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Chapter 6

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gerard gerard gerard.

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And who are you?” my mother asked. She had that simple pose that showed that she saw herself as the best person.

Gerard slightly bowed with his hand on his chest. “My name is Gerard and I’m a friend your daughter’s.” he introduced himself.

I noticed that he was wearing a suit with a red tie. He was very formal and his hair was brushed down. He looked neat.

“Oh… Elizabeth, you didn’t tell me that you have invited a friend over on a special day.” She shot a look at me.

I officially hate Gerard.

“I’m terribly sorry for interrupting, I thought of a surprise visit. I hope you excuse me.” Gerard interrupted me.

My mother narrowed her eyes. “You are very different you know, usually Elizabeth has very filthy friends.”

“Let’s just say I’m immortal like all of you.” He said.

I gritted my teeth. What if my mother finds out that he’s a vampire? He shouldn’t expect me to be his saviour.

“Oh.” My mother smiled for once. “Oh, just join us.”

Gerard smiled and turned around and grinned at me.


Throughout the whole day it seems that Anthony was competing Gerard, as if Anthony was trying to win me over. It wasn’t like I was attracted to Gerard, but I played along anyway. Anything to get Anthony off my back.

“Well about a hundred of mortals worship me because I saved them from a crazy bank robber.” Anthony side glanced to me with a proud smile.

I rolled my eyes.

“That’s impressive.” Gerard checked his nails. “World War 2 was such a disaster, I spent most of my days saving and protecting my fellow soldier mates. Those people owe their lives but I just say it was meant to be, there’s no need to worship me like I’m some god.”

“What a fine man you are.” My mother’s eyes sparkled as she spoke to Gerard.

It seems like Gerard won my mother over.

“Yes it’s impressive.” I said trying to put in enthusiasm in my voice, “Do tell me more; I love the stories of soldiers that went to war.”

Anthony frowned.

Inside I was laughing.

“Elizabeth darling, would you mind showing me the direction to the kitchen.” Anthony kindly asked.

I huffed. “Sure.” I turned to Gerard. “One moment Gerard, don’t say anything else yet, I want to know about the ordeal.” I excused myself and led the way to the kitchen.

Once we reached our destination what happened was similar to what I have expected.

Anthony pinned me to the wall. “Please Elizabeth, don’t tell me you’re falling for that ignorant man!” he muttered to me.

I rolled my eyes again. “Why? What’s the matter with falling in love with Gerard?”

“I believe you know why I had come here today.”

“Why was it?”

“To ask your hand in marriage. Your mother was so happy when I told her; she told me that you would be glad to marry me.”

Wow, my mother is such a liar. I gave a sick face, “Oh please. There is no point of asking my hand.”

“So you want me to skip with me asking your hand in marriage and just marry you?” he asked with his eyes full of hope.

“No, offcourse not.” I snapped. “I would have declined the offer immediately.”

“What? Why? But your mother said…”

“My mother is a liar. I am not attracted to you at all.”

“I will not give up on you Elizabeth. I always have a way to win over your heart.”

“That’s what you say. But I believe you know the rule that you are not supposed to have an affair with a married woman or man.”

“That is when I’ll give up, but for now, you are not married so I still have a chance.”

“Don’t waste your time on me. Now do you mind?”

He let go of me. “Sorry.”

Without an answer I walked back to the living room.

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