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it's so wrong

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“Fine,” I said.

“I told her not to talk to you I really did and she wouldn’t listen to me and I broke up with her because I don’t want to see you get hurt,” he finished.

“Well, I still fucking hate you,” was all I could say.

We started yelling, “Just listen to me,” he yelled at me as I ran up the stairs.

“I don’t want to listen to you,” he follow me, “Leave me alone!” I ran into Steven's room hoping he would be home but he wasn’t, I turned around and Reid was standing there. He kissed me like he used to. God I loved how he kissed me. I finally got a hold of myself, and pushed him off of me, “go home,” I ran downstairs and fell on Max. Reid hid, I whispered in Max’s ear, “Reid is hiding here follow my lead,” we ran up stairs and pulled the Gerard prank. We made sex sounds and I yelled, “oh Max, oh Max, take it all Max take it all,” I managed to say in between fake moaning and kissing him. We heard the front door slam and Reid’s car start he was gone.

I walked downstairs in a wife-beader and basketball shorts. Steven came in the door, “Reid told me what happened,” he said slamming the door.

“What happened I don’t know,” I questioned.

“Uhm you had sex with Max,” he said glareing at me.

“Uhm no I didn’t and did Reid tell you he broke into the house kissed me, tried to make me break up with Max or cheat on him, No didn’t think so he wouldn’t leave till I took him back,” I finished.

“Okay I believe you,” he said scratching the back of his neck.

“Really,” I questioned.

“Yeah, I would believe you over him any day,” he finished.

“Cool, well me and Max are going to the mall I got money from a bet,” I said grabbing Steven's jacket which I claimed as mine now.

“What bet?”

“You know the night that me and Reid got in the fight,” he shook his head, “well I had a pool bet with him and I won sixty bucks,” I said grabbing my car keys and cell phone and putting them in my pocket.

“Okay have fun,” he said as me and Max walked out the door.

We got to the mall and went to the food court, “One limeade slushy,” I told the chick and handed her the money. I hung on Max’s arm like no other. We walked around, I was resting my head on his shoulder. I took a sip of my slushy and stuck the straw in his mouth, “want some,” I laughed.

“Sure,” he said.

“I love you,” I told him.

“And of course I love you too,” he said kissing me.

We walked around for a while talking about whatever. Every once in a while I would start to play with his hair. We walked around for another hour and I finally got bored. I walked into F.y.E. and started jamming out to Green Day and Chelsea was there. I threw down the headphones and ran and jumped on her back, “Chelsea what are you listening to,” I asked still on her back.

“The Kill,” she said. I stole the headphones and listened for a second the grabbed the CD and ran to the check out.

“I will take this please,” the guy turned around it was Gerard, “Hey Gerard.”

“Hey what are you doing here,” he asked.

“Well I am here with Max,” Max came over and I hopped on his back.

“I see. Well here’s your CD,” he handed me a bag and me and Max walked out.

I was still on his back I hopped down and grabbed his arm. We went to one of the photo both things. I guess Chelsea followed us because every other picture she snuck in. All the pictures were of us kissing. And we got a special picture strip with Chelsea. We did the Charlie’s angels, the three monkeys and then stupid faces. Me and Max went back to my place and listened to the new CD.
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