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my heart is up for auction

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and goes out to the highest bidder

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I stripped off my surfer top revealing my bikini top and got back in the ocean. Max followed and we went out were every one else was.

“Nice crash, Ali,” Frank said.

“Let me see you go out there and do that,” I yelled at him. I hated being made fun off when I crashed I mean Frank doesn’t surf he doesn’t under stand how hard it is. Just then the silver Mustang pulled up my brother was here. They were going to be surfing and knowing Pogue he is going to want me to go with him. I ran up to shore and hugged Pogue.

“So are the waves good,” he asked.

“Yeah I wrecked on one that tunneled on me,” I said.

“Okay wish me luck,” Pogue said. They all ran out there.

“Here take picture,” Steven said handing me his waterproof camera. I grabbed my board and threw on my surfer top again. I got out there and a wave tunneled on me again I took pictures and managed to get one of me. I got out of the tunnel in time and ramped it kind of like skateboarding. I managed to ride the wave till it began to crash. I went out to Max and sat on my bored to talk to him. He sat on the bored with me Ronnie and Chelsea attempted to hop on to. Chelsea got on the board no problem but Ronnie flipped it and when I tried to come back up my leg got tangled in the cord around my ankle so I wouldn’t loose the board. I got untangled and came back up and slapped Ronnie in the head.

“What the hell Ronnie I bought drowned,” I got a little mad, “I am sorry I am still a little freaked out.”

“It’s okay I understand,” he said.

He hugged me I started to sink under water, “okay I got to take pictures,” I said hold up my camera.

“I have and idea.” Max said taking the camera from around my neck. He pulled me under water and started to kiss me. I mean full on making out and took a picture.

We came back up and Chelsea was laughing at me, “what,” I asked.

“Your hair is a mess,” she finally got out.

“I think it looks sexy,” Gerard said.

I went under water and fixed it, “better?”

“Much,” Chelsea said.

“Ali I am going camera,” Steven said.

“Okay,” I took it off from around my neck and hopped back on my board. I was sitting on it and Max and Ronnie hopped on the board with me.

“I love you,” Max said and kissed. I took off my surfer top and put it on my surf board like I was dressing it. Chelsea thought it would be funny and untied my top and wouldn’t give it back. Max immediately put his hands on my boobs, “wow they are nice, wait Chelsea give her, her top.”

“Max,” I said taking his hand off of me and undoing my ankle thing. I dove in the water after Chelsea and pulled her under water. I got my top and got back on my board. Max put my top back on me, “thank you,” I kissed him and put my surfer shirt on. I pushed Max and Ronnie off my board and went to surf again.

I didn’t surf long till I was hungry and it was getting dark, I am ready lets go,” I said passing them to shore.

“Ali,” Max yelled.

“Let’s go,” I yelled they all came out of the water and piled in the cars. I had four new text messages saying: meet us at Nicky’s. From each of the older guys I texted Gerard: meet at Nicky’s.

Gerard: okay.

We drove to Nicky’s and everyone was there, “Ali you want to play pool,” Reid asked.

I looked at Max, “go ahead.”

“Thank you,” I kissed him and ran over to Reid.

“Hey I miss talking to you,” Reid said.

“Me too,” I told him.



“I still love you,” he lent in to kiss me.

“Uhm, no,” I put my fingers on his lips, “Fine twenty bucks I beat you at pool,” I said.


Of course like every other time I beat him, “pay up.”


“You no I will get you wallet.”

“That’s exactly what I want,” he whispered in my ear.

I hopped up and sat on the edge of the pool table, “Oh so you really want to relive this moment?”

“Yeah,” I wrapped my legs, and reached down his pants. I enjoyed fucking with his and Gerard's mind. I grabbed his wallet and jumped down he leaned me over the table and kissed me I mean he was trying to make out with me. I saw Max walk this way. I shook my finger at him. Reid wasn’t wearing a belt so I pantsed him and pushed him back.

“You are really pissing me of Reid. You broke up with me, not the other way around. You didn’t have to and you weren’t force to,” he was still on the ground I stood over him, “and the surprising thing is that you expect me to leave Max who I love just for you well it’s really pissing me off, I fucking hate you. You basically Urgh I can’t even look at you I thought it might work if we were friends but this right here what just happened well you fucked it up,” I started yelling at him, and I sat on his stomach and starting punching him in the face, “I fucking hate you. Your and ass,” Steven and Pogue had to pull me off of him, “No let go of me,” I lunged forward, “I hate you I hate, hate, hate you,” I punched him with every word. Pogue and Steven finally pulled me off of him I grabbed Steven's jacket and went outside.
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