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the drunk lyrics game

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"I kissed a girl and i liked it,"

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**time lapse**

It was now a week after our graduation and we were still dating. During my graduation party Gerard got a phone call and left the room. He came back ten minutes later with his jaw dropped, “We have a record deal,” he said. I jumped up from Franks lap and hugged him.

“What the hell I am in the band to,” Frank said.

“Well,” I said getting back on his lap and facing him, “That is for later,” and I kissed him.

“Sweet action,” he yelled.

“Yeah and we are going on the Van’s wrapped tour,” Gerard said.

“Awesome who else is going,” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he told me flopping down on the couch.

“Well since I am your Unofficial manager and Chelsea is my official secretary,” Chelsea chimed in.

“Why am I Your secretary if anything it should be the other way around,” she yelled.

“No Chelsea you are well we will vote, all for Ali,” Frank, Gerard, Ray and Mikey raised their hand, “okay its official,” Gerard said.

“Heck yes,” I yelled, “So we get to go with you when,” I asked.

“Next week,” Gerard said.

“I can’t wait,” I paused, “fuck I wont be able to surf for awhile I better go now,” I got up and Frankie pulled me back down, “well fine,” I said pulling out my laptop, “I am going to find out who we are going with. Finally the page loaded, “metro station, Taking Back Sunday and oh god,” I threw my head back.

Gerard took the laptop, “No this ruins it,” he threw his head back too.

“What,” they all said.

“Escape the Fate,” me and Gerard said. We all groaned.

“What,” Steven said hoping on the couch with us.

“I have to put up with Max in a week,” I looked at him.

“Why in a week,” he asked.

“Well since I have a job let’s say he works there too,” I told him.

“Where you working,” he asked.

“Everywhere I am a manager on the first day.”

“For what place?”

“My Chemical Romance.”

“Ah fun so why do you have to put up with him?”

“MCR just got invited for the Van’s Warped Tour.”

“AH nice congrats.”

“Yeah well apparently Escape the Fate is becoming big and they are going too.”

“Ah have fun with that.”

“So what you don’t care about my problems.”

“If I do can me and Pogue get tickets,” he got up and left laughing.

“Yeah yeah yeah, I love you too,” I paused, “I am strong on the surface but not all the way threw,” I said.

“I’ve never been perfect but neither have you,” Frank said we all looked at Chelsea.

“Wait the game yeah does it have to be the song or just some lyrics,” she asked.

“Some lyrics but one of us has to know it also,” I said.

“Okay, my head gets so confused,” she spat out.

“Thanks for the memories,” Ray said.

“I am not playing,” Bob and Mikey said.

“Fine, I kissed a girl and I liked it,” Gerard said.

“I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it,” I said laughing.

“I liked the taste of her cherry chap stick,” Frank laughed too.

“When my time comes,” Chelsea said.

“Give me some reason to be missed,” Ray said giggling.

“I don’t wanna be an American idiot,” Gerard said.

“Ah fuck I am blank, we’re on the bed but your clothes are laying right there,” I said laughing.

“I will never be a stupid girl,” Frank said in a girl voice.

“Out cast and girls with ambition,” Chelsea said.

“I want to see more girls like that,” Ray said.

“The taste of ink is getting old,” Gerard yelled.

“Its four O’clock in the Fucking morning,” I yelled (It actually is right now).

“I lick you like a lollipop,” Frank said laughing.

“In our family portrait we look pretty happy,” Chelsea said.

“I quit,” Ray yelled.

“I am who I am,” Gerard said.

“And we smoke that Kush,” I said laughing.

“And we all like Woosh,” Frank yelled.

“I quit I tired,” Chelsea said yawning.

“SO I let her lick the wrapper,” Gerard said.

“Not enough to feed the hungry,” I said.

“I tired and its getting old now, I quit,” Frank said.

It was down to me and Gerard, “I’ll just keep throwing rocks at your window,” I said.

“Run baby run,” Gerard yelled falling forward.

“Check yes Juliet,” I screamed, “Hold on,” I ran into the kitchen and came back with a shot glass and the rum.

“We’ll make the great escape,” I said taking a shot.

“I walk this lonely road.”

*several bad lyrics later*

“Okay okay,” everyone was asleep. Next thing I know me and Gerard are making out and I pushed him back, “No Gerard you is drunk.”

“I swear to drunk I am not god,” he said, “Wait,” and we laughed, “Ali you need to go home.”

“Gerard I am home,” I told him.

“No you are not you only think you are home,” he said slurring his words. And I fell asleep in his arms.

“Ali we need to talked,” Frank was shaking me, “I don’t know how to say this but I love you but it is like a brother sister love,” he said.

I was in a mood where I did pay attention, “Oh okay.”

“Are you mad at me,” he asked.

“Yeah I kind of understand what you are talking about, but, you cant be mad if I hook up with some guy at the wrapped tour okay?”

“Yeah okay,” I laid my head and fell back asleep; when I woke up I grabbed Gerard's hand.

“We are going surfing,” I said dragging him out the door. All my stuff was in the car.
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