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as make up runs down your cheeks

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We went to the river, “I got something for you,” he told me, “I have saved this forever just for you,” he handed me a box, “it was handed down to me from one of the Ipswich original founders, and since you are the only female Ipswich in fifty years you deserve it,” he put the necklace on me.

“Thank you,” I kissed him. I felt bad though because I did fall for Max but he cheated on me and assumed I cheated on him, “Reid I have to tell you something.”

“No don’t I don’t want this moment to end I love you,” we were full out making out. I pulled away.

“Reid I am afraid I am using you, because I still love Max and he hurt me,” I confessed.

“I don’t care I have you now and I don’t want to loose you yet,” he hugged me.

“Fine I told him.” I paused, “can we go to Nicky's now please,” I looked at his beautiful eyes.

“Let’s go,” he said picking me up.

I got in the car and we walked into Nicky's hand in hand.

“Finally they are together,” Tyler yelled.

“Uhm Ali let me talk to you,” Steven said pulling me away, “are you sure you want to be with him.”

“Why is there something wrong with me and him together,” I asked.

“No Ali no I just want to make sure that this was your decision and he didn’t talk you into it,” he paused, “just being a nosey brother.”

“Yes Steven I am sure this is what I want,” I said, “for now,” I whispered. I walked over to Reid and sat in front of him on the pool table, “I love you,” I told him.

“Baby, I love you too,” he told we really sweetly, “you want to play pool with me or foosball,” he asked.

“We played pool last night and you know were that got us. I say foosball,” he kissed me and Max walked in, “I love you,” I told Reid.
“I love you even more then ever,” I hopped on his back and he ran to the foosball table.

Max was staring at us the whole time I was getting kind of pissed. “So if I win what do I get,” I asked Reid.

“Whatever you want.”

“What about if you win,” I asked.

“I get you.”

“Sounds fair. You what to dance?”

“With you uhm, I don’t know,” he paused stroking his chin, “Of course,” he yelled. We ran out to the dance floor and, “I love rock and roll,” was playing.

Pogue came in, “Reid you mind if I dance with her for a second,” he asked.

“Nope not at all,” he said.

“What's going on Ali? You have never shown any interest in Reid before.”

“Well I do like him and I just figured I would give him a shot it couldn’t hurt anything I have known him forever,” I said.

“Well don’t mess with his emotions okay,” he looked me straight in the eyes.

“Got you,” I told him.

“Good,” Reid came back and he kissed me.

“I love you,” he told me.

“I love you and when you tell me that you love me,” I told him.

“I love, love, love you,” he said.

I kissed him, “I have to go you want to take me home,” he held me close to him. I was looking up at him.

“I will take you home,” he looked straight, “Steven I am taking Ali home. See you at school tomorrow.”

“Alright I am trusting you don’t fuck it up,” Steven yelled back.

He wrapped his arm around my waist when Max came up, “Ali take me back please,” he begged.

“Baby I will be there in a second,” Reid left, “No you are to late you will just have to wait okay I am still mad at you bye,” I ran out to Reid’s car and he kissed me.

“I love you,” he told me looking into my eyes.

“I love you too,” he started the engine and put his arm around me.

My phone started to ring. It was Chelsea, “yo yo yiggity yo,” I said.

“Hey so are you dating that one guy,” she asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Okay because Max said you were and I wanted to make sure well got to go later.”

I hung up, “we are here,” he said, “Want me to stay till Steven gets home?”

“Yes please,” I said jumping out of the car.
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