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Chapter 8

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(Gerard’s POV)

I waved as I entered Dr. Breinhart’s office. She was a tall white woman with brown eyes and brown hair. I honestly didn’t like her, she was very callous and just plain mean sometimes. I knew where I stood with her. I was just part of her job. She didn’t even call me by my name she called me by a number 5426. That number I have guessed is the actual amount of people they tried all these experiments on, before me. I’ve always wondered how many failed attempts there were before me. The supposed success. We nodded our greeting and I headed into the changing room.

I changed into a pair of sweat pants and took of my shirt. “We’ll start with the obstacle course.” she said when I came out. This was also a routine. Today like every other time I came her she had added something new to the course. I just had to figure out how to cope with what ever it was. I took off running down the path. I felt the pill wearing off, and I could almost hear her foot falls next to me.

“Stop.” the voice said. I came to a complete stop seconds before a panel from the wall came flying out. It would have crushed me.

“Thanks,” I thought. She always knew things, like if I was walking down the street and was about to step in front of a car I would feel her hand pull me back. Like a sixth sense she always warned me.

“Anytime,” she said, I had to smile she was just as cocky as I was. I looked at the wall and saw that there were small notches. I started climbing them to get over the wall. As I made it to the top and stood up I saw another platform but it was about ten feet away. There was no way I could jump it. I looked at the wall in between the two platforms.

There was a ledge jutting out about four inches from the wall. I grabbed it and swung out putting both hands on it and hand over hand moved until my feet swung over the other platform. I let go and my feet landed firmly on the platform.

The next part was my favorite it was a chain attached to a swinging disk. I jumped grabbing the chain which made the disk rotate. A normal person would have lost their grip or been thrown, but not me I just waited ’till it came back around to the next platform for me to stand on. I was tired so I decided to quit playing and rush though the rest of the course. It was all too easy. Once I got to the end Dr. Breinhart was waiting for me.

“Number 5426, you broke your own record.” I just nodded and headed into the room where she gave me a full physical. “Thank you for your cooperation 5426 you can change and leave now.” so that’s what I did. The funniest part is when I first started coming here they used to have me and normal men go through the course, I was able to finish the course twice before they finished it once.
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