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Chapter 4: Scourge of the Underworld

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the Scourge of the Underworld goes for Diamondback, Walden McNair checks up on Crabbe and Goyle Sr., New Serpents

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The Serpent Society is owned by Marvel Comics.

Chapter 4: Scourge of the Underworld

‘’Oooph!’’ (I must be out of my mind!) thought Diamondback, as Puck connected her midsection with a flying kick.

She turned her fall into a backwards roll and blindly threw a handful of throwing diamonds in a scattering pattern at the diminutive Canadian Superhero, as he cart-wheeled out of the line of fire.

(You can take Puck, they said!) thought Diamondback, as she began pitching explosive diamonds at Puck. (He doesn’t have any powers! He only three feet tall! He doesn’t usually call in Alpha Flight for simple heists!) ‘’Hold still, you blasted midget!’’

‘’Technically, someone with achondroplasia, is considered a dwarf,’’ replied Puck, as he turned a cart-wheel into a flying kick with her chin. ‘’But I’m guessing you don’t care about that, eh?’’

Diamondback saw stars as she tried once again to turn her fall into a backwards roll. She was too distracted to notice the figure sneaking up on the two of them with a drawn pistol.

But this time, the Scourge wasn’t the only observer of this fight. As he slowly aimed his pistol at the back of Diamondback’s head, a long pair of arms snaked out to grab his ankles.


Anaconda pulled the Scourge’s feet out from under him and he fell, face forward on the ground, his gun, skittering out of his grasp.

Hearing him hit the ground behind her, Diamondback turned to look and Puck took advantage of her distraction to knock her off her feet.

‘’What the hell?’’ said Puck, when he saw the other Serpents coming out of hiding. ‘’You’d better surrender now, if you don’t want me to hurt any of you. I mean I can’t afford be careful when fighting this many opponents, eh?’’

‘’Fat Chance!’’ yelled Anaconda, as she threw the stunned Scourge high up into the air, then, lunged at Puck with her extendable arms.

‘’You’re like the evil twin of that American hero Stretch Armstrong, eh?’’ teased Puck, as he used her arms as a ramp to car-wheel up to kick Anaconda in the face.

The other Serpents, meanwhile, were taking advantage of an opportunity to attack the Scourge in mid-flight. He was simultaneously hit by a throwing diamond in the chest, thrown by Diamondback, a poisoned dart, fired by the Cobra, bio-electric blast from the Asp and a crushing cocoon of Darkforce from Black Mamba. The Asp and Black Mamba continued their assault long after the Scourge hit the ground with a sickening thump.

Sidewinder teleported around in hit-and-run attacks to try to keep Puck occupied, but it was difficult to predict where the tiny Canadian Superhero would be when Sidewinder reappeared. Cobra, Anaconda and Diamondback also helped, but they were unable to prevent Puck from disrupting Black Mamba by careening into her. In the end, the Asp was the one who killed the Scourge and once he stopped twitching, Sidewinder started teleporting the Serpents away from the fight, saving Cobra for last, since he was the most effective against Puck.


‘’Blast it! Again these Serpents kill one of my operatives!’’ yelled the Red Skull.

‘’But boss, weren’t you complaining just last week about how poorly this Scourge was performing compared to the last one?’’ asked Crossbones. ‘’Seems to me the Snakes just saved you the trouble to bumpin’ him off.’’

‘’That’s not the point!’’ yelled the Red Skull. ‘’He was my operative! I wanted to kill him myself!

Machinesmith, I want you the revamp the Scourge’s powers!

Crossbones, I want you the capture this man. He will be my next Scourge!

Viper, why haven’t you taken over the Serpent Society yet?!’’

‘’Do you have any idea how difficult an operation of this sort is to pull off without the Taskmaster’s help?’’ replied the Viper, as she batted her green eyelashes at him. ‘’Don’t worry, darling, plans are in motion.’’

‘’HOLY SHIT!’’ yelled Crossbones as he opened the file the Red Skull had tossed him. ‘’Are you serious about this?!’’

Seeing the anger and determination in the Red Skull’s eyes, Crossbones looked across the table at Mother Night.

‘’Okay, I’m going to need your help on this,’’ said Crossbones, as he pushed the file over to her.

Her eyes opened wide when she saw who their target was.

‘’We should probably bring the Controler or Dr. Faustus in on this,’’ said Mother Night.


‘’Hey Cobra! Check this out,’’ said Bushmaster. ‘’I found an item on the news about some new Snake-themed Villains. They were taken down by a new team of Superheroes. The only one I recognize is the Falcon.’’

‘’Hmmm, let’s see,’’ said Cobra, as he gazed at the video recording of the news report. ‘’The one dressed as the original Daredevil, with Wolverine’s mask is: Demolition Man a.k.a. D-Man. He used to be an Unlimited Class Wrestler. The one blue and yellow is Nomad. I fought him when I was in the Serpent Squad. But he had blonde hair back then. I have no idea who the guy in red, white and black is. We should tell Sidewinder about this. He may want to recruit the Snakes.


When Sidewinder teleported into the jail that held the Snake themed supervillains and the superheroes that had taken them down, only to be arrested, themselves, only the four Snakes had been willing to escape with Sidewinder.

Currently these four were meeting with a full assembly the Serpent Society for their orientation as new members. Cobra had done extensive background checks on each of them and they had been taught how to operate the various devices within the Serpent Citadel.

“And now that we’ve finished your orientation I would like to be the first to welcome each of you, Copperhead, Black Racer, Fer-de-Lance and Puff Adder to the Serpent Society,” said Sidewinder.

This was the signal that began the welcoming party for their new members. Several times in the course of the evening, Diamondback caught her young ward, Rattler, as he tried to sneak into the liquor.

The next morning, the Rattler saw the new members sneaking down the halls. Utilizing the tailing techniques the Taskmaster had taught him, Larry followed them to see what they were up to. When they went into Puff Adder’s room and closed the door, Rattler apparated into a ventilation duct. He was still small enough to fit and Cobra had taught him how to navigate the full network of ducts. Larry crawled over to look and listen through the vent in Puff Adder’s room.

“I feel creepy enough joining under false pretenses, the Viper never said anything about children!” protested Black Racer.

“Arriana, calm down,” replied Copperhead. “If you’re squeamish about it, I’ll take care of the kid when we make our move to take over.”

The Rattler gasped at this.

“What was that?” asked Fer-de-Lance, as she used one of her blades to pry loose and pull the cover off the vent, revealing the Rattler, hiding inside. “We got ourselves a spy!”

With a pop, Larry apparated away.

“He’s probably gone back to his room, Black Racer, stop him before he tells somebody,” commanded Copperhead.

“I’m on it!” replied the black clad woman, as she raced out the door at 100 miles per hour.

Pulling a concealed radio out of his glove, Copperhead reported in.

“Boss-Lady, we’ve been made!”

“I’m almost in position, start the operation,” replied a female voice over the radio.

“You heard her,” commanded Copperhead. “Move!”



“Mom! We’re under attack!” yelled the Rattler, when he appeared in their living room.

“Is it the Red Skull again?” asked Diamondback as she sat up and pulled her mask back on. She had been watching TV with her feet propped up on the coffee table.

“No, it’s the new members! I heard them talking, they’re working for the Viper!” replied the Rattler.

That got her attention! Grabbing her foster son’s hand, Diamondback said:

“Take us to Sidewinder’s room!”

Shortly after they vanished, Black Racer ran into their suite.

While Rachel Leighton was not a prude, she didn’t swim or sunbath in the nude around the Serpent Citadel’s pool like the Asp and Black Mamba did. Their backgrounds had removed whatever modesty they ever had. So, when Rachel and Larry appeared in Sidewinder’s room to find him nude and Black Mamba wearing only a French maid’s outfit with no panties and the top open, she wasn’t revealing any skin that Larry hadn’t seen before. Still Rachel didn’t think ‘Hide the Snake’ was an appropriate activity for her ward’s young eyes.

“Don’t Look!” said Rachel, as she covered Larry’s eyes with her hand.

The couple groaned I disappointment when they realized the mood had been spoiled.

“Is there a reason you barged in on us?” asked Black Mamba, as she put herself back in her top and re-buttoned it, while Sidewinder got up and put on a bathrobe.

“The new members are working with the Viper!” exclaimed Diamondback.

“Yeah, they’re going to help her take over us!” added the Rattler.

“What!” exclaimed Sidewinder and he put his teleportation cloak around himself and Black Mamba. “Meet us in the monitor room!”

As Sidewinder teleported himself, and Black Mamba away, the Rattler apparated himself, and Diamondback to follow them.

When arrived in the monitor room, they saw on the surveillance cameras: Black Racer coming out of Diamondback’s apartment, the new members running down the hall, and another group of people in Snake costumes, being led by the Viper running down the halls.

“Who let them in?” growled Sidewinder, as he glared at form of the Viper’s group on the monitor. She left little to the imagination in her form-fitting, dark green, PVC bodysuit.

“Looks like we might have a traitor in our midst, Seth,” offered Black Mamba.

“If so, we’re going to need help,” said Sidewinder.

“Right,” said Diamondback, as she started dialing the phone. Only to get a message:

“This is the Taskmaster. If you’re hearing this message, I’m currently incarcerated. Leave a message at the sound of the tone and I’ll get back to you as soon as I escape”

“Look, there’s Anaconda, Cobra and Cottonmouth!” said the Rattler, as he pointed at them on the monitor, greeting the Viper’s group in a friendly manner.

“Rachel, you stay here and guard Larry,” commanded Sidewinder, Tanya and I will see if Cleo and Quincy are still on our side.

“Now, just minute!-“ protested Diamondback, as the couple teleported away.

“Eep!” gasped the Asp, as Sidewinder and Black Mamba appeared in her room.

She had just stepped out of the shower and was wearing only a towel, wrapped around her wet hair.

“Cleo, we’re under attack!” explained Black Mamba.

“Right just give me a minute to get dressed,” said the Asp, as she threw off her towel and pulled her sweaty costume back on. (She had been working out in the gym earlier that day)

When Sidewinder didn’t turn his back to give the Asp privacy to dress, Black Mamba playfully, hit his arm.


The door came crashing down, revealing Puff Adder’s swollen form behind it.

“Dammit! yelled the Asp, who still hadn’t gotten her top back on yet, as she blasted Puff Adder with a bio-electric blast.

Sidewinder teleported away, with Black Mamba.

Puff Adder flinched at the Asp’s blast, but was otherwise, unaffected. He was also puffed up too big to make it through the door. When he stepped aside to let the other’s in, the Asp took advantage of an opportunity to blast Copperhead. His Gloves absorbed her bio-electric blast and sent it back at her. But she was immune to her own power. Fer-de-Lance rushed in with her wrist blades extended and held one at the Asp’s throat.

“Give it up!” demanded Fer-de-Lance.

I Don’t Think So!” said Sidewinder, as he appeared and teleported his self and the Asp to safety.

When Sidewinder and the Asp arrived in the monitor room he asked:

“Is the Taskmaster coming to help?”

“He’s in jail,” explained Diamondback.

“Think it’s time we activated our alliance with Dr. Doom,” mused Sidewinder. “You call him, I’ll see about Quincy.

When Sidewinder arrived in Bushmaster’s room, Puff Adder and Anaconda had already drug him out into the hall. Each of them held one of his arms as Bushmaster thrashed his tail about.

“Let me go!” protested Bushmaster.

Sidewinder teleported behind Anaconda, to attack her, when he heard the distinctive popping sound of the Rattler’s apparation.

“Rattler, what are you doin-“ began Sidewinder when he turned to see the two men and a woman in black robes and skull masks.


After several weeks Walden McNair had become increasingly worried about his friends, Crabbe and Goyle Sr. Not wanting to fall under the same fate as them, He recruited the Carrows siblings, Alecto and Amycus, to help him as he searched for them in America. Because the Serpents had ground up the bodies and dumped them in the Hudson river, where they were eaten by fish, it took months for the former Death Eaters to track down their comrades. Their efforts were hampered by the fact that, at first, they believed that Dumbledore had transfigured Crabbe and Goyle into fish. In took many unsuccessful attempts to reverse the transfiguration before they began to suspect that their friends were dead. Who would have thought that Dumbledore would be capable of so vicious an act?

But Walden McNair was no fool. But before going after Harry Potter himself, he sent an owl to Lucius Malfoy explaining exactly where they were going and why. And when the trio of Death Eaters apparated into the former mental hospital, they took the precaution of appearing several hundred feet from Potter’s location.

“Avada Kedavra!” shouted McNair, the instant they appeared.

The Green beam of death hit Copperhead’s little finger, but that was enough. The dead supervillian dropped to the floor.

Recognizing the Red Skull’s minions, and seeing the Viper’s group coming up behind them, Sidewinder attempted to teleport to safety. Instead, Anaconda snaked forward with her free hand and hit him o the back of the head. Sidewinder dropped to his hands and knees, stunned.

“Avada Kedavra!” Alecto Carrows shot a Death Curse at the Cobra, missing him, as he dodged and pounced on her to put her in a wrestling hold.

Boomslang and the Viper picked the same target and Boomslang’s boomerang decapitated Amycus Carrows, at the same instant that a bullet from the Viper’s pistol made his head explode.

McNair turned at the sound of the shot ringing out.

“Reducto!” McNair blasted a big chunk out of Coachwhip’s hand and arm, before Cottonmouth bit the back of his head off, exposing his brain. McNair collapsed, seizing as what was left of his brain bled out.

Rock Python rushed forward and brought his fist down on Sidewinder’s head, knocking him unconscious.

Cobra held Alecto Carrows still enough, in spite of her struggles, that Fer-de-Lance was able to slash her throat. Before she died, Alecto was able to make a slashing motion with her wand and return the favor.


Seeing Sidewinder go down on the monitor, the other three were very alarmed.

“What are we going to do now?” asked Black Mamba.

“We’ll barricade the door and try to hold them off,” replied Diamond back.

The Viper turned to the hall camera and pointed at them.


Black Racer
Black Racer can run and move at superhuman speed. Only her first name, Ariana, is known. She was a member of the fourth Serpent Squad along with Copperhead, Fer-de-Lance, and Puff Adder.

Boomslang is an Australian criminal who uses snake-shaped boomerangs which he called his "serpent rangs".

Coachwhip is a woman who wields metal-linked whips. Coachwhip's eyes are somewhat sensitive to bright light so she wears a special visor over them.

Copperhead (Davis Lawfers) was the leader of the so-called fourth Serpent Squad (consisting also of Fer-de-Lance, Black Racer, and Puff Adder), and one of the Viper's most loyal minions. Copperhead has no superhuman powers but is equipped with a pair of gauntlets which fire power blasts and poisoned darts. For protection he wears a suit of copper-colored scale mail.
(Note that Copperhead is the name of two other Marvel villains, one of whom (now deceased) battled Daredevil and another who battled Spider-Man and the first White Tiger on at least one occasion. There is also a DC supervillain named Copperhead as well.)

Fer-de-Lance (Teresa Vasquez), a professional assassin hailing from Latin America, Fer-de-lance has a pair of retractable "fangs" similar to that of Bushmaster's. She has no qualms about killing when it comes to completing an assignment.

Puff Adder
Puff Adder (Gordon Fraley), a man with the mutant power to breathe various debilitative gases (in one instance the gas was able to eat away a metal lock) and inflate his body mass to a certain extent. He also has superhuman strength and increased physical durability. There seems to be a confusion of what race he is, he has been depicted as White as often as he has been depicted as Black.

The Rattler (Larry Leighton) is the adopted son of Diamondback. He is as strong, fast and agile as a full grown man and has a tail that is a strong as a leg. He knows a little of (wandless) Tibetan magic and has been training under that Taskmaster in many forms of armed and unarmed combat. He carries a throwing Diamond with him. He is also very good at apparating short distances and talking to snakes. Unknown to the Serpent Society, he is actually Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived.

Rock Python
Rock Python (M'Gula) is a metallurgist that served the terrorist known as the Viper. His body is as hard as his namesake and he throws "snake eggs" that burst upon impact, sending out entangling strands of metallic tendrils. He also seems to have a small measure of superhuman strength: he once hung Captain America over the edge of a building by his ankle with only one hand; his body has the density of rock. He assisted the Viper in taking over the Society.

Several other serpent-themed supervillains rejected membership, including the Viper and the Constrictor. Slither, a mutant in the form of a man-snake who is a member of Mutant Force, was also a Society "member" for a short while when the Viper tried to take over the Society.

Viper (Merriem Drew) It is known that Madame Hydra was orphaned as a child in Eastern Europe (Hungary) and that part of her face was scarred at one time, but this is obviously no longer the case. She rose through the ranks of HYDRA and frequently came into conflict with Captain America and the organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D.
She severed ties with HYDRA[2]. Madame Hydra helped Jordan Stryke, a supervillain codenamed Viper, escape custody in Virginia, only to proceed in assassinating him and usurping his codename[3]. The previous Viper was the founder and leader of the elite criminal underworld through sheer ruthlessness, treachery, and the cunning of her black heart.
She first appeared as a leader of HYDRA under the codename Madame Hydra and was in association with a group known as the Serpent Squad. Later, in one of her many terrorist acts, she would try to gain control of the similarly themed organization called the Serpent Society, attempting to assassinate its leader Sidewinder, but she was betrayed by Cobra and arrested by Captain America.
Madame Hydra is a professional terrorist and has her own organization. She has come into conflict with many superheroes and supervillains over the years. Her nihilism and tendency to spread death around her has made it hard for other villains to associate with her. Only the Red Skull has found it a charming tendency and pursued a relationship with her for a while. The relationship ended when the Skull found out Viper was using his resources to finance massacres with no apparent financial benefit for either of them.
Madame Hydra was apparently revealed to be Merriem Drew[4]. Drew was the mother of Spider-Woman and was considered deceased since 1931. The issue revealed Merriem had become allied to Chthon and was granted longevity in return. It was later revealed that Chthon had actually granted Viper false memories of mothering Jessica as part of a plan to place both women under his control[5]. Whether Viper actually has extraordinary longevity was left uncertain.
Madame Hydra has also had conflict with the X-Men. She first came into contact with them upon trying to assassinate Mariko Yashida on behalf of her ally and presumed lover Silver Samurai by knocking out, binding, and gagging Mariko's friend Toni, and tried to poison the team while disguised as her. She once nearly killed X-Men member Rogue and Storm on two separate occasions (with Storm being nearly killed by Viper during the invasion of Khan[6]. She also faced the New Mutants and was considered responsible for the demise of Karma for a while (Karma was only wounded and was abducted by the Shadow King for his own reasons).
Powers and abilities
Viper has no superhuman abilities but her strength, speed, reflexes, agility, dexterity, coordination, balance, and endurance are of the order of an Olympic athlete. She is a great swordswoman and even greater markswoman with most long range weapons. Viper occasionally employs poisoned weapons with snake-motifs, such as venomous darts or artificial fangs filled with poison. She utilizes experimental weaponry, including a ring that enables teleportation. A brilliant strategist and tactician, Viper is highly skilled in the management of criminal organizations and very well connected in the international criminal underworld. She is also a master of stealth and espionage. Perhaps her greatest strengths are her influence, the financial resources at her disposal due to her stature in organized crime, and an uncanny luck which has allowed her to cheat death in situations where lesser people would have died. Viper may or may not have supernaturally augmented longevity.

Puck (Eugene Judd)

Puck (Eugene Milton Judd) is a fictional character, a comic book superhero in the Marvel Universe. Puck first appeared in Alpha Flight vol. 1 #1 and was created by John Byrne.
Fictional character biography
The first character to use the codename is a man whose real name is Eugene Milton Judd. He was born in 1914 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He spent years traveling the world as a soldier of fortune before joining Alpha Flight.
Intended origin
Creator John Byrne had originally intended for the original Puck to be a dwarf with no superhuman powers, merely great fighting and acrobatic skills; subsequent writer Bill Mantlo would later retcon that Puck's small stature was due to mystical influences. Byrne commented on this, stating, "Of course, [Mantlo] then went on to do the 'origin' of Puck, with the whole 'demon inside' thing being based, apparently, on the single reference Puck had made to being in constant pain, something which Bill failed to grasp was an effect of the condition -- achondroplasty, called by name in the same issue that referenced the pain -- which caused Puck's dwarfism." [2]
Byrne has also stated that Puck was based "very, very loosely on a friend who was short (but not as short as Puck) and occasionally bald." [3]

Scourge of the Underworld
The Scourge of the Underworld is the name of a series of fictional characters that have appeared in various series set in the Marvel Comics universe. The Scourge would appear, usually in disguise, execute a minor supervillain (especially ones fans considered ill conceived), shout his catchphrase, "Justice is served!", and disappear.
Unlike a similar character, The Punisher, who is usually treated as an anti-hero, The Scourge is unambiguously condemned as a villain whom the superhero community, most notably Captain America, is determined to bring to justice.
The Scourge first appeared in Iron Man #194 (1986) and made single-issue appearances in most of Marvel's series published at the time, although the bulk of his story was told in Captain America #318-320. The Scourge of the Underworld first surfaced as an old lady who unexpectedly executed a villain leaving the scene of a crime, and most of the Scourge's other assassinations were committed under similar disguises. His most infamous appearance was in Captain America #319, in which he killed over a dozen minor supervillains at "the Bar With No Name" (see below).
According to the Scourge in Captain America #320, he was the brother of the Enforcer, a minor villain who had been his first victim and received information on villains from his private detective, Domino. The Scourge making this confession was then executed by another Scourge, and that Scourge was later killed by yet another Scourge. This last Scourge also killed the Soviet agent who had used the identity of the Red Skull in the 1950s. It was revealed in Captain America #350 that the Scourge had been financed by the original Red Skull, who had been believed dead at the time but had actually survived in a body that was cloned from Captain America's DNA.

Villains killed by the Scourge

The Enforcer
first appeared in Ghost Rider #22
killed in Iron Man #194
The Scourge disguised as a homeless woman

Miracle Man
first appeared in Fantastic Four #3
killed in Thing #24
Scourge disguised as a long-haired and bearded bus passenger

Hate Monger III
first appeared in Fantastic Four #279
killed in Secret Wars II #2
The Scourge's person is not seen

first appeared in Thor #328
killed in Thor #358
The Scourge disguised as a homeless man

first appeared in Tales of Suspense #47
killed in Avengers #263
The Scourge disguised as The Melter's assistant

Titania I
first appeared in Marvel Two-in-One #54
killed in Thing #33
The Scourge disguised as female wrestler "Golddigger"

first appeared in Marvel Team-Up #16
killed in Fantastic Four #289
The Scourge disguised as a construction worker

The Human Fly
first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #10
killed in The Amazing Spider-Man #276
The Scourge disguised as a sanitation worker

Death Adder
first appeared in Marvel Two-in-One #64
killed in Captain America #318
The Scourge disguised as a cab driver

Blue Streak
first appeared in Captain America #217
killed in Captain America #318
The Scourge disguised as a truck driver
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