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Chapter 10

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(Gerard’s POV)

I parked outside my apartment building and headed to Bob‘s house. It wasn’t far so walking there wasn’t a big deal. I knocked on the door when I arrived.

“Who is it?” A male voice said. I knew it was Mikey, that’s another side effect voice recognition.

“It’s Gerard let me in.” I heard him unlock the door and swing it open. There he stood tall and skinny. He had recently gotten contact lenses.

“Hey Gee, you are just in time. We were about to start with out you.”

“Then who would sing?” he got this puzzled look on his face.

“We would have done it without a singer and just played the songs without lyrics.” that sounded so stupid we both burst out laughing as we made our way down stairs. There stood Frank tuning his guitar, Ray doing the same, Bob sat behind the drums twirling his drumsticks with his hand. They all looked up and waved at me.

I had her to thank for them. I was walking down the street one day, and there was this club the door was open. The guys lead singer was piss drunk so they needed one. She said I should try it. Most times I ignored her suggestions but for some reason I told them I would sing. They didn’t have the time to turn me down. We did some covers that night. She was singing with me harmonizing in my ear, and giving me the lyrics when I had none. I felt her wrap her arms around my waist.

“Hey sorry to interrupt what I’m sure is a very warm moment between you and your thoughts but I would like to get home at a reasonable hour. I mean we all have papers to write and classes to attend.” Frank said to me. I walked over to the microphone.

“Lets start with ‘This is How I Disappear’.” I started to sing and like always she harmonized with each note. I’ll never admit it but sometimes I liked to sing simply so hear her sing. It was a little weird cause I could tell her voice wasn’t made for rock music. She definitely had an R&B voice, but her harmonizing with me sounded perfect.
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