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In the worst way

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i have NO idea

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-07-21 - Updated: 2008-07-21 - 561 words

Max and I walked in to the school together arms around each others waist. I saw Reid he just waved. We got though all our classes and now lunch. I loved lunch it was the one place I got to hang with everyone and get away from my brother or so I thought. I kissed Max, and my phone vibrated it was Steven: no kissing at school.

I kissed him again and texted back: no spying.

Steven: I am serious.

Me: fine fun destroyer.

Steven: yeah yeah yeah.
Me: I love you!

Steven: I love you too! Meet me at your locker after your lunch.

Me: okay

“So Ali did you play the bass for what’s his face,” Chelsea asked.

“Oh yeah,” I said.

“So when’s my turn,” Max, Frank, Mikey, and Gerard said.

“One: Gerard Frank you don’t have a bass. Two: maybe one day Mikey. Three: uhm Max well never,” Mikey laughed.

“I have a chance,” he threw his arms in the air.

“What's that supposed to mean,” Gerard said.

“That means I have already laid everyone but you Gerard,” I said.

“Well what the fuck when is my turn,” he asked.

“Maybe tonight we can throw in some gay guy. We know Gerard its okay you can come out know we all care about you,” I said laughing.

“Burn,” Chelsea yelled.

“Shut up Chelsea you haven’t got laid by her,” he said laughing.

“Actually,” Max started.

“We did that last night with Max,” Chelsea finished.

“I bet you would loved you had been there,” I got really close like I was going to kiss him, “Nope not that lucky slick,” I sat back down, “you where thinking bout me last night though jerking off,” I started making sex noises in his ear and everything messing around with him, “take it all Ali take it all,” I continued.

“Shut up,” he yelled, “just because I dream about you doesn’t mean shit!”

“Well what if one of your fantasies came true,” I whispered in his ear messing around. I turned to Max and told what I was going to do; I went back to Gerard messing with him. I put my hand on his leg, “what if we skip the rest of school and just go have sex the rest of the day uh. How does that sound,” I asked I moved back away from him, “but I can’t my brother has constant tabs on me he is actually watching me now.”
“Ah fuck,” he screamed.

“That was funny,” Frank said, “me next, seriously me next.”

“Dude if anything I should be next,” I said.

“I can take care of that,” Gerard said.

“No you can’t,” I said.

“How much you want to bet,” he said.

“Go for it,” just then Reid came over to say hi and left.

He tired but failed, but Max kissed my neck and I shivered like crazy, “Haha I succeeded,” he yelled.

“Dude if you succeeded you would be Max,” Frank said.

“Ah fuck,” he looked over and I was staring at Max.

“What are you thinking,” Max asked me.

I just licked my lips, “I don’t know.”

“Man, I was enjoying my self,” Gerard said.

“Fine enjoy this,” I reached down and grabbed his balls then let go.

“I am going now,” he walked away.
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