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Chapter 5: DOOM!

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Serpent Society Vs. the Viper

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Seeing Sidewinder go down on the monitor, the other three were very alarmed.

“What are we going to do now?” asked Black Mamba.

“We’ll barricade the door and try to hold them off,” replied Diamond back.

The Viper turned to the hall camera and pointed at them.

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Chapter 5: DOOM!

“Rock Python, go to the hanger and start loading the payload,” ordered the Viper, as she stripped Sidewinder of his teleportation cloak. “Ananconda, take Bushmaster and lock him up, then come back for Sidewinder. Black Racer, take Coachwhip to the infirmary. Puff Adder, get that door open!”

Puff Adder swelled up to fill a section of the hall before blowing an acidic gas on the door of the communications room. Another puff, neutralized the gas so they could get close enough to see what it had done.

“Bad news boss,” announced Puff Adder. “It’s going to take hours to burn through this door.”


Diamondback, Black Mamba, Asp and Rattler had been watching on the monitors as Puff Adder had tried to burn through the door with acidic breath. But there were very surprised when the Viper walked down the hall a short distance to a section of hall wall that had nothing in it and shot out the camera. They continued to watch Puff Adder as he tried to burn trough the door with acidic gas as Boomslang, Slither and the Viper stood a safe distance away and watched. Soon, Anaconda returned and drug Sidewinder off to the gym, where he was tied up alongside Bushmaster.

“Hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Cobra,” observed Asp, just before they heard the ventilation duct cover pop off.

While the Cobra was not technically a speedster like Black Racer, his reflexes and reaction time did allow him to move slightly superhumanly fast. As a result, he’d sprung from the duct and grabbed Rattler before either of the women could stop him.

“Klaus, let Larry go!” warned Diamondback as she held a throwing diamond up threateningly.

“Drop it or the kid gets a poison dart to the throat!” said Cobra as he held his wrist launcher to Rattler’s throat. “Now open the door!”

The three women watched in horror as their friend held the youngest serpent in a headlock with his wrist launcher at the boy’s throat.

Then, suddenly, the Rattler started to twist. Cobra, thinking the boy was trying to wriggle free, tightened his grip. With a pop!, the two were gone.

“Larry, Wait! Dammit!” yelled Diamondback, as the Rattler apparated himself and his captor away.

When they reappeared, the Rattler and Cobra were back in the hall with the Viper and her minions. The Rattler swiftly brought his tail up between Cobra’s legs with the equivalent force of a grown man kicking. When the Cobra groaned and loosened his grip, the Rattler apparated away.

“I’m going to kill the kid!” yelled Diamondback as she saw her son appear on the monitor, right next to the Viper before apparating away.

When the Rattler reappeared again and threw his snake at the Viper before apparating away, Diamond back got on the PA and yelled:

“Young man, you get back here this instant!”

Her rant at her foster son echoed throughout the whole complex.

“Never mind the kid,” said the Viper, as she shot the snake. “Cobra, go help Rock Python.”

“Larry you scared me half to death!” yelled Diamondback as she hugged her son after he returned.

“Mom!” protested the Rattler.

By now, Anaconda and Puff Adder were trying to batter down the door.

“Larry, I want you to teleport to the Serpent Saucer and hide there until this over!” commanded Diamondback, as she eyed the door.

“But Mom!-“

“Don’t you, but mom me! Now scoot!”

As the Rattler apparated away, the door came crashing down.
The Asp hit Anaconda with a bio-electric blast as Diamond back threw a throwing diamond at their former friend.


The Serpents turned to see the four foot tall form of Doctor Doom striding towards them.

“Who are you supposed to me?” joked Boomslang. “Doom Jr.? Or maybe you’re kid doom?”

“Ignorant woman, your skill with thrown objects does not give you the right to insult my personage. I Am DOOM!” said the armored child as he vaporized Boomslang with an energy blast from the gauntlet of his armor.

“Yeah, well I’m from Missouri!” said Puff Adder, running forward and swelling up until he blocked the entire hall.

Dr. Doom shot a force blast all the way through Puff Adder, causing the swollen villain to careen about like a punctured balloon, knocking out Slither and Anaconda in the process. The Viper activated her teleportation ring to escape. Diamondback, Black Mamba and Asp ducked back into the communications room just in time to see the Viper appear on the monitor, teleporting into the hanger. . . . where the Rattler was hiding!


Larry Leighton, or as he preferred to be called, the Rattler, had apparated into the serpent saucer only to find its’ cabin partially filled with 42 gallon metal barrels. When her heard footsteps coming up the ramp, the Rattler crawled into a storage compartment and closed the door behind him. Rock Python step the next drum against the wall of the cabin, blocking shut the compartment that the Rattler was hiding in.
The Rattler continued to here the sound of Rock Python loading the barrels and the conversation that accompanied it when Cobra showed up to help him.


The Viper, soundlessly teleported into the hanger as Rock Python was lifting a barrel.

“How’s it coming?” asked the Viper.

“This is the last one,” reported Rock Python as he hefted the barrel.

“Then, let’s go!” exclaimed the Viper.

“What’s the hurry?” asked Cobra.

“Some kid claimed to be Dr. Doom has shown up,” explained the Viper. “And he’s wielding enough power to back up that claim. Puff Adder and Boomslang are dead!”

After Rock Python had set down the last barrel, he buckled himself in. The Viper and started the take off sequence and Cobra strapped himself into the co-pilot’s seat.

The Serpent Saucer was a saucer-shaped jet airplane with VTOL abilities. American companies had experimented with propeller planes that were saucer-shaped near the end of the 2nd World war, as had the Nazis. But it had taken a private company called Advanced Idea Mechanics to make a practical version.

Although he could have apparated out at any time, the Rattler stayed quiet and hidden, wondering what the Viper and her two henchmen were up to. They flew for several hours before landing. The Rattler listened until the Serpent Saucer was unloaded before venturing out of the storage compartment.

Carefully, the Rattler crept over to the top of the ramp and stuck his head down to take a peak. There was a pile of empty barrels to one side of a large tank, into which The Viper, Cobra, and Rock Python were each emptying a barrel.

“So is this stuff, anyway?” asked Cobra.

“Shut up and do as you’re told,” snapped the Viper.

Suddenly, a red, white and blue disk hit Rock Python in the midsection, bounced off and narrowly missed Cobra, who dodged out of the way. There were several more clatters of metal ringing on metal as the shield ricocheted a few more times.

“Captain, how good of you to join us!” said the Viper, as she pulled out her pistol and began shooting. “Unfortunately, you’re too late to stop me!”

When the Rattler saw the red, white, and blue form of Captain America running into view, he ran back to hide again. Both Diamondback and the Taskmaster had lectured him endlessly about getting caught.

As Captain American charged the Viper, her bullets clanging on his shield, she said:

“What no snappy comebacks? And who’s your friend?”

He’d almost reached her when the Viper used her ring to teleport back into the cockpit. Rock Python recovered and threw a couple of “Snake Eggs” and the two heroes. They dodged and wasted precious seconds subduing Rock Python while Cobra slipped through the rapidly closing hatch onto the Serpent Saucer.

“Thanks for waiting for me!” said Cobra, sarcastically as the Viper piloted the plane into the air. They’d barely gotten into the air when the craft shook from a pair of thumps.

“They’ve jumped onto the fuselage, I’ll have to shake them loose!” said the Viper as she began flying erratically.

The sound of pounding on the outside of the plane was coming from two different directions.

“Hang on! We’re going down!” yelled the Viper, as she turned their crash into a landing they would survive.

As soon as the plane stopped moving, the Viper teleported away.

“Hey!” yelled Cobra, in alarm at seeing himself alone to face the heroes.


The Rattler apparated outside. He found himself on the National Mall of Washinton, D.C., near the Vietnam memorial. Further away, he saw Captain America chasing the Viper towards the White House. In front of the Rattler, stood a tall, African American man wearing a red, white and blue costume. There were other people in the area, civilians, all in the process of turning into snake-people.

“Who are you? Kiddy Lizzard?” asked the man.

“I’m the Rattler!” proclaimed Larry Leighton. “And you?”

“Battlestar,” said the Hero.

“Galactica?” asked the Rattler.

“Ha, ha! Very funny, kid,” said Battlestar as he grabbed the Rattler’s arm. “You’re obviously involved in this, so I’m going to have to place you under arrest.”




The Rattler tried apparating away several times but the hero was too strong for him the wiggle out of his grasp, even with the disorientation of sudden apparation.

“Maybe the Crimson bands of Crytorak will hold you,” said the Rattler, as he wiggled his fingers at Battlestar and the heroes arms were pinned to his side by a band of red light.

As the Rattler slipped from the hero’s grip, he caught a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye. He had no time to react before the Cobra lept forward and squirted a blast of knock-out gas in Battlestar’s face.

“Thanks, kid,” said the Cobra, as the Rattler rolled backwards to come back onto his feet with his throwing diamond in hand.

“Stay away Cobra!” warned the Rattler.

“Hey! Truce kid!” said the Cobra, holding up his arms. “I’m on your side now!”

“Why should I trust you?” asked the Rattler. “You betrayed us!”

“Look, when the Viper requited me, I didn’t know she’d have us going up against Captain, fucking, American! Unless we play this right, We’re both going to end up in a jail cell.”

“So what do you expect me to do about it?” asked the Rattler, still holding up his throwing diamond menacingly and preparing to do a spinning tail kick if he needed to.

“Our only chance is to make a deal,” explained the Cobra. “When the Viper returns, I’m certain that Captain America will be hot-on-her-heals. If we can subdue her, we can bargain her for our freedom.”

“Sounds like it’s worth a try,” said the Rattler as he slowly lowered his guard.


When the Viper ran up the Ramp of the Serpent Saucer, the Cobra dropped down onto her from above. She fired shots randomly from her pistol and she struggled to resist the Cobra’s attempts to put her in a ‘Full Nelson’ wrestling hold. The Rattler dodged her wild aim as he performed a roundhouse tail kick to her head, stunning her.

“And the Crimson bands of Crytorak will immobilize her,” said the Rattler as he wriggled his fingers and the red bands restrained her.

“Thanks kid,” said the Cobra, as he tied the Viper to a seat, before spell wore off. “We make a good team.

They’d just finished when they heard someone rush up the ramp onto the saucer. It was Captain American.

“Ah Captain, I’ve been expecting you!” said the Cobra. “As you can see, we’ve taken care of the Viper for you. How about we trade her for our Fre-“

But the Cobra was cut off, as with a guttural grunt, he hurled his shield! In the confined space of the cockpit, the shield bounced around many times, hitting the Cobra and Rattler several times each before the Rattler lost consciousness.
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