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And came back, “Uhm Gerard you can totally tell,” Ronnie said.

“Yeah I can to my pants are tighter,” he admitted.

“Gerard that’s gross,” Mikey said.

The bell rang and I ran to my locker. Ronnie and Max went with me and Frank too.

“Come on when’s my turn,” Frankie whined.

“You don’t get one because I am officially with Max,” I kissed him.

“Alejandra Rae,” Steven came running Pogue and Reid were following.

“Oh shit I am dead. You better go,” he walked up to me, “yes my loving brother who loves me and would never ever yell at me what did I do,” I looked at him with puppy dog eyes the whole nine yards.

“Your in so much trouble,” okay I knew it wasn’t grade because I was passing everything I was basically a nerd what the hell did I do.

“What ever did I do,” still making stupid faces while thinking oh and hand movements.

“What are you thinking,” he asked I froze.

“Nothing, nothing at all,” I said swaying side to side.

“Bull shit,” he said.

“Hey no cussing,” I wagged my finger at him.

“Well whatever,” he rolled his eyes I did the same.

“Well whatever, I need to get to class,” I slammed my locker and turned around. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back, “What,” I stomped my foot and whined.

“I am just playing with you,” he said laughing.

“That’s silly Billy bull crap,” I ran off to Max who was waiting.

“Oh no we are going the same way hahahaha,” Pogue said picking me up.

“Max, Ronnie, Frank save me,” I yelled.

“Here’s you class,” Reid said then they ran off.

“I hate you Pogue,” he turned around and flashed me his muscles.

“No you don’t you love me,” yeah I do I thought.

Max pulled me into class when the bell rang. Urgh I hate this history class. Max, Gerard and Ronnie all threw me notes Chelsea was in German class. I read Gerard's first: Okay so I do like you why do you torture me about it.

I wrote back: because it is hilarious just to see the look on your face. :]

Ronnie: that was funny at lunch do it again tomorrow

Me: I plan on it. :]

Max: I love you I can’t wait till Nicky’s tonight.

Me: me either it will be fun.

The notes kept going and the bell rang u picked up my back pack and walked out the door. The end of the day finally end we were all crammed in Gerard's car Honda civic. I texted Steven: can I Just me and Chelsea borrow the mustang please.

Steven: yeah you have the spare keys?

Me: yeah thanks.

“Chelsea lets go,” I motioned to her.

“What's going one where we going,” she asked.

“Stevens’s mustang,” I said pulling out the keys.

“Sweet action,” she said.

“Dude, baby can I ride with you,” Max asked.

“Nope, Steven's rules,” I hopped I the awesome silver convertible Mustang.

We blared the radio and Chelsea put in an Escape the Fate CD. I liked it we were singing Situations. We pulled up to Max’s house and I was wearing Steven’s jacket and his driving glasses. Chelsea was laughing at me. I pulled them down, “You need something,” I said looking at Max. He leaned on the car and I drove off and drifted turning around. Ronnie and Gerard saw it.

“That was awesome take me for a ride,” Ronnie said.

“How bout I take you for a ride,” he paused, “ah fuck a wet daydream!”

I laughed, “Well we are going ahead to my house then Nicky’s.”

“Okay,” he walked off.

Chelsea and I walked in the door, “Steven you home!”

“Yeah did you go in the garage,” he asked.

“Uhm no why,” I asked.

“Go look,” he said. Chelsea and I ran out to the garage.
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