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Chapter 9

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(Brie’s POV)

I opened my dorm room door and went straight to the kitchen, grabbing my pills from the counter top. I opened the fridge and pulled out a can of soda.

“Please don’t,” he said inches from my ear. I knew he would beg, but I was about to get into the shower and he had a bad habit of following me in there. I couldn’t deal with that tonight. “I promise to be good,” he said. “I helped you with that jerk today,”

“I could have beaten him with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back,” I scolded myself for answering him.

“It’s okay to talk to me, I’ll always come back after you take the pills no matter what I’m not going anywhere. And I know you could have taken him.” he said I closed my eyes I loved his lopsided grin. I shook my head.

“You promise to stay out of the bathroom?”

“Scouts honor.” I had a feeling he wasn’t lying about his never going anywhere so I might as well learn to live with him, I’ve been dealing with this for about a year now and everything that the doctors have tried, all the drugs, methods, none of their ideas worked. I took the drug bottle into the shower with me. I turned on the hot water and stripped down, as I stepped into the water, I waited to hear his voice or his touch. When nothing came I washed and then came out to my bed room. “See I kept my word.”

“I’m very proud of you.” I said sitting next to where his voice was coming from on my bed.

“I’m very proud of me too. Brie, I need you to trust me. I will never hurt you or let anyone hurt you.” I closed my eyes as I felt his hand grasp hold of my chin. Tilting it up so that my closed eyes met his I don’t know how, but I knew he was telling the truth. “Now you have an early start tomorrow, you should get some rest."
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