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Chapter 5

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gerard is very daring.

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“Can you do me a favour before you go?” Gerard asked.

I sighed. It was the end of night and it was passed midnight as we stood at the end of my street. “What is it?”

“This isn’t much to ask but can you do that magic thing that you do to stop my smell?” he asked with his hazel eyes pleading.

I raised my eyebrows looking stunned. “Why?”

He scratched the back of his head bashfully. “I’ve noticed that you’re discomforted by it.”

“Oh.” I nodded slowly. “Well that’s nice for your sympathy but I shouldn’t, I mean your friends would be upset if I did.”

“They wouldn’t mind. So please?” he intertwined his fingers together.

I sighed for many times that night. “Fine. Just stand still for a moment.”

He nodded and stood straight with his head held high like a soldier.

I shook my head and placed my hand gently on his chest.

“What are you doing?” Gerard asked, his eyes showed slight fear.

“I’m trying to do what you want me to do.” I answered him.

“Oh yea.” He nodded.

I closed my eyes and concentrated. “There.” I said a second later.

“What? That’s it?” he was amazed.

I nodded. “You don’t have that eerie smell no more.” I sniffed.

He smelled his hands. “Oh my god, I smell like… like… I don’t have that smell anymore.”

“Yes, that’s what I said.” I rolled my eyes. “Okay then, I’ll see you Monday then.”

“Thank you!” he hugged me.

I froze in the hug. Now this vampire is hugging me? What more? I noticed that I didn’t have to hold my breath anymore since he didn’t smell, well he smelled like… I breathed in his smell of faint cologne… nice. I patted his back. “You’re welcome.” I said in monotone.

He let go of me. “See you tomor- I mean Monday.” He waved with a cheeky grin.


“He’s coming in 5 minutes!” my mother called out.

I heard her rushing about downstairs. “Yes, I do realise that” I answered her calmly.

I groaned at myself in the mirror. My mother forced me into this dry rosy pink coloured knee high dress and high heels which I’m not a fan of. I looked pretty good, but I looked pretty good for someone I didn’t like.

“Anthony!” I heard my mother greet him at the front door.

“Here comes hell.” I mumbled to myself as I made my way downstairs.

“Ah Elizabeth, you have blossomed very well.”

Ew. I wanted to stick my finger in my mouth. “Thank you.” I answered him politely.

“We’re gonna be a happy family!” my mother exclaimed. “Come in to the living room.” She gestured to Anthony.

He slightly bowed and led the way. His brown shiny hair was brushed back which made me laugh from back in the time my father didn’t like hairstyles like that, ‘It looks like a cow licked it back!’ he use to say. He had clear blue eyes like the sky but it didn’t attract me. He was very tall, way taller than me. I didn’t like it.

I sat across him and ignored his piercing eyes looking at me.

“Well, tell me what you have been up to ever since.” My mother asked when she sat down.

It was going to be a long day.

It wasn’t even an hour when our doorbell rang.

“Who in the world is at the door?” my mother asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I’ll get it.” I quickly walked to the door as I was glad to get out of that room, I felt like I was something newly discovered there. I opened the door and gasped so loudly which left my mouth half open.

Gerard was standing at the front porch. “Greetings Elizabeth.” He smiled at me.

My eyes were widened by the shock. “What are you doing here?!” I whispered frantically at him.

“You look so beautiful. You know you always captivate me by your beauty. I wanted to see you today, oh how I miss you.” He handed me a bouquet of flowers. “I hope you accept these.”

I snatched the flowers and narrowed my eyes at him, “You can’t be here! They’ll notice what you are!”

“They wont.” He grinned. “Remember your little spell you did so I won’t smell?”

“Gerard you’re disrespectful.”

“That I am.” He nodded. “Well aren’t you gonna let me in?”

I sighed but didn’t move out of his way.

“Who is it Elizabeth?” my mother called out from the living room.

I was going to say no one when Gerard moved passed me and headed towards the living room.

I made a mental note to kill Gerard after this uneventful day was over.

Again, I feel like this is shit.
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