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Make A Wish

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Haha I had a review like 10 MINUTES after I posted my last chapter!! Thanks xXBXx! (I don't know your real name!!) You have inspired me to write a 2nd chapter right away!! Thanks and hopefully peop...

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Anna pulled her jacket tighter round herself against the cold November Rain. (Lol Guns N Roses) She scanned the park looking for her brother. She spotted a small sad figure on the park bench. She ran over and sat next to him shaking her hair in the rain. He looked at her.
"You have a hood ya know Anna" He said. She crossed her arms childishly.
"But I like rain" She said happily leaning back and letting the cold rain drip onto her face. Frank laughed half-heartedly.
"So. What did you two actually fight about?" She asked facing her brother again. He groaned and rested his head an her shoulder.
"It was all my fault. I found out Brody was meeting with this guy at a bar, So I followed her there and spied on her. But then she caught me and it turned out she was meeting with some old friend she knew when they were kids and, Well, She freaked when I told her I'd thought she was cheating on me". She sighed and put her arms round him.
"Frank, Accusing a girl of cheating on you is bad enough but SPYING ON HER? That is the worst thing you could have done". She said. He glared at her.
"You're not helping Anna" He said grumpily. She smiled and covered his tattooed hand with hers.
"Sorry Fwankie" She said sweetly looking as innocent as she could through her long fringe. He sighed and punched her arm.
"C'mon. We better go find her" He replied getting up. She got up next to him and they started walking in the rain.
"Where'd ya think she'd be?" She asked scuffing the floor with her shoe.
"Dunno" He shrugged. "She was pretty mad". They walked in silence for about half an hour when he stopped suddenly. She turned to face him. Silently he pointed a finger at two people further down the street. She followed his gaze and recognised the slightly taller girl as Brody. There was another guy with her who she'd never seen before.
"Is that the guy with her at the bar?" Anna asked.
"I think so.." He said uncertainly. She nudged him with her arm and he looked at her blankly.
"Well.." She started. He did the weird but cute thing when he put his head on one side like a curious little puppy.
"Go talk to her!" She said pushing him forward. He looked at her pleadingly and she groaned. Frank Iero was one of those people that if you met whilst he was in his usual hyper active mood, Then you'd think he was one of the most confident people on the earth. But when it came to things like girls, He was the complete opposite. She linked arms with him and pulled him over towards his girlfriend and her mysterious friend. Brody looked angry when they reached the pair.
"What??" She demanded angrily. "Still think I'm cheating on you huh Iero?". She snapped, Glaring at Frank. Anna could feel Frank shrinking beside her. She stepped forward.
"Brody come on. Frank made a mistake. You know what he's like. He rushes to conclusions and doesn't think about any other possible reason. In case you hadn't noticed.." She said looking back at his shy face "My brother is an idiot" She finished facing her again. Brody's face melted and she smiled, Ovbiously embarrassed.
"I know. She said quietly. Anna turned to Frank and nodded her head towards his girlfriend. He slowly shuffled forward so that he was face to face with Brody (even though she was taller than him so it more like chin to face!).
"I'm sorry Brody. I am an idiot. I should have trusted you more. Please forgive me? I love you.." He said raising his head slightly to look into her eyes. "Ha!" Anna thought to herself. He was using Anna's innocent little kid look that always broke people down. Sure enough it worked.
"Frankie..." She said and kissed him. He kissed her back and just as Anna said, Started to make out in front of her and Brody's friend. She looked at the friend and he raised his eyebrows. She rolled her eyes and he laughed.
"You're not gonna get much outta those two for a while" She told him. He smiled.
"They do this often?" He asked. Anna laughed.
"You don't know the half of it! See ya round" She replied before turning round and making her way back to Gerard.
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