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The day i left the womb

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“Oh my god thank you, thank you,” I hugged Pogue, Tyler and Reid. I was a new black convertible mustang. Steven came in there and I hugged him too, “what's this for?”

“You made straight A’s,” Steven said.

“Surprisingly,” Chelsea mumbled.

“Shut up Chelsea,” I elbowed her in the stomach, “can I drive it now.”

“Yeah go head,” he handed the keys.

“Sweet action,” I slid across the hood and got in the car.

“I call shotgun,” Chelsea yelled.

“Fine,” I started the engine and sped out of the drive way. I was mad it wasn’t a stick shift because I couldn’t drift well I could but it was easier in a manual. We pulled up to Max’s.

“Wait this car was just silver,” Gerard said.

“This one Steven just bought me,” I told him.



He hopped in Chelsea’s lap, “Okay Max let me get in the back hold on.” She hopped in the back and Ronnie hopped in before Gerard did.

“What the hell why can’t I ride,” Gerard asked.

“Because you have your own car,” I drove off and headed to Nicky’s.

We got there and there was a new chick in my spot the spot I had since the kindergarten.
“Who is up for foosball,” I yelled. Everyone who knew me yelled my name the girl stood up.

“I will play,” she said.

“Dude someone is actually challenging you go for it,” Pogue said from behind me. I turned around and hugged him.

“Alright let’s go,” we walked over to the foosball table. I beat her we started talking, “so what's your name,” I asked her.

“Becca,” she said softly.

I heard my brother yell, “hey Nicky can I get and cheese burger and fries.”

“Sure thing Steven,” he yelled back.

“Nicky make that too,” I yelled.

“Who said that,” I raised my hand, “Got you, Ali.”

“Thanks Nicky,” I said, “So what brings you to our boring town?”

“My dad,” she replied.

“Who that’s?”


“You serious we have to hang sometime but I warn you I am the outcast group,” just then Max came over and kissed me, “Hey babe.”

“Hey,” I got up off the couch and sat on his lap.

“Ali, Steven orders up,” Nicky yelled.

Steven brought me my food, “get at a table please.”

“Okay,” I got up and sat at the nearest table.

It was time to go, “Hey Nicky I will pick up Becca for school tomorrow. I know how to get there.”

“Okay,” he yelled.

“Later call me when you are ready,” I handed her my number.

I walked out side and took everyone home but Max, “Night I love you,” I said dropping him off at his house.

“Night,” he kissed me, “see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah see you tomorrow,” I said. I drove home and crashed on the couch.

“Ali get up you have to pick up people,” he said.

“Got it,” I hopped off the couch and ran upstairs. I came down in new clothes and grabbed my keys and cell phone, “see you at school Steven. I will be parking right by you.”

“Yeah. Yeah what ever love you,” he yelled as I was running out the door.

“Love you too,” I yelled.

I drove and picked up Becca, “you ready,” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she said we talked al the way to Chelsea’s and then they both hopped in the back and they were talking the whole way to Max’s and he hopped in. We drove to the school and I parked by Steven everyone hopped out. I stood in front of Steven and Max came up and put his arms around me. Pogue came up and pulled me away from Max.

“You are a loser Pogue,” I told him.

“Well you still love me,” he said.

“I guess.”

He put me down and I ran back to Max he hugged me and held me close. I went to kiss him when Steven stopped me, “I said no kissing at school,” he said.

“Fine,” I yelled.

The bell rang, “time for class lets go,” Ronnie said coming up and grabbing my hand.
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