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this chapter is kinda lame. whatever.

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"Michael, despite your episode the other day, you're doing exceptionally well here."

Episode? Fuck you Doctor Dick.

"This band that your in, it is your career, am I right?"

I nodded. What was he getting at here.

"Your brother is the 'frontman' as they call it,"

Man, this guy was historic. I bet he had a pet fucking dinosaur as a kid. Again I nodded.

"It can be frustrating that he never lets you speak, but he probably has that 'frontman' mentality. It's a superiority complex,"

Why was he telling me all this shit I already knew.

"This is not your problem. It's his, and you can't let it get to you. You basically have to say, this is my brother, and my bandmate, and I can't allow his actions to control me. Especially if I want to continue with this career I am so passionate about."

Great. Can I go? Wait, breathe. I said I was going to start trying. "That's so true. Everything's always been about him, why the fuck would that change now?"

He was always caught off-guard when I swore. It was hysterical.

"Exactly. You're beginning to understand, and I'm glad. You've come a long way. You were so unresponsive at the start," he chuckled.

"Thanks,"I replied.

He looked at his watch. "You're sessions over, is there anything else you'd like to talk about?"

"One thing." I asked, "Is it wrong for someone else to motivate you to get better?"

He gave me a look, "Of course not! If you want to get better, your motivation is not important."

"Everyone's been telling me that its wrong,"

"Are they your therapist?"

I shook my head.

"Oh, and I'd like to send you home overnight. Then you can come back and we'll see how it goes. Alright?"

"Yes!" I squeaked, "That would be amazing."

"Alright, lets do that this weekend. Saturday?"

I nodded, and walked out of the office. I found Brooklyn and told her my news. She seemed less than excited, and her eyes looked as if they had been crying for a while. In my selfish excitement, I failed to notice.

"Brookie, what's wrong?" I asked, sitting next to her on the couch.

"Do you have a smoke?" she asked.

I nodded, and took her hand, leading her outside. "What's wrong babe?" I asked, handing her a cigarette.

"It's nothing really, I just... told my therapist everything. It was really hard."

Everything? "Oh, what did you tell them?" Stupid question.

Tears rolled down her cheek, "I don't think I can talk about it again."

"I'm sorry that was a dumb question," I placed my hand on her back and moved it up and down.

She let out a small laugh, "It's not that, I just can't tell you yet. But I will one day."

I smiled, "Alright."

She turned her body toward me and hugged me.

"I'm sorry I ruined your news before," she said, "That's awesome that you get to go home."

"Yeah, I'm excited."

"I wish I could come with you," she sighed.

"Me too Brookie,"


It was Saturday. I. Was. Packing. Holy good fuck, my own bed, my own food, my own TV CHANNELS. I was so fucking pumped. All I would miss was Brook.

"Pssst," I heard from the doorway.

I looked over and saw Brooklyn. I walked over to her and hugged her, "Hey babe," I whispered.

She pulled away, "I have some good news."

"What's that?" I asked, returning to packing.

"Since I spilled everything to the doctor guy, and I've been 'clean' for a week and some. I get to leave, for the afternoon,"

My mouth fell open. "What?!"

She smiled, really wide. I hugged her, lifting her off the ground. "You're telling me we get to be alone all afternoon!"

She nodded, that smile still plastered on her face.

I was so excited, I was ready to burst. "I'm almost finished," I said. I grabbed everything I had set out in one big handful and shoved it all in my bag. "Done, lets go,"

She laughed at me. I grabbed and her hand to lead her out, "Wait, Mikey, I doubt they'll let me go with you."

She was right. I grabbed my wallet out of my back pocket and took out some money. "Here, my ride is on their way, you call a cab and ask them to take you to this address." I grabbed a pen off my dresser and scribbled my address on the twenty. "How does that sound?"

She grinned. "Okay,"

"I gotta go, Frankie's probably waiting." I gave her a very quick kiss.

She bit her lip, "I'm nervous," she whispered.

"Relax Brookie, everything will be fine. I gotta go,"

I rushed out to the doors, where Alice so kindly let me out. I was practically running to the front entrance. Frank was infact there waiting. I jumped into the car, "DRIVE!" I yelled, so hyper.

Frank laughed and peeled out of the parking lot.

We drove to a Starbucks to fuel up, then to my house. We waited on the front steps for Brook, smoking up a storm. I told him about my day in the rubber room. And how my feelings for Spencer had done a complete 180.

"I knew you'd end up in there," he joked.

"Yeah, well," I replied, pulling out yet another cigarette. "Hey, where's that girlfriend of yours?"

"Kat? At home, why?" he asked.

"Why don't you give her a call, the four of us can get dinner or something," I suggested.

He gave me a look, "Forgetting someone?"

I shot the look right back, "Who?!"

"Your brother, you should call him. I'm sure him and Jacey would be up to joining."

I sighed. "Yeah, you're probably right," This dinner was going to be interesting.

A/N: I realize this chapter is fluff. Drama will ensue. Promise. And yes Kat, that is you as Frank's gf. I figured since I didn't put Alicia in the story, no one else should have their real girlfriends. ANYWAY. Enjoy. READRATEREVIEW I SAY!
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