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Make A Wish

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Wow I had 9 YES 9!!! reviews for my story last time!! I was so happy :DDD I have a few more ideas for some later chapters..but sorry but the next chapters are gonna have to be fillers, But I think...

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Anna flicked to the next channel and scowled as an advert for some sleazy movie full of plastic barbie-like girls popped up. She switched off the TV and shut her eyes. She was alone in her and Gerard's apartment, And something felt wrong to her. It was Gerard. He was acting..weird. He seemed a lot more distant than he used to. He was late coming home a lot, And he didn't even look at her the way he used to. There was one time when Gerard looked at her, When she could tell she meant more to him than she could ever know, But now it was different. Something in him had changed, Or something was worrying him or bothering him. And it scared her because she didn't know what it was. She sighed loudly and opened her eyes again. On the coffee table next to her were some random framed pictures. She picked up the one nearest to her. It was a picture of all of them a few summers ago. There was Ray and his girlfriend Kelly standing with their arms round eachother and smiling, Bob was sitting on the floor giving the finger to the camera cos he hated them, While his girlfriend Maille (Molly) was hugging his arm and laughing. Frank was sitting down grinning like a little kid, And Anna was there lying on the sand at the bottom of the picture. ( And was actually being sat on by Frank. Frank is evil >:D ) She couldn't help but smile at them all. It was a long time ago, But she could remember it so easily, and almost smell the salt in the air. Everyone in the picture looked so happy. It was all different now. For one thing, Frank had Brody now. Anna was really close with her, But sometimes she wished they weren't together. She loved both of them, And they seemed to love eachother, But she was fed up with the constant arguing and the storming off and the crying.
"Things had seem to have gotten worse since this picture was taken" She thought sadly to herself. She put the picture back and just looked at the rest. There were a couple more pictures of the guys in the band, One of Gee and Mikey as kids, And one of Frank sitting on Gerard's lap hugging him tightly and kissing his cheek while Gerard just laughed. She smiled as she looked at Frank's happy face. The last picture was one of her and Gee. He had his arms wrapped around her shoulders and she was leaning against his chest happily. She was looking straight at the camera but Gerard was looking down at her. He looked so proud of his little girlfriend. Anna's eyes filled with tears. She wished she knew what had gone wrong with her and Gee. She silently thought about any possible reason for Gee's behaviour when the door opened and Gerard walked in. He jumped when he saw her sitting on the couch.
"Hey..uh..what are you doing?" He asked looking at the frame in her hands. She quickly wiped her eyes furiously with the backs of her hands.
"Oh I was..just ..looking at these" She replied sadly looking back down at the photo. Gerard crouched next to her and gently took the picture from her. She watched his face as he looked at the picture. He smiled as the old memories came rushing back to him.
"Frank definatly took this" He said still smiling.
"How can you tell?" Anna asked. He pointed to the finger covering half the lens.
"Oh yeah that's Frank" Anna said quietly. She looked back at Gerard as he put the picture back on the table. He frowned as she watched him.
"What?" He asked puzzled. Anna sighed.
"Nothing." She said gently brushing some long black hair out of his face. He smiled and hugged her. He started to pull away but she clung onto him and buried her face into his neck. She deeply breathed in his scent and tried to stop the tears that were already running down her face.
"Baby what is it? What's wrong?" Gerard asked softly. She shook her head furious with herself and pushed him off roughly.
"NOTHING!" She screamed jumping up off the couch. Gerard looked shocked as she ran to the front door and slammed it shut after her. She carried on running down the street and around the corner, away from the flat and away from Gerard. She carried on running even though there were tears streaming down her face and her shoulders were shaking so hard she thought her chest was gonna break open...
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