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Me and The Ipswich boy

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uhmmm guess

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“Why I didn’t cheat on him or anything,” I started to laugh.

“What do you call that?”

“That, Steven, well I usually call him my brother.”

Just then Pogue, Tyler, and Reid walked up, “Ali you going to Nicky’s tonight,” Pogue asked me.

“Yeah,” I said brushing the hair out of my face. They walked off.

“And you call that,” she asked in a sing-song voice.

“I call it my brother’s friends that I grew up with.”

“Well you need to explain that to Max because he is mad.”

Just then he walked up, “Max I missed you,” I told him.

“You didn’t seem like it last night,” he said looking away from me, “So did you fuck any of those guys last night. You know just wondering if you are cheating on me.”

“Uhm why would I do that,” I asked.

“Because you were all over them last night.”

“No I didn’t fuck any of them,” just then Reid had to open his mouth.

“Ali get over here you are in trouble,” Reid yelled at me.

“Go take care of your boyfriend,” Max yelled I ran over there crying.

“Ali what's wrong,” Pogue asked hugging me.

“My friend Max who I like is being an ass to me,” I told him.

Reid went over there I just stayed in Pogue’s arms. I Reid yell, “It isn’t nice to make my fucking sister cry,” they all claimed me as there sister, Chelsea ran over to me and Reid was yelling at Max still.

“Ali do you want to talk to her,” Pogue asked I shook my head yes.

“Ali if you need me call me I am serious me and Reid are in your grade I promise you will be fine,” Tyler told me.

“Ali you okay,” Chelsea asked me.

“Yeah I am fine,” I told her I walked over to Reid, “you can go I will be fine I promise I will call if I need you,” he hugged me.

“I will kick anyone’s ass for you I love you,” he whispered then walked away.

“Ali what just happened,” Ronnie asked me. Max stormed off.

“Last night at Nicky's I was hanging out with my brothers and Max saw and he got jealous and thinks I am cheating on him and I didn’t do anything its my brother,” I told him.

“Well just wait everything will be back to normal soon I promise,” he whispered in my ear.

“okay,” I told him and ran to my locker. There was a note. It read:

Dear Ali,

I am sorry I didn’t know please forgive me I still love you.

Max the ripper Green

I wrote him back and handed it to him in math. It read:

Dear Max the ripper Green

I forgive you and I still love you too but my family comes first I am sorry


He wrote back not to long after asking me to sit by him at lunch. Of course I said yes. When it came time for lunch and I sat between Ronnie and Max and across from Chelsea.

“Ali so what are you doing after school,” Chelsea asked.

“Uhm I am going to Nicky’s with my brothers why,” I asked

“Well we have a concert tonight,” Max said.

“And we wanted to know if you wanted to come,” Ronnie asked

“Cant I haven’t seen my brothers in forever I have to hang with them,” I said.

“I understand,” Max said. I kissed him on the lips.

That school day went fast. Reid came up to me right atfer eight period, “Hey you need a ride home?”

“You aren’t going to try anything are you,” I asked.

“If you mean to hook up with you no. I am going to wait till you want me so bad you can’t handle it,” he said squeezing me to him.

“That will be the day,” I rolled my eyes.

“Ali, Reid where are you going,” Steven yelled.

“Meet you at Nicky’s,” we yelled.

“I am trusting you Reid,” he yelled back.

“I wouldn’t,” I mumbled.

“Yeah you would don’t lie,” he had me pinned on his hummer, “you know you want this,” he had each hand to each side of me, “can’t I have just one kiss please?”

“Just one no tongue promise,” I told him.

“Fine ruin my fun. I don’t want one anymore,” he started to walk off, “Okay, maybe I do,” he kissed me and darted his tongue down my throat. I thought about it I really wasn’t dating Max but I don’t like Reid like this. I am so confused.

I stopped him, “Reid I don’t think we could work out,” then I saw Max lip locking with a chick I went over to him, “I am breaking up with you,” and walked back over to Reid car and got in, “I think we could try it,” I told Reid.

“Now that’s what I am talking about,” he started the engine and we drove off.
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