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Your mom is a face

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21 the movie

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We got to the beach and I surfed for a long time to tunnels happened I really wanted them to. As much as I hated them I kind of want to see some before I left. The week went by fast we were packing everything in the bus. I guess me and Gerard were dating but I didn’t know so I asked, “Are we dating?”

“No,” he looked at me, “Why?”

“Just wondering.”

“Oh okay,” and he got on the bus.

I dragged myself over to Pogue an Steven, “Bye I love you guys,” I said hugging them.

“I love you too,” they both said. I walked on the bus and we drove off. I really didn’t want to put up with Max I mean I still love him but he still hurt me bad and I didn’t want to see him.

“I am going to sleep wake me up when we get to the first venue,” I walked to the bunk area and fell asleep.

“Leave me alone,” some one was shaking me, I rolled over and they laid on top of me and kissed me, “What the fuck, who do you think you are,” I yelled pushing him off of me, “I should kick your ass,” I yelled.

“I am Max,” he said.

“Stop playing with my head, Max ditched me two years ago and I haven’t heard from him since,” I said getting up from my bunk.

“You want proof,” he stared at me.

I folded my arms, “enlighten me,” I said.

“You broke up with me because you saw me kiss a girl, started dating Reid, was forced to break up with him, you surf, you like P!NK, and you have a black mustang convertible,” he paused. I collapsed in his arms and started to cry like I always did, “And I want you back,” he finished. I cried even more.

I pulled back, “Max I don’t know let me think about it,” I said walking past him.

“Ali just give me one more chance,” he paused and grabbed me, “Please.”

“Max it’s just I don know how to explain it but I am not sure if that would be good for me at the moment I mean I just got this job and I need to be focused on it I am sorry I really am,” I said looking into his eyes, “I have to go do stuff now, bye,” I said putting my necklace in his hand and closing it, “My proof I will come and see you again today,” and I walked out of the bus.

I had to sign stupid papers and by the time I got done it was dark I was walking out of one of the buses and I ran into Max, “Ali, uhm hey,” he said.

“Hey uhm I am going to be on the bus by myself tonight, or so I think anyway, I just got the movie 21 you want to watch it,” I asked.

“How about you get the movie and we will watch it at the Escape the Fate bus,” he said putting his arm around me.

“Uhm sure,” I walked on the MCR bus and got the movie and walked with Max to the ETF bus. I popped in the movie and flopped on the couch with him.

“SO how have you been,” he asked.

“Pretty good,” I replied.

“You aren’t as talkative as normal,” he paused and looked at me, “What's wrong?”

“Max I have changed majorly and,” he stopped me.

“I love you no matter what just go with whatever,” he said, “Now what's on your mind right now?”

“Wow okay,” I stood up, “I think I look fat right now, my boobs look really small, my ass is huge, my legs well yeah, my hair looks like crap, and me being around you makes me feel worse because you look better then I do,” I sat back down, “Oh and I just got dumped last week. Life sucks.”

“Wow,” was all he said.

“Yeah and I feel like shit I mean I don’t know I am confused about what I feel about you and,” he stopped me.

“Do what you feel is right,” he said.

“Are you sure you want to tell me that,” I questioned.

“Yes I am,” he said. Except he only got out, “ye…” and I was sitting on his lap making out with him. His hands were running threw my hair and mine were going threw his. Just then all the ETF guys came on the bus.

“Uhm Max,” Bryan said.

“Holy hell Max one day and you got a girl,” Ronnie started, “and before I did,” he came up to me as I got off Max, “Hi I am Ronnie,” he said.

“I know who you are and you know me quite well actually,” I said.

“How I have never met you before,” he said.

“Yeah you have trust me,” I answered, “Math class first period junior year.”

“HOLY FUCK ALI,” he yelled picking me up and hugging me, “I MISSED YOU,” he said.
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