforming’ Robin thought and took a step back from the sphere of flames.

The flames disappeared and Slade had finished his transformation. His entire body seemed to be partially made of fire, but his metallic clothing didn’t seem to be affected by it though.

‘Looks like I’ll have to transform as well,’ Robin thought and then large bat like wings burst from his shoulder blades.

‘I better not go any further than this or I’ll lose some of my agility,’ he thought and got into his fighting stance.

Massive dragon wings made of fire emanated from Slade’s back. His entire body glowed with that fiery aura which only got brighter due to his transformation.

“I shall not be defeated by the likes of you!” Slade snarled and moved with superhuman speed.

Nothing but fire was left behind him. Robin flipped to the side and turned around to face his enemy. Surprisingly, Slade turned without losing his speed, which he couldn’t do before. Slade rammed into Robin and sent him across the street. The boy wonder got to his feet and adjusted his sunglasses. His eyes were getting a brighter red which was concealed by those pitch black shades.

With a simple gesture of Slade’s hand flames erupted and started heading in Robin’s direction who flew up into the air and shot another red beam from his mouth. Slade dodged it and flew up into the air with flames propelling him. He did a spinning axle kick, but Robin blocked it and did a hook punch. The punch hit him on the side of the face and he went crashing back down the ground. Robin focused his energy and began to form a massive lightning ball. Slade struggled to get to his feet and within seconds Robin had gathered all the power he needed. Slade was still on his knees when he threw the massive lightning ball. It went straight for his enemy and exploded on impact. The explosion was massive and Slade had to have died from that. Robin landed back down on the ground and slowly walked up to the fiery crater.

Suddenly a massive bird made of fire flew out of the crater. It was in the shape of a phoenix and it turned, looking right at Robin.

“Today was your lucky day. Next time don’t count on another,” Slade snarled.

“Next time,” Robin said calmly.

“Until we meet again,” Slade said and he started to laugh maniacally inside that phoenix made of fire.

It then flew away into the distance leaving them behind. Raven ran up to Robin and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Are you okay?” she asked sounding concerned.

Robin turned to face her and smiled reassuringly.

“Yeah, I’m okay. But Slade got away again,” he said with a hint of anger.

Raven shook her head and looked at the boy wonder.

“True, but you still won that fight, remember that, okay?” Raven said calmly.

Robin checked his watch and saw the time. It was about two in the morning now.

‘Whoa, the nights just get quicker, don’t they?’ Robin thought to himself.

Marcus and Leo walked up to the boy wonder and looked slightly amazed at the fight they had just watched.

“Man, that was the best fight I have ever seen,” Marcus said with a grin on his face.

“Yeah, you’ve got that right, but too bad Slade got away. I wonder if your previous fight with him was like that,” Leo said with the same grin on his face.

‘Hm, those two are more alike than they realize,’ Robin thought and shook his head softly.

Raven had caught that thought, but luckily neither Leo nor Marcus heard it. If they did, Robin would have been in a world of pain.

On the rooftops robed vampires were closely watching the four of them.

“So Slade failed as well and both survived their fight,” one vampire said.

The second one turned to look at him.

“Yes, but I doubt that Slade will enjoy his role in the revival of the vampire god,” he said calmly.

Their voices were much like Slade’s voice, emotionless and cold. The four of them walked down the streets of Jump City, completely unaware that they were being watched.

“When the seventeenth sign comes, Slade’s destiny among others shall reach their end. And with their deaths the vampire god shall live again,” a third robed vampire said coldly.

They disappeared in a flash of purple energy and Robin looked up as he sensed a quick burst of power.

He quickly caught up with the other three and slowed down to their pace. As they walked down the streets gunfire could still be heard in the distance, which probably came from the cops firing at the zombies. Maybe it was the army, but the only people that knew were the ones at the incident. The Titans Tower could be seen in the distance and it looked quite peaceful compared to the city.

(Jump City Outskirts)

Slade flew in through his window in his phoenix form and then went back to his normal form.

‘He beat me again, but the fight was still pretty even just like last time.’ Slade thought.

He felt his anger flare up and fire burst from his body. It burnt anything near him to a cinder. Only the most stupid of people would barge in at this moment or just someone incredibly unlucky. If anyone else was in his room at that moment they either would have thought that it was a sauna or they would have been fried to death. Slade slammed his fist against the wall and it ended up going straight through it.

‘Next time, Robin. My power continues to increase so I will defeat you eventually,’ Slade thought.

He turned to the balcony that had the view of the entire temple and walked up to it. He looked down at the temple to see his robotic minions at work.

He saw Brother Blood working down there as well. He jumped down twenty feet and landed on his feet with ease.

“What is the current status of the temple recovery at the moment?” Slade asked coldly.

Brother Blood turned around to face Slade and a look of fear was on his face.

“The temple is in perfect condition after all these years, but the strangest thing is that the temple was buried by people,” Blood replied sounding slightly nervous.

‘Hm, why would someone bury something as magnificent as this?’ Slade thought and turned to the temple.

“The production facilities are at full power and your robotic armies will be fully rebuilt within the next twenty four hours,” Brother Blood explained.

Slade turned to look at Brother Blood and his one visible eye flashed an orange and red colour. Brother Blood stepped back and Slade took a few steps forward towards the temple.

“What is the temple called?” Slade asked calmly. He turned to Brother Blood and began to glow a fiery colour.

Brother Blood looked extremely nervous about the mad man in front of him since Slade could tear him apart.

“It is called the Temple of the Eternal Darkness,” he replied.

‘Eternal darkness. Well, everyone will remember it very soon,’ Slade thought.

He looked at all the robotic minions digging up the temple in front of him.

‘If the ancient texts are correct, then the world will witness ultimate power very soon.’ Slade thought and began to walked away from the ancient temple.

Brother Blood watched the mad man leave and was then approached by Mammoth.

“Sir, how much longer are you going to put up with him?” Mammoth asked.

Brother Blood turned to his student and shook his head.

“Even if I wanted to get rid of him, I couldn’t. Slade is probably one of the most powerful beings alive,” Brother Blood explained.

‘He believes that he’ll become the most powerful being alive through this ritual, but somehow I think there is a hidden meaning in it’ Brother Blood thought.

He then turned back to the dig site several feet in front of them and watched as the robots continued their work. Little did they know that they were being watched closely by a small group of robed vampires. “Little do they know that they are doing all the work for us. And when the time is right we’ll capture them,” the first vampire said. The second one walked up to the leader of their small group. “How long until the final sign reaches us?” he asked.

“Our god will tell us when the time is right from the underworld,” the first robed vampire replied emotionlessly.

(Titans Tower)

They had arrived back at the tower, but had run into a couple of zombies on the way. It seemed that the other three Titans had gone to bed and only silence greeted them when they got back.

They walked into the common room and saw the television on mute. It looked like it was on one of the movies channels. “Twenty eight days later” was playing and even Raven thought that the movie was lame. Robin walked up to the coach and spotted a sleeping Beastboy on the sofa. He rolled his eyes and motioned the others closer.

“Hey Leo, could you teleport him back to his room for me?” Robin asked.

Leo nodded and picked up the snoozing Beastboy.

“Come on little fella.” Leo said and disappeared in a burst of flames.

“I wonder why the robed vampires’ teleportation is different than mine and Leo’s,” Robin said.

Raven pondered this for a moment but drew up nothing but blanks. Then Leo reemerged in a burst of flames.

“Well, the answer to that is simple: the vampire god still exists in the underworld, so he empowers his followers from there,” Leo explained calmly.

Raven sat down next to Robin on the coach and he turned the volume up slightly.

“Well, I better be off. So I’ll see you guys tomorrow night.” Leo said and disappeared in a burst of flames.

Marcus sat down on the coach and felt his eyelids getting heavy.

“Uh, I better get to my room before I collapse,” he said and got to his feet.

He walked out of the common room leaving Robin and Raven by themselves.

‘There’s nothing good on I might as well get to bed,’ Robin thought and got to his feet.

As he got off the sofa Raven got up, too and started to follow him out of the common room. They walked into the corridor and up to the elevator door. Robin pressed the call button and after several seconds the door opened. They walked in and the lift door closed behind them. Robin pressed the button for the seventh floor where both his and Raven’s rooms were. The elevator whirred to life and started to go up.

After ten seconds the lift door opened and got out. They walked towards their rooms and they both stopped when Raven reached her room. He had stopped since he sensed she wanted to tell him something.

“You wanted to tell me something?” Robin asked.

Raven looked up at him in surprise.

“Well, yes, there actually is something.” Raven replied.

Robin was about to ask what it was until he felt her lips on his. He felt surprised at first but quickly returned it. After several seconds they reluctantly stopped the kiss and Raven walked into her room, closing the door behind her. Robin stared at her door for a few seconds and then started to walk to his room.

‘What do you know, I guess Raven feels the same way I do. Maybe there’s a chance for us after all,’ Robin thought.

He opened his door and walked into his room. He closed the door behind him and went to bed.


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