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Unexpected Allies

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The Titans gain new allies in the form of a variety of old friends with one new one to help with the coming threat. The Mysterious Leader of the Vampire Cult finally reveals himself.

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Underworld, otherwise known as hell to most people was believed to be brimstone and hell fire. Well, what it really looked liked was an abandoned wasteland and nothing more. In a palace that ascended higher than any other half destroyed building a presence lurked.

‘How did I get stuck with such a boring job?’ a slightly scaled black skinned creature that resembled the devil pondered. Then a hell minion slowly walked up to the devil otherwise known as Lucifer.

“Master, the vampire god has been stirring up trouble once again,” the minion spoke.

Lucifer rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers. In a flash of purple light a figure surrounded by shadows appeared.

“Maybe you don’t realize, but this is my realm and I have absolute power here, remember that!” Lucifer roared.

The shadowy figure smirked and cocked an eyebrow.

“Maybe you’re forgetting that I am a god and nothing can stand up to my power,” the figure said with an inhuman voice.

His body glowed with dark energy and the shockwaves forced Lucifer to step back

“Maybe, but in here so am I. And why start trouble now when you have laid low for nearly five thousand years?” Lucifer asked.

The Vampire God roared with insane laugher and looked at Lucifer right in the eye.

“Maybe, but the prophecy is here. The time to take control has finally arrived,” the god said and got into his fighting stance.

Lucifer slowly walked up to him and then got into his fighting stance. They both drew swords. Lucifer’s sword was decorated with gems and designs with the devil symbol on it. The Vampire God’s sword had the designs of a dragon on it and the blade itself seemed to be made out of gold.

Lucifer was the first to strike with an over head swing. The Vampire God blocked it easily and countered with a roundhouse kick. That single kick sent Lucifer flying across the throne room and the minions ran out of the room in terror.

Lucifer struggled to get to his feet from the single kick.

‘Shit, I better watch my step since he did destroy the original creators of life,’ he thought and got to his feet.

The shadows seemed to be surrounding him and he realized that the vampire god had taken control of the fight.

“You fool! Did you really believe that you could defeat the mightiest creature in all dimensions?” the Vampire God roared.

He jumped out from the shadows moving with speed that was far greater than Robin’s. He backhanded Lucifer across the face and sent him flying. He went straight through the gigantic door of the throne room and bounced a few times before stopping completely.

Lucifer struggled to get to his feet and looked at the god.

“Wha…What power…” Lucifer stammered in shock.

He got to his feet and then the vampire god leaped into the air. He landed right in front of Lucifer and punched him across the face. He went flying across the corridor and crashed into the wall. Lucifer could no longer summon the strength to get to his feet because in three single blows he had been defeated.

‘Looks like this is the end for me, but at least I tried anyway,’ he thought.

The Vampire God was slowly walking towards him and then heard something behind him. He turned around in time to see a devil leaping at him, armed with a dagger.

‘Hm, fool,’ he thought and with a simple motion of his hand the devil burst into flames dying instantly.

Lucifer used this opportunity to open a portal to the living realm and crawled through it. The vampire god turned around just in time to see the portal close.

‘Well, Lucifer’s now in the living realm which means the seventh sign is complete. Now all I have to do is wait for the ten remaining ones,’ the god thought.

(Jump City - Downtown Area)

In the living realm a portal in an alleyway opened and Lucifer crawled out. He unsteadily got to his feet.

‘I better take a human form, I don’t want to give the locals a heart attack…at least not yet,’ he thought.

His normal appearance started to melt away to the appearance of a human. His red velvety wings slowly turned into a cape that seemed to be made out of silk. His black scales gave away and melted into black leather clothing. The ivory horns on his face disappeared and his blood red eyes became an emerald green color. Brown hair grew out of his head and spiked upwards slightly as it finished growing.

His fangs were replaced by canine teeth and his tail disappeared.

“Much better. At least I’ll be able to get around with nobody noticing,” Lucifer said and chuckled slightly.

His face turned serious and looked at the T-shaped building in the distance of the night.

“When was the last time I actually talked to Leo? Well, at least a couple of hundred years ago,” he said.

Walking out of the alleyway, his senses kicked in. He could sense zombies, vampires and werewolves throughout the entire city.

‘Man, things are getting out of control and fast.’ Lucifer thought.

He looked around and then smelled the fresh night air. His face turned to one of contentment realizing how much he missed the smell of fresh air.

His silk cape turned to those velvety wings once again and he took flight into the night air heading towards the Titans Tower.

Within a couple of minutes he landed on Titans Island and slowly began to walk towards the tower. He moved so silently that you couldn’t even hear his footsteps on the pavement. Lucifer could also sense that Leo, a werewolf and an even more powerful vampire were inside. He could sense a half demon as well and chuckled at the thought of different species like that living together.

Robin. Leo, Marcus and Raven were in the common room watching television when three of them sensed a great power approaching. Robin and Raven’s eyes widened in shock and Leo just grinned.

Robin swore that one day he would wipe that grin off his face and got to his feet.

“Er, guys? What’s wrong?” Marcus asked.

He was the only one confused since he couldn’t sense presences like the other three could.

“Don’t worry, it is just my old friend Lucifer paying a visit,” Leo said with his usual no worries grin.

Starfire, Beastboy and Cyborg were out at the moment, but Robin didn’t know where.

“Wait a minute! You mean your friends with Lucifer, ruler of the underworld?” Marcus said.

He had a look of shock on his face just as Robin and Raven did.

Suddenly Lucifer in his human form walked straight through the main door as if it was water.

Leo had a grin on his face and walked up to the ruler of the underworld. They shook hands and turned to the others.

“Guys, this is Lucifer, one of my oldest friends. But I only became his friend because I ended up working for him for a short time,” Leo explained.

Lucifer rolled his eyes and his look turned to nothing but serious and stern.

“Listen, the Vampire God has taken over the underworld he’s in control now,” Lucifer explained calmly.

Leo’s grin was instantly wiped from his face and he looked at Lucifer.

“He beat you in a fight and you were forced to enter the living realm?” Leo said.

Lucifer nodded and walked up to the sofa. He sat down looking worried.

“That means the seventh sign has occurred. I just wonder how long the eighth one will take…” Leo said.

He shook his head and sat back down on the sofa. Raven and Robin just looked at each other then decided it was best to leave now.

They started to leave, but as they were a knock rang out on the front door. Robin opened the door to see the Titans East. Bumble Bee, Speedy, Aqualad, Mos and Menos.

“Hey guys, what are you doing here?” Robin asked with a cocked eyebrow.

“I found them on my way back. It seems the city they were guarding took a serious pounding and was abandoned,” Cyborg said as he walked into view.

“You mean the zombies overran Steel City,” Robin said sounding slightly shocked.

Speedy stepped forward and looked at Robin, well tried to anyway since they were covered by his sunglasses.

“Not just overrun, but we were hammered, most of the people were killed and those who survived fled the city,” Speedy said.

His voice was hinted with sadness and Robin guessed that Speedy had seen a lot of people killed recently.

“I said they could stay at our place now since they can’t go back to Steel city,” Cyborg said as he shook his head.

Robin cocked an eyebrow and looked at his friend.

“What do you mean they can’t?” he asked.

Cyborg looked at the members of Titans East one by one and then turned to Robin.

“Steel city was destroyed. The government launched a nuke into the city when they were sure all the humans had made it out,” Cyborg explained.

Robin stepped out of the way motioning them inside.

The Titans East walked inside and Robin grabbed Cyborg by the arm. He easily dragged him down the corridor with Raven following. Once they had reached the first corridor and were sure they were of everyone else’s range of hearing, Robin began to ask questions.

“Cyborg, wasn’t there anywhere else they could have gone to? Sure there’s plenty of room, but shouldn’t you have asked first?” Robin said calmly.

Cyborg rolled his one human eye and turned to look at the boy wonder.

“Listen, they were in a tight spot and needed help. I know I should have asked but I figured that it would be okay,” he replied.

Robin shook his head softly and a smile appeared on his face. “Yeah Cyborg, it is fine with me. We need all the help we can get to win the future battle against the vampire god,” Robin replied. He and Raven walked down the corridor leaving Cyborg to think by himself.

The Titans East had picked a room each and luckily they had plenty of bedrooms to spare. Robin decided that the more people helping against the coming apocalypse the better their chances were against this deadly threat. He could also sense more meta-gene activity heading this way as well. At the moment they were too far away to tell who they really were, but neither of them were Slade or Brother Blood. Robin and Raven walked into the living room and spotted Leo and Marcus. They were playing on a video game called Dead and Alive 3. They both seemed to be pretty even in the fight as well.

‘Hm, who knew Leo plays video games just like Cyborg and Beastboy?’ Robin thought.

He shook his head using his mental abilities to turn off the game station. Leo and Marcus shrieked in horror and Robin shook his head again.

Raven just smirked at the sight before them. Robin then used his mental abilities to change the television to the news channel. Leo looked bored out of his mind despite that he had just changed the channel and Marcus just left the room. Robin and Raven sat down on the sofa. The large television screen began to report about the progress of eliminating all the zombies.

“Little do they know that something much worse is destined to arrive,” Leo said calmly.

Robin felt a presence behind them but ignored it.

“Well, that’s a little melodramatic for you, isn’t it?” a familiar voice said.

Leo turned around to see Lucifer in his human form except for his wings, which were folded around him.

Leo rolled his eyes and Lucifer smirked at the vampire. He then disappeared and reappeared sitting next to Robin.

“So, who are you? My senses tell me that your even more powerful than Leo here?” Lucifer asked with a devilish grin.

Robin looked at the former ruler of the underworld and turned back to the television.

“Leo turned me into a vampire only recently causing the first sign of the apocalypse,” Robin replied.

Lucifer cocked an eyebrow and grinned widely.

“Well, you can call me Lui and its about time he actually created another vampire, even if it did trigger the apocalypse,” Lucifer said.

The news was now talking about the destruction of Steel City and how the zombies had overrun it within a week’s time.

Robin began to wonder if Jump City would suffer the same fate. The news then reported about the government’s decision to nuke Steel City since it was lost to them forever. Luckily they had sent a blockade around the whole of the city, but the zombies would have gotten out eventually.

Thunder and lighting began to fill the sky and that presence grew closer big time.

‘Could it be? No it couldn’t,’ Robin thought.

He then ran out of the common room and out of the tower. He was followed by Lucifer, Leo and Raven. They watched him and noticed that he was watching the sky extremely closely.

“Robin, are you alright?” Raven asked.

He didn’t answer her and then a lightning bolt crashed into the ground several feet away from him. When the flash of the bolt faded away, two people appeared in front of Robin. It was the elemental beings known only as Lightning and Thunder.

“Hey guys, what brings you here?” Robin asked calmly.

He still remembered how Beastboy convinced Thunder that what they were doing was wrong. He also remembered how Thunder called him green one. Lightning stepped up to Robin in a friendly manner.

“We’ve come to help out and it looks like you guys could use it as well,” Lightning said with a smirk.

‘Well, talk about unexpected allies. I wonder if we will have anymore surprises for tonight,’ Robin thought with a grin.

“Well, the help is appreciated and you two are welcome to stay here, but the worst is yet to come,” Robin said.

A smile spread across Thunder’s face and Lightning smirked crossing his arms over his chest.

“Don’t worry, we can handle ourselves just fine. Besides, as our status we know all about this little prophecy about the Vampire God,” Lightning said.

Robin looked up at the two elemental brothers and began to wonder something. He decided to ask since he knew that they were immortal anyway.

“Have you ever met the vampire god?” Robin asked calmly.

Both of the brothers seemed to shudder and Lightning nodded.

“Yes, he is as powerful and as evil as the come. But since he is in hell he has weakened greatly since the realm is made to hold evil creatures,” Lightning explained.

“Yes, he also killed the other elementals. Air, Wind, Fire, Water, Energy and Life all died at his hands,” Thunder said.

His eyes were filled with sorrow and pain. Even the usually cocky Lightning seemed to deflate at that statement.

“Yes, the only one who stood a chance against him was life. He gave us the time we needed to escape,” Lightning explained.

Lucifer watched with knowing eyes and knew that they forgot to mention him, the element of death. Well, the Vampire God didn’t really have a reason to go after him since his business only involved dead people.

“Life was the creator of all living creatures. He was god and he defeated the vampire god, but not before he was fatally wounded and died not long after that,” Lightning explained.

‘So they had a final showdown and both ended up dying. Only the vampire god knew that one day he would be revived,’ Robin thought.

“Come on inside guys and we’ll let you pick out a room as well. We have plenty to spare for even with our new house guests,” Robin told them.

As they walked inside he spotted Mos and Menos playing on the game station with Cyborg and Bumblebee watching.

‘Well, it does feel better to have more people around the tower. Usually it is just the seven of us,’ Robin thought.

“I guess your right there. This building can seem empty with just you guys in it,” Lucifer said.

Leo began to snicker and Raven just cocked an eyebrow at the devil.

“Okay, did you just read my mind? You better not have!” Robin yelled and began to look pretty steamed.

Lucifer just cocked an eyebrow and flashed his usual devilish grin.

“Aw, come on. What’s the point of having that power and not using it?” Lucifer said with a grin.

Robin just bit back a snarl and rolled his eyes.

“Come on Robin, I told you he was the ruler of the underworld. I didn’t say he was mature either,” Leo said with his usual wise guy grin.

“Lucifer would get on real well with Beastboy and Cyborg. I’ll just have to introduce them later,’ Robin thought.

“I guess you will, won’t you?” Lucifer said as he walked off down the corridor.

Robin stuttered from a moment and began to wonder whether he should blast him in the back.

“How many times do I have to tell you? Don’t read my mind!” Robin yelled down the corridor.

Lightning and Thunder were snickering while Raven just rolled her eyes.

Robin turned back to them and saw the looks on their faces.

“What? I’ll make an exception with Raven, but nobody else goes inside my head!” Robin said defensively.

“Yeah, but I think she would like to get more than just in your mind…” Leo said wiggling his eyebrows.

Thunder and Lightning burst out laughing after that comment. Raven was red with rage and decided to teach them a lesson. She used a telekinesis and gave the three of them serious wedgies. The looks on Lightning, Thunder and Leo’s face were priceless and Robin burst out laughing. Raven stifled a giggle and the three of them stormed off mumbling something like “grumpy witch”.

Suddenly the alarm for the tower went off signalling everyone about a crime going on in Jump City.

“Titans, trouble!” Robin yelled and within a minute everyone was in the common room.

“Okay, the report doesn’t say much, so we can’t identify the criminal. Let’s go,” Robin explained. Raven, Leo, Lucifer and Robin teleported straight to the crime scene.

It seemed that it was a building built by massive corporation called B.G.O. They ran inside and spotted the security guards which were out cold.

“Lucifer, how long until the rest of the Titans get here?” Robin asked. Lucifer looked up and flashed his devilish grin.

“Oh, about ten minutes. That’ll give us enough time to handle whatever is in here,” Lucifer replied calmly.

Robin could sense that whatever they were dealing with weren’t any ordinary criminals but vampires.

Robin looked over to Leo and saw that he sensed the same thing.

“Oh come on guys, they’re just vampires. They’ll be easy to deal with,” Lucifer said with a grin.

“True, but these Vampires are mindless and only death will stop them,” Robin said.

Lucifer just rolled his eyes and disappeared in a flash of green and purple energy.

“I guess that means we’re splitting up then,” Leo said and disappeared in a burst of flames.

Robin used his skills to sense the strongest vampire and found him on the top floor. Robin then turned to Raven.

“Raven, I want you to stay here and wait for the others, okay?” Robin said and disappeared in a burst of flames.

On the top floor in an empty room the most powerful robed vampire stood waiting for Robin. In a burst of flames Robin emerged and slowly made his way over to the vampire.

“I have waited for you, Robin, the legendary first sign of the apocalypse,” the robed vampire said calmly.

Strangely his voice wasn’t emotionless and empty like all the others.

He took a few steps forward and the removed his hood. It was the face of a young man around the age of twenty or twenty two. He had dark brown hair that was smoothed back. Deep red eyes added to his menacing appearance. He was about six foot three and had a muscular yet slender build like Robin who could sense that this vampire had great power within him. He removed the robe to reveal that he was wearing black leather clothing a little like Robin but had metal guards as well. He put on pitch black sunglasses and Robin swore he could see the eyes glowing behind them.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Robin asked.

“My name is Vladimus, the only remaining original follower of the Vampire God that still lives,” Vladimus replied.

Robin looked shocked at this and realized that meant he was stronger than Leo.

“And what do you want?” Robin asked.

”Oh nothing, just to fight you because I am stronger than Leo, but equal with you and I am at the age of four thousand now. Let’s see who is superior,” Vladimus said.

Robin took his fighting stance and so did his opponent.

Vladimus moved like a blur and threw a punch at Robin who dodged it and did a roundhouse kick. Vladimus blocked it and flipped back. Robin then unleashed his electrical energy and the other vampire began to glow with a white and blue aura. Robin threw a beam of lightning at him while Vladimus threw a beam of what looked like ice at the boy wonder. The two beams cancelled each other out and Vladimus ran with blinding speed. He did a round house punch and it connected with the side of Robin’s face. Stepping back, he then countered with an axel punch.

It sent Vladimus flying through the air, but he twisted his body so that he gracefully landed on his feet. The vampire removed his sunglasses and put them in his pocket. He brushed himself down and looked up at Robin. His eyes were glowing a bright red color and he smirked.

“You know, I never would have built up the clan if it wasn’t for my unique power of mind control,” Vladimus said calmly.

Robin’s eyes widened at what he had just said.

“What did you say?” he asked in disbelieve.

‘Don’t all Vampires have mind control?’ Robin thought.

“Mine is different though it makes them mindless slaves under my power, but it only works on vampires that are thousand or younger,” Vladimus explained.

Robin was disgusted to say the least and he had thought they had been acting of their own free will. Only to discover that they didn’t have any and were innocent vampires robbed of their will.

“You freak! You control all those innocent vampires and rob them of their own mind!” Robin said angrily.

Vladimus just shrugged as if it was no big deal.

“Yeah well, we all have our little…problems,” he replied with a devilish grin on his face.

The vampire then jumped into the air and crashed through the ceiling. Robin ran up the hole and jumped onto the roof.

He spotted Vladimus at the edge of the skyscraper and walked up to him.

“Look at all the humans down there. They are nothing but food, which was why humans were created in the first place.” Vladimus said.

Robin looked at the older vampire.

“What do you mean by that?” Robin asked sounding slightly confused.

“Vampires were created before humans and Life created humans at the Vampire God's request, but didn’t realize his true intentions though,” Vladimus began.

He seemed distant and in his own world.

“When Life discovered that the humans were created just to be food for vampires, Life turned on the Vampire God and a war started,” Vladimus continued.

‘Well, he definitely knows more about this than Leo, that is for sure’ Robin thought and looked at the city.

“Neither side won and humans became the dominant race of the planet because our god died,” Vladimus explained.

Robin could sense a hint of sadness in his voice. He knew that this vampire was a psychopath and didn’t let the sadness alter his judgment.

”But soon the age of man will come to an end and vampires will once again rule this planet just like we used to.” Vladimus said.

He turned to face Robin and took a few steps back.

“You should join us so that we can return to our former glory,” Vladimus said calmly and got into his fighting stance.

“Yeah right, like I’d ever join you when your hell-bent on destruction!” Robin replied and entered his fighting stance.

He did a flying kick but Vladimus stepped out of the way and backhanded Robin. He went flying through the air and managed to land on his feet gracefully. Robin unsheathed his katana and went into his fighting stance.

“Oh, so you like to play with swords, do you? Here, let me show you mine,” Vladimus said.

He drew out his own katana which was laced with golden designs.

Robin sensed an energy coming from that sword, but couldn’t figure out what it was. Robin leaped into the air and did an overhead swing. Vladimus blocked it and the sword glowed a purple colour as the blades connected. Robin flipped back and Vladimus let out a sinister laugh. He then did a low swing with his sword and Robin jumped over it. While he was in the air, Vladimus did an upwards slice. Robin ended up with a large gash on his right cheek, but it quickly healed.

‘He’s good with the sword… I better be more careful around him,’ Robin thought.

“Of course you better be careful! I do have four thousand years more experience than you,” Vladimus said.

“Damn it, how many times do I have to tell people not to read my mind!” Robin roared.

Vladimus only cocked his eyebrow and began to lash out with his sword. Robin blocked what slashes he could, but the vampire was moving pretty fast.

Robin saw an opening in his defence and slashed Vladimus in the face. He stepped back and felt his face. When he moved his hand away he saw blood in it. He quickly licked the blood off his hand and the gash across his face healed.

Vladimus disappeared in a flash of blue and purple energy and Robin sensed something behind him. Robin turned around to see Vladimus on the skyscraper next to the one he was on. It looked like a thirty feet jump though. Vladimus motioned his hand in a way to tell him to get over to where he was. Robin jumped into the air and with super speed, jumping all the way over to the next skyscraper. Vladimus and Robin entered their fighting stance and prepared for round two of their fight.

Robin sent a blast of red energy from his mouth at Vladimus, but he dodged it with speed just as great as Robin’s.

“You’re gonna have to do better than that to beat me.” the vampire said calmly.

“Oh, don’t worry, I will,” Robin said.

Vladimus cocked an eyebrow, then sent an ice wave at the boy wonder. Robin cancelled it out with a lightning wave, but a massive shockwave occurred. It nearly sent both of them flying off the skyscraper, but they managed to hold their ground.

The other Titans had arrived to see a war zone which was mainly from the battles that had been started by Lucifer and Leo. A robed vampire crashed through a nearby wall and Lucifer walked through what was left it. The vampire unsteadily got to his feet and the Lucifer opened a third eye. He fired a beam out of that third eye and neatly took of the robed vampires head.

His body turned to ashes before it even hit the ground. Lucifer turned to look at the Titans and he flashed them his trademark devilish grin. Then his face turned serious as he felt a great power surge at the building next to them. He recognized Robin’s power, but felt another that was equal. It was also a power he hadn’t felt since the vampire god had died and was sent to hell.

‘No, Vladimus! Jesus, if that bastard is behind it all then we’re in serious trouble!’ Lucifer thought.

He concentrated on their power levels and teleported to their location.

Vladimus did an upward swing with his sword and slashed Robin across the face but the wound quickly healed. Robin threw a lightning bolt at the older vampire but he merely deflected it with his bare hand. Robin swung his sword at Vladimus but blocked it with his own. It glowed a purple colour for a few moments and Robin swore that he felt his energy go down a little. Robin also felt Vladimus’s energy go up slightly and ten it hit him. Vladimus had a sword that slowly drained the energy of their opponent.

“So you’ve figure it out have you? Took you long enough,” the vampire said.

Then in a flash of green and purple energy Lucifer appeared several feet in front of them. Both fighters turned to face the former ruler of hell. Vladimus had a look of pure disgust on his face.

“I can’ believe you sided with them, Lucifer,” Vladimus said with a cold tone.

Lucifer only rolled his eyes and took a couple of steps forward.

“Vladimus, how long has it been? The only reason I sided with them is to save all living creatures,” Lucifer calmly replied.

Vladimus let out a sinister laugh and rolled his eyes.

“Since when did you give a damn about the realm of the living?” Vladimus asked, but it sounded more like a statement than a question.

“Well, I always have preferred the living realm to the dead one,” Lucifer answered.

Vladimus took a step back and a grin appeared on his face.

“This isn’t over, Robin. We’ll finish our fight later,” Vladimus replied.

He then disappeared in a flash of blue and purple energy.

Robin frowned and turned to Lucifer.

“Come on, let’s get to the others and help them out,” he said and then both teleported back to the other skyscraper.

Robin reemerged in a corridor by himself and figured that Lucifer must have teleported to another part of the building.

He ran down the corridor and spotted two robed vampires just standing there in the corner.

“Hey, over here!” Robin yelled.

The two vampires ran towards him and Robin got into his fighting stance. The first one did a triple kick combo but Robin blocked it and countered with a roundhouse punch. He sent the vampire flying down the corridor and then the second one attacked. It did an axel kick but Robin blocked it and countered with an uppercut. It sent the vampire crashing through the ceiling when the first one got back to his feet. Robin sent a blast of lightning at the first vampire but he dodged it. The second vampire dropped down from the ceiling and did a roundhouse punch.

Robin blocked it and did a flip kick knocked his opponent to the floor. The first vampire did a flying kick but Robin stepped out of the way. He then did a spinning peak kick and knocked the first vampire to the floor. They both flipped themselves to their feet and got into their fighting stances.

Both robed vampires did a spinning air kick, but Robin blocked them both and countered with his dragon fist special. It consisted of many powerful and rapid punches. It knocked both vampires to the floor but they flipped themselves up again. Two more appeared at the other end of the corridor and Robin silently moaned. He found himself slowly being surrounded by the robed vampires. The one in front did a flying kick but he blocked it and then the one from behind him attacked. Since his guard wasn’t up, the kick sent him crashing through the wall. Robin got to his feet and dusted himself off. He turned to the five robed vampires and got into his fighting stance.

They all ran at him and attacked all together. Robin blocked each and every attach they threw at him with ease. He countered their attacks every now and then or just dodged them. He blocked a punch and countered with a spinning soul kick. It sent the robed vampire crashing through a nearby wall.

Robin shot a red beam of energy out of his mouth and it hit a vampire right in the chest.

He crashed through the wall and right into another room. The three remaining vampires began to focus and combine their energy into one.

‘Uh oh. What are they up to now’ Robin thought.

They sent a huge multi-coloured energy beam his way and Robin moved faster than the flash. Even with that speed he only just managed to dodge the beam that was sent his way. Robin used this chance and sent a lightning beam their way. It hit the closest robed vampire in the chest knocking him to the floor. The three vampires he had just gotten rid off came back and got into their fighting stances. Even after all this the mindless vampires refused to give up.

“My minions, return immediately. Your work is finished,” Vladimus’s voice thundered throughout the entire skyscraper.

“At once, master,” one of the robed vampires said and they disappeared in a flash of black and blue energy.

Robin felt out the presence of all the others and found them in the main lobby of the building. He teleported there and reemerged in a burst of flames. He walked up to all fourteen of them and spotted the grim looks on their faces.

“Hey guys, what’s wrong with you?” Robin asked.

Raven turned to face Robin and she looked at him in the eye.

“Everyone in the building were killed by the robed vampires,” Raven stated bluntly.

Robin’s eyes widened, but when he saw Lucifer he noticed that it didn’t seem to bother him.

“Well, we better get out of here and leave everything else to the police,” Robin told them.

All fifteen of them walked out of the skyscraper just as the police arrived.

‘Better late than never, I guess’ Robin thought.

Raven started snickering and he realized that she had read his thoughts.

“Are my thoughts really that interesting?” Robin said with a grin.

Raven just nodded slightly and he rolled his eyes. The police ran into the building and Robin noticed that there weren’t as many as usual.

‘The rest of the police force must still be dealing with the zombie outbreak,’ Robin thought.

He then decided that a walk would do him good. He went in a different direction than the other Titans. Lightning and Thunder just shook their heads while the Titans East decided that it was best to leave him be.

Lucifer cocked an eyebrow and teleported them all except for Robin back to Titans Tower. They felt that Robin needed some time alone at the moment and decided to give him his space.

‘Could what Vladimus have told me be true, that human’s were originally created to be food for vampires?’ Robin wondered.

He felt the presence of many supernatural creatures in the city, but it wasn’t all that surprising.

‘We will meet again, Vladimus. Just as you said, we still have to finish our fight,’ Robin thought.

He walked down the streets and then felt a tingle on his neck. He spun around to see nothing but the night. He felt someone watching him but whoever it was he couldn’t see them. Suddenly he felt a presence not far in front of him. Several feet away Vladimus slowly emerged from the darkness.

“Invisibility… not bad.” Robin said. Vladimus just grinned and took a couple of steps forward.

“Well, it has come in handy over the millennia. But since no one will interrupt us let’s finish this fight,” Vladimus said.

They both got into their fighting stances and began to circle each other. Vladimus moved first with a spinning flying kick and Robin flipped out of the way.

He got out his katana and so did his opponent. Robin remembered that swords special ability to absorb energy and had to be cautious around it. Vladimus did an upwards slash, but Robin ducked below it and did a sideward slash. It created a clean slice through his clothing and left a gash in his stomach. The wound healed up quickly and Vladimus mixed a roundhouse kick with his ice powers. When the kick managed to hit, ice shards erupted from his foot. Robin stepped back and his cheek quickly healed. He did a twin souls kick and hit Vladimus in the chest. The attack knocked him to the floor, but he flipped himself back to his feet.

Robin sent a lightning bolt at Vladimus, but he dodged it with his movements nothing but a blur. The vampire countered by throwing a ball of ice at Robin. The boy wonder moved with speed that would make the flash green with envy and dodged it. Robin focused his energy and then felt a sharp pain in his shoulder blades. Bat like wings burst from his back and Vladimus only cocked an eyebrow.

“Well, I thought I was the only one with that power,” Vladimus said and bat like wings burst from his back.

They both flew into the air and began to throw attacks at each other.

Robin unleashed a red energy beam from his mouth and Vladimus moved with inhuman speed dodging it.

Robin did a roundhouse punch and it connected with the older vampire’s chin. He went back a few feet, but regained his control in the air. Robin threw a lightning bolt at him, but he dodged it with ease. The lightning bolt hit the skyscraper behind Vladimus and destroyed some windows on contact. Vladimus did a demon paw punch, but Robin blocked it and countered with an axel kick. The vampire ducked below the kick and punched Robin in the gut.

Vladimus followed that up with a spinning darkness kick and sent Robin crashing into a nearby skyscraper.

“Ha! We may be equal in strength and speed, but I have experience on my side,” Vladimus said.

Robin got to his feet to see Vladimus flying his way. The vampire tackled him and sent him crashing through a nearby wall. Tons of rubble collapsed on top of Robin completely burying him.

“So much for the first sign. I thought that you would have provided more of a challenge,” Vladimus said.

Suddenly the pile of stone began to glow a blue colour and electric sparks began to erupt from the pile of rubble. Vladimus took a step back as the floor began to rumble.

A wave of electricity burst from the rubble and in an explosion of lightning it went flying everywhere. Vladimus looked at where the explosion occurred and saw Robin rising to his feet with blue bolts of lightning erupting from his very body. Vladimus did a roundhouse kick and Robin blocked it. When the kick was blocked by Robin’s arm, Vladimus felt a surge of lightning course through his body. The pain was almost unbearable and he stepped back.

“What’s wrong? I thought you wanted this fight?” he taunted.

Robin sent a wave of lightning towards Vladimus, but he cancelled it out with a wave of ice.

“I must admit that even though you are a newborn, you are skilled with your vampiric powers,” Vladimus spoke coldly.

He then unsheathed his sword and got into his fighting stance. Robin drew out his katana and got into his fighting stance as well.

Robin did a upward slash, but Vladimus blocked it with his own sword. The vampire did a forward thrust stab, but Robin dodged it and did a spinning slash. Vladimus moved out of the way of the slash and did a downward slash. Robin flipped back dodging the sword and then threw a lightning bolt at Vladimus who deflected it with his sword, but it ended up turning into a smoldering heap. Vladimus then threw an ice ball at Robin, hitting the sword and instantly freezing it. The shock of the cold made Robin drop it and the sword shattered as it hit the floor.

‘Damn! Looks like I’ll have to get a replacement sword later on,’ Robin thought.

He and Vladimus got into their fighting stances and Robin did a flying kick. The vampire stepped out of the way. Vladimus did a drop kick, but Robin blocked it and did a triple kick combo knocking his opponent to the floor. He flipped himself back up and in a flash of blue energy he disappeared. Robin ran to the hole in the wall that lead outside and saw him on top of a nearby skyscraper. Robin spread his wings and flew over to the other building.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you joined me?” Vladimus asked.

Robin looked at him and began to wonder what he was up to.

“Please, that would never happen. I would rather die first!” Robin replied coldly.

Vladimus just rolled his eyes and walked to the edge of the skyscraper.

“Oh, don’t be boring. Everyone who says that dies,” the older vampire replied emotionlessly.

Robin just raised an eyebrow and watched as Vladimus stopped at the edge of the skyscraper.

"We were the original rulers of the galaxy, but now mere mortals have taken over and even the angels let the humans rule,” Vladimus said.

He then turned to face Robin and a pained grin spread across his face.

“But soon all that will change and we will become the lords and masters of the universe once again,” he explained.

Robin got in his fighting stance and so did Vladimus.

“So, if you won’t join us you’re against us,” the vampire finished and stepped forward.

Vladimus did a spinning axle kick and Robin ducked below it. He jabbed the vampire in the stomach and the followed that up with a roundhouse kick. Vladimus stepped back and then did a roundhouse punch. Robin blocked it and delivered a knee to his ribs. He then tried an uppercut, but Vladimus blocked it. He then punched Robin across the face and followed that up with a drop kick. Robin fell to the floor and flipped himself back to his feet. Vladimus did a flying sideways kick, but Robin ducked below it. He then used the opening to his advantage and punched Vladimus in the stomach. The vampire then fell to the floor and got to his feet after a few seconds.

Vladimus got into his fighting stance and then did a flying kick. Robin stepped out of the way and delivered to kicks to his face. Vladimus stepped back and then did a demon fist combo. The fists moved with blinding speed, yet Robin managed to block every single punch.

He then combined his electrical powers with a single punch and then hit Vladimus in the face. The electrically charged punch sent him straight through the floor and four floors down. Robin jumped through the hole and down four floors, easily landing on his feet.

(Jump City Outskirts)

In the temple of Eternal Darkness, Slade was studying the main room where it was said that the sacrifices were to take place. In the centre of the room there was a strange insignia that they had not been able to translate yet. They had almost completely uncovered the entire temple, yet Slade felt like they were missing something.

“Brother Blood, have you found the meaning of this symbol yet?” Slade asked.

He was pointing at the insignia in the middle of the room.

Brother Blood just shook his head and Slade began to leave the main room.

‘Why do I even put up with his incompetence? He has done nothing but fail,’ Slade thought.

He then sensed two massive energy levels in the city. Whoever was fighting now had Slade’s complete attention.

“One of them I recognize as Robin, but who is the other? he has the same power level as Robin.” Slade asked himself.

He walked down the temple corridor and a robot or Hive student passed him once and a while.

‘And that symbol is important, I just know it and I will uncover its secrets’ Slade thought.

His powers flared up and wings made of fire came from his back. His one visible eye glowed a bright red and orange colour. If anyone had been near him at the time it would have felt like they were in a sauna. His footsteps were silent against the stone floor of the temple and he reached its outside area. This area had the main bulk of his robot minions digging up the temple.

Some Hive members were there as well and luckily Brother Blood had been recruiting lately.

One Hive operative ran up to Slade and saluted him.

“What is your report?” Slade asked.

“The Titans have new guests and there are now approximately fifteen of them at this moment,” the Hive operative replied.

‘Fifteen? As if five wasn’t enough’ Slade thought.

“You may leave and report back to me in two hours,” Slade said and walked away.

A fiery glow emanated from him as he walked away and the Hive operative shuddered as he remembered how he killed Jinx. He ran back towards the city to carry on spying on the Teen Titans. Slade looked up at the night sky and watched the moon closely.

'I feel a strange energy coming from it.. how odd’ Slade thought.

The moon also seemed to be glowing a reddish colour in its outline, but it was only barely noticeable.

‘Could it be that the moon is responding to the temples energy?’ Slade wondered.

He watched his robotic minions at work just below him as they dug up the temple.

“Soon everything will fall into place and I will become the greatest power in existence,” Slade said.

He didn’t notice a pair of emotionless eyes watching him from the shadows.

‘Or so you think, mortal. But your time will come soon enough,’ the shadowy presence thought.

Slade then turned around sensing a power greatly overpowering his own. Only when he turned around nobody was there.

(Jump City - Downtown Area)

Vladimus did a spinning axel kick but Robin grabbed his foot and slammed him into the nearby wall. Robin got into his fighting stance and the vampire got to his feet. He threw an ice beam at Robin and he spun out of the way. Vladimus anticipated this moved and with superhuman speed elbowed Robin in the face. He fell to the floor and flipped himself. The bystanders in the skyscraper had long since run away due to the power they were both putting into this one fight. The rest of the Titans had been alerted, but the fight would probably be over by the time they got there. Robin blocked a demon paw punch and countered by punching Vladimus in the gut.

“You’re gonna do better than that to beat me!” Robin said with a taunting tone.

Vladimus snarled and did a flying kick.

Robin stepped out of the way and did a windmill kick. The kick hit the vampire across the face and sent him crashing to the floor.

Robin focused his energy and threw a beam of lightning at him. Vladimus leaped into the air and spread his wings dodging the lightning. Robin spread his own wings and flew after him through the wreckages of the skyscraper. Vladimus fired an ice beam at Robin who cancelled it out with a red beam of energy from his mouth. Robin then threw a beam of lightning at Vladimus, but he glided out of the way avoiding the beam.

“Come on, Robin. You’ve got to do better than that,” Vladimus said as they flew through the skyscraper.

He crashed straight through the nearby wall and emerged outside. Robin went straight through the wall as well creating another hole in it.

“Ah, a battle in the skies. What a great way to finish this fight,” Vladimus said.

Robin grinned and got into his fighting stance.

“Yeah, it is. And I will be walking away as the victor,” Robin said with a smirk.

Vladimus flashed his devilish grin and got into his fighting stance.

“You’re full of delusions, Robin. Even if you beat me that won’t stop my plans!” Vladimus said.

They flew towards each other and started throwing punches at one another. They both used their wings to help maneuver them in the air trying to get the advantage. Robin blocked a thrust punch and countered with a drop kick.

This sent Vladimus back a couple of feet but he regained his control in the air quickly. Robin threw a bolt of lightning at Vladimus, but he dodged it and then threw a beam of lightning at Robin. The boy wonder used his great speed to dodge it and then they both started using their fists again.

Robin caught a punch and threw his own punch at Vladimus. He caught the punch and then threw Robin towards the ground with as much force as he could muster. Robin went hurtling towards the ground, but managed to stop himself when he was only a few feet from hitting it. Robin flew back up at Vladimus and did a spinning high kick. It hit Vladimus in the chin and sent him hurtling into the air. Robin then threw a wave of lightning at the vampire when he was open. The wave hit him straight in the chest and pain seared through every part of his body.

He went hurtling towards the ground, but disappeared in a flash of blue and purple energy. Robin slowly flew back down to the ground and when he landed he folded his wings up. The others decided to arrive at that point and found Robin sitting down on the pavement. They ran up to him and saw that he was smiling. “Yo Robin, are you all right?” Beastboy asked. Robin looked up at them and flashed his fanged no problem grin. Raven rolled her eyes while Leo tried his best to stifle his laugher. Lucifer had a serious look on his face though.

“Hey, what’s the matter Lucifer?” Lightning asked.

Lucifer looked at Lightning and then just shook his head.

“Oh, nothings wrong. I just have a lot on my mind lately, that’s all, really,” Lucifer replied.

He flashed his devilish grin and disappeared in the darkness. Raven walked up to the boy wonder and sat down next to him.

“Hey Robin, are you alright? You don’t seem yourself,” Raven asked quietly.

Robin looked up at her and gave her a gentle smile.

“Don’t worry Raven, I’m fine. I just ran into Vladimus again,” Robin replied.

Leo had a strange look on his face at that moment.

“Vladimus? That name sounds very familiar to me, I just can't remember why” Leo stated.

Robin looked up at him and the smile disappeared from his face.

“Never mind, I doubt it was anybody you know anyway,” Robin replied calmly.

‘Hm I’ve never heard of him before, but yet the name somehow seems familiar to me, but why?’ Leo wondered.

Robin and Raven walked down the street away from the others unaware that they were being watched. Robin couldn’t sense whoever it was because their power was that of a human. The rest of the decided to head back to the tower leaving Raven and Robin by themselves.

“So, who is Vladimus anyway?” Raven asked quietly.

Robin looked at Raven and his expression turned serious.

“He’s a vampire who is even older than Leo and our power in speed and strength are equal,” Robin explained.

‘That’s odd, I thought Leo was the oldest vampire alive,’ Raven thought.

“Well, I think that Vladimus has just been in hiding all these years,” Robin replied.

Raven sent him a death glare as she realized what had just happened.

“What? You read my thoughts why can’t I read yours?” Robin said with a sheepish grin.

Raven just cocked an eyebrow and playfully punched him on the shoulder. His grin went to sheepish to cocky in a split second. Raven just rolled her eyes as they walked back to the Titans Tower.

“I think that with Lucifer, Lightning, Thunder and the Titans East all here we might stand a chance against the coming threat,” Robin said.

His attitude had turned from playful to serious in a flash.

“Maybe, but from what I’ve heard this Vampire God is seemingly unstoppable,” Raven replied calmly.

Robin just looked at her and then turned his gaze to the stars.

“True, but I don’t believe that anything is unbeatable because Lightning told me that Life defeated him,” Robin explained.

She looked at him as they went around the corner. Gunfire could still be heard in the distance and it was probably police firing at zombies.

“Yes, Thunder told me about him. Life was the creator of all living creatures in the universe,” Raven added.

Robin just nodded his head as they walked down the street.

“Yeah, but they both died after their fight while Life banished him to hell. Life had been fatally wounded,” Robin explained to her.

She silently shook her head and looked at Robin.

“Yes, but I doubt that even all our power combined would match his,” Raven said.

Robin hated to admit it, but what she said made sense. If the creator of all life couldn’t win, what chance did they ever have of beating him?

Well, he knew they at least had to try anyway, otherwise they could kiss life as they know it goodbye. They went around a corner and the Titans tower came into view. It looked peaceful among the night sky and luckily Cyborg and the others had repaired most of the damage to the tower caused by Slade’s attack. He looked at the stars and felt a strange energy source coming from them. It seemed oddly familiar to him. It was faint though which meant that it must have been very far away. They had reached the road that lead to Titans Island and began to walk across it.

The night air smelled amazingly fresh, but he could still smell pollution in the air which ruined it. Robin looked at his watch and saw that it was only midnight after everything they had been through.

‘Man, this night better hurry up because I doubt I can handle much more action tonight than I already have,’ Robin thought.

He shook his head and saw that Raven was looking at him.

“Something wrong Raven?” he asked. Robin swore that he saw a blush rise up on those cheeks of hers, but she hid it too quickly.

“Well, I sense a lot of nervousness and grief coming from the tower at the moment,” Raven said.

Robin began to wonder whether that was all that she was doing.

“And you were admiring a pretty sight, right?” Robin said with his usual cocky grin.

Raven just snorted and they continued walking down the road that leads to the island.

“Don’t get full of yourself, Boy Wonder,” Raven replied calmly.

‘Hm, I know how to get under her skin,’ Robin thought.

They reached the end of the road and when they did Robin realized that Raven was right. He was feeling a lot of emotion coming from the tower and he began to get worried. They ran up to the tower and Robin opened the main door. They ran inside and entered the common room.

All thirteen of them looked worried and Robin felt a sinking feeling in his stomach.

“Hey guys, what’s wrong?” Robin asked.

They turned to look at them and Cyborg faced them.

“We’ve just received a call from Tamaran. It seems that people are being attacked by creatures that feed off blood,” Cyborg explained.

Robin felt a chill inside him and realized what they were talking about.

“You mean vampires are attacking Tameran? How long ago did this happen?” Robin asked trying to sound calm.

Starfire choose that moment to speak up.

“The vampires appeared all over Tameran nearly twelve hours ago and they are asking for our help since we have dealt with vampires before,” Starfire explained.

‘This isn’t good. Vampires with Tameranean strength are definitely not a good mix’ Robin thought.

He then looked at the rest of his group with a serious expression.

“Right. Well, Cyborg modified the T-ship to hold six people instead of five so six of us go to Tameran while the rest stay here,” Robin explained.

Everyone agreed with the plan, but now they had to pick who would go and who would stay.

“Okay, well its best I go, but we still need to pick the other five,” Robin said.

The others agreed and started to pick out who would be the most help.

“Raven you powers will come in handy and Lightning we could use your help,” Robin said.

They nodded and now they only needed to pick out three more members.

‘Oh man, this is tougher than I thought. Who should I pick?’ Robin thought.

He crossed his arms and began to pace across the room.

“Starfire, you’re coming because we’ll need expertise on the planet and Leo, we’ll need your help,” Robin said calmly.

The others began to look nervous since they were only down to one team member to pick. He looked around and made his choice on whom to take with him.

“Marcus you’re the final member and Lucifer, make sure nothing goes wrong while we’re gone,” Robin said.

The six chosen ones to go on the rescue mission left the common room to pack their things.

“Okay guys, I’m not sure how long we’ll be. So bring whatever you need,” Robin said calmly.

“Right, I guess we’re leaving immediately right,” Marcus said.

Robin looked at him and only nodded.

“Right and luckily Cyborg replaced my pod with special glass that will block out the sun so don’t worry about me,” Robin explained.

They went to their rooms to pack their things and Robin began to wonder whether or not the Titans would be alright when he was gone.

“Robin, when do you think the rest will be finished packing?” Lightning asked.

Robin turned to face the element of Lightning and grinned.

“Probably twenty minutes at the most. But why aren’t you packing?” Robin asked calmly.

“Who, me? I don’t have anything to pack anyway,” Lightning replied with a smirk.

Robin packed a few bags of blood, spare uniforms, some weapons, food and a spare pair of sunglasses.

“Well, it looks like I won’t be able to ask Leo for a replacement sword since we’ll be leaving Earth,” Robin said as he finished packing.

Lightning looked slightly curious about something though and Robin began to wonder what.

“Why are you packing food surely they will have food on Tameran?” Lightning asked.

“Well, I won’t need it. I’m packing it for the others since Tameranian food is disgusting, trust me on that,” Robin replied.

Lightning grimaced and Robin closed his suitcase. He picked it up and they both walked out of his room. Five minutes later the two of them arrived to the location of the T-ship.

“I guess we wait for the others then,” Robin said and leaned against the ship.

Lightning didn’t look too happy about that fact, but didn’t say anything.

Robin then realized that the power he had sensed in the stars must have come from Tameran since the power was that of a vampire.

‘Damn, what the hell is going on? Starfire told us that the vampires just vanished on their planet,’ Robin thought.

“Well, obviously they’ve come out of hiding after all this time,” a calm yet familiar voice said.

Robin turned around to see Raven and she had finished packing her stuff.

“Did you see the others on your way here?” Robin asked calmly.

Raven just shook her head and put her luggage and Robins in the luggage compartment.

“You’re worried about leaving them aren’t you?” Raven said.

Robin just nodded and then in a burst of flames Leo appeared next to Robin carrying a suitcase.

“About time you joined us,” Lightning said with a cocky grin.

Leo just lifted an eyebrow and gave him a mocking grin.

‘This is going to be just one long trip, I know it,’ Robin thought to himself.

He made sure no one else heard that thought though. Marcus and Starfire then exited the tower with their luggage. They walked up to the T-ship, but in Starfire’s case floated. Leo, Marcus and Starfire put their suitcases in the luggage compartment. Robin got in the middle pod that had the special glass that would protect him from the sun. Robin then noticed that Cyborg had made the special glass for all the pods.

‘Thanks Cyborg, I owe you one for this’ Robin thought.

The others just picked one out at random and Robin began to power up the T-ship.

‘Well see you later, Earth. We’ll be back sooner or later’ Robin thought.

Leo looked deep in thought at the moment though.

‘Hm, I believe that this is the eighth sign, but I’ll tell them when we get there,’ Leo thought.

The ship then lifted off and began to rocket into the sky.

“Oh man, I forgot how much I hated this,” Robin mumbled against the gravity pressure.

Raven just rolled her eyes as the ship entered the planets atmosphere.

“Good thing I had Cyborg install more that one anti UV shield, eh Leo,” Robin said.

Leo just nodded dumbly and looked incredibly nervous about something.

“Hey Leo, what’s wrong with you?” Robin asked.

Leo just flashed him a grin and was sweating slightly.

“Oh nothing, I just remembered how much I hate to fly,” Leo said with a nervous grin.

Robin just rolled his eyes as their ship sped towards the planet Tameran. Robin felt his thirst nagging at him and removed a blood pack from his pocket.

‘Why oh why didn’t I bring a glass with me’ Robin thought as he tore open the blood pack.

He sucked the blood out of the pack until it was empty and he sighed out of pleasure.

Robin could never figure out why blood seemed to give him immense pleasure. Maybe it was just the vampire in him and it was the same for every other vampire. Robin decided that that had to be it and boosted the speed of the ship to its fastest.

“Hey Starfire, how long until we get to Tameran?” Robin asked.

She looked over in Robin’s direction and checked the speed of the ship. “At least another five hours if we continue at our course and speed,” Starfire replied.

“Good. I just hope when we get there the sun is down, because I would like to get inside without getting a third degree sunburn,” Robin said.

Marcus and Leo burst out laughing and Raven just rolled her eyes.

“Friend Robin, I believe the sun would kill you upon contact,” the naïve Tameranian said.

Robin just rolled his eyes and sighed with annoyance.

“Starfire, it was just a joke, okay?” Robin said calmly.

Starfire brightened up immediately and Robin began to wonder whether it was a good idea to bring her along for this mission.

“Okay guys, so remember all of Tameran is being invaded by vampires. So be careful, alright?” Robin said as they flew towards the destination.


Authors note: I would like to thank my beta-reader rose of fantasy for editing this chapter. Just to let you know that this chapter would have been up sooner but my internet had gone down. Sorry for the delay and the cliffhanger. I know it was evil of me and some of you readers will probably want to kill me for it right. Good thing is I usually update the story once a week so you don’t have long to wait for the next chapter.
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