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higher heels and lipstick napkins

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His phone rang he answered, “Why did you break up with me? I thought you loved me,” I started to cry again.

“I do but Steven said that if I didn’t break up with you I don’t get to see you at all and I love you too much to do that.”

“Well I am moving to L.A. anyway because Steven is controlling my life and I hate it. Well bye I love you.”

“I love you too,” he hung up. I started to cry.

Steven came into my room, “what the fuck do you want,” I yelled at him.

“You to be happy,” he said sitting on my bed.

“I was happy till Reid broke up with me. I just want to leave because I know if I stay here I will see him everyday.”

“Okay its my fault I am sorry,” he told me.

“Just go away,” I said calmly.


“Go away.”


“Get the fuck away from me,” I yelled at him. I opened my door a bit and he grabbed his phone. I grabbed mine and texted Reid: come get me I am sneaking out.

I climbed through the window and I had to sneak past Steven’s window I got all the way past and jumped of the roof onto the trampoline and ran to the front yard Reid was here. I hoped in his car and kissed him, “I need to see Pogue can you take me please.”

“Anywhere you want to go,” he said kissing me on the lips.

We pulled up to his house I ran in, “Pogue I need you help,” he was standing there in just boxers, “nice,” wait focus Ali.

“Steven I will call you back,” he looked at me, “what is going on.”

“Steven made Reid break up with me,” I started to cry.

“Calm down Ali,” he held me close, “The reason why he did is because he has known Reid forever and one nasty break up between any of us we are all never going to be friends.”

“I hate him. I hope he dies,” I paused, “I am going to L.A.,” I finally got out.

“No please don’t. Please stay here, For me?”

“Okay,” I said hugging him. Reid had left, “Uhm can I stay here tonight?”

“No I am taking you home.”

“Fine,” I whined.

When we got to the door Steven started yelling, “What the hell Ali. You cant sneak out of the fucking house.”

“Stop fucking cussing at me. You’re not my mom I don’t have to take your shit.”

“I am leaving,” Pogue said.

“You’re an ass,” I told Steven.

“You’re grounded,” he yelled.

“Fuck you,” I ran to me room.

“Stop cussing,” he yelled.

“No because I am pissed at you. You Steven, are an ass you ruined my life I was happy but now all I got is you and Pogue. Reid is probably still pissed and I can’t even explain how I feel,” I walked in my room and slammed the door. I fell asleep with five pictures in my hand, Pogue, Steven, Reid, Max and Ronnie.

“Ali, get up,” Max was waking me up.

“What are you doing here?”

“Well Steven thought you were still mad at him and I dropped by to get you for school.”

“Oh,” I sighed, “I am going to have Steven take me thanks though see you in math.”

He walked out of my room and I got up, got dressed and, ran down stairs, “I am sorry,” Steven and I said at the same time.

“Seriously Pogue explained everything to me I understand just take me to school,” I said grabbing Steven’s jacket I was borrowing. We got to school and Pogue hugged me.

“So you are staying,” Pogue asked me.

“Good,” I ran of to Max and I heard Steven yell my name, “hold on,” I ran to Steven, “yes.”

“I approve of him,” he whispered in my ear.

“Fine then I will date him,” I said.

I ran back to Max, “My brother approves of you.”

He hugged me, “so you are mine again?”

“Hell yeah. Let’s go Max the ripper.”

He kissed me. I got a text from Steven: be at Nicky’s tonight at five or your grounded.

I texted back: I will be there calm down I love you.

Steven: I love you too and so does Pogue.

Me: Aw give him a kiss on the lips for me.

Steven: that’s funny.

Me: I am serious I am nor going to class till.

Steven: fine.

“Ew,” I yelled, “I love you Pogue and you to Steven.”
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