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Grace sat on a chair in their bedroom fifteen minutes before their engagement party started. She was wearing a Tiffany’s blue silk bow cocktail dress. It had a pleated sweetheart neckline, a large bow accent, and cinched waist with a flared skirt and toile lining. She sat looking at the invitations/announcements Holly and Ryan had sent out. They were beautiful with a brown background matt and a Tiffany’s blue picture paper with the words She Said Yes! at the top above a piece of brown ribbon with a big, plastic diamond ring tied in the center; the invitations read:

Join us for an Engagement party
Grace Brady & Brendon Urie

Saturday, December 4th
7:30 pm
1487 Brimstone Drive

Hosted By
Ryan & Holly Ross

Grace felt tears well up in her eyes as she looked at the invitation. She dabbed her eyes with a tissue as Brendon walked into the bedroom. ‘Baby, are you…what’s wrong?’ Brendon rushed over kneeling in front of her. Grace smiled before leaning over and kissing him softly. ‘What’s the matter baby?’

‘We’re getting married.’ She smiled.

‘That’s not usually something people cry about.’ Grace chuckled a little bit before standing up and pulling him into a hug.

‘I love you so much I just can’t believe we’re getting married.’

‘You’re not having second thoughts or anything…are you?’

‘I’ve never wanted anything more than this, there is no way I could have second thoughts.’

‘Good. I don’t know if I could handle you having second thoughts.’

‘Well you don’t have to worry, that won’t happen.’ She smiled.

‘Let’s go, Holly is probably having a stroke right now because we aren’t there.’ Brendon said lacing their fingers together before leading her out of the room.

‘AUNT GRACIE!!!’ Addy yelled as she ran down the stairs in a very frilly, girly, pink dress.

‘Hi sweetheart!’ Grace smiled just as excitedly as Addy had as she caught the cute little girl wrapping her arms around her tiny waist and kissing the side of her head.

‘Aunt Gracie, mommy and daddy ted I had to det all dressed up because you and Untle Beary are habing a party.’

‘We are.’

‘How tome?’ Addy asked with a confused look.

‘Well, Aunt Gracie and Uncle Beary are getting married in a few months.’

‘Aunt Gracie, what does that mean?’

‘Well, it means that forever and ever and ever, Aunt Gracie and Uncle Beary are going to be in love and happy together.’

‘Does dat mean you two are doing to teep in the same bed and you’re going to tream uncle beary’s name in your sleep like mommy does to daddy?’

‘Oh my, that’s enough talking for you little one.’ Ryan said taking Addy out of Grace’s arms as Grace held back her laughter.

‘There you two are! What took you so long? Ryan’s petite wife said as she walked out of the living room in a coral thick sashed empire waist, sleeveless cocktail dress with a pleated boat neckline and a full skirt that fell just above her knees.

‘We were just late, you know us.’ Brendon said as he held his hand on the small of Grace’s back.

‘This is true; well there are a lot of people here to see you so start mingling.’ Holly said pushing them towards the living room.

‘I don’t know half the people in this room.’ Brendon mumbled holding her hand gently.

‘That’s okay; I’ll introduce you to them.’ She smiled before two are Grace’s favorite people; note the sarcasm, walked over to them: Pete and Ashlee.

‘Brendon! Grace! It’s good to see you two.’ Pete smiled hugging Grace gently as he did the hand shake with Brendon. Ashlee, who was holding their three year old son Kingston, put on a fake smile as she became entranced in the conversation Brendon and Pete had started.

‘Baby, I’m going to run and grab something to drink.’ Grace said kissing his cheek before walking out of the living room and into the kitchen. ‘Excuse me.’ She said to a tall man in front of the punch bowl. He turned around and she realized it was her brother. ‘TOMMY!’

‘It’s good to see you too Gracie.’ Tom laughed as he hugged his little sister, ‘Where is that boy of yours?’

‘In talking to his idol.’

‘Oh I see. Congratulations Gracie.’ Tom said hugging her again as Brendon walked into the kitchen.

‘TOM!’ he said loudly. Grace and Tom parted from their hug as Brendon walked over. ‘Dude, what are you doing here?’

‘I wanted to surprise my baby sister for your engagement party.’

‘Lucky for you, she didn’t punch you; normally I get nailed when I try to surprise her.’ Brendon winked.

‘I’m going to assume you mean with flowers and NOT what I’m thinking about.’ Tom laughed.

‘Of course!’ Brendon stressed.

‘Can I see him for a few minutes?’ Grace asked three hours later. Both, Brendon and Grace were exhausted and tired of talking to people. Grace figured it was the perfect time for a break.

‘Sure.’ Grace took Brendon’s hand and led him away from one of his cousins. She winked at Holly before leading him up the back stairs and into one of the guest rooms.

‘What are we doing?’ Brendon asked as Grace shut and locked the door knowing both sets of parents, and brothers were there.

‘We are taking a break from all the mingling.’ Grace said as she pushed Brendon back against the bed. ‘I want a quickie.’ she worked on the buttons on his pants.

‘Seriously?’ Brendon smirked.

‘Dead seriously.’ She stripped him of his pants before pulling down her own panties and climbing on top of him.

‘I love quickies.’ Brendon said as Grace lay on top of them with almost no evidence of what had just happened with the exception of Brendon pants and baseball boxers around his ankles and the thin piece of fabric of Grace’s panties on the floor.

‘I just love quickies with you; we should probably get back to the party though.’

‘Do we have to? I haven’t seen half of these people in years, the only reason they are here is because my parents invited them.’

‘I know beary but we’ve got to get back to the party before Tom comes to look for us.’ Grace got off the bed and got freshened up in the bathroom again, then put her silver Steve Madden’s back on as Brendon did the same. He took her hand and led her out of the room.

‘Perfect timing.’ Holly whispered as Grace walked back into the kitchen where all the women had gathered.

‘Thanks, we needed that.’ She whispered back.

‘So Brendon, ready for marriage?’ Pete asked.

‘Totally, I asked Grace is she wanted to elope but she had a fit.’

‘Of course she did.’ Pete laughed just as they heard Addy scream and start to cry as she ran through the living room attaching herself to Ryan’s leg.

‘What is the matter cupcake?’ Ryan asked as he picked her up where she wrapped herself around her daddy.

‘Tingtongue is being mean to me. He talled me pugly.’

‘Oh sweetheart.’ Ryan said as Pete laughed.

‘Kingston sure has a way with the ladies.’ Pete chuckled. Ryan rolled his eyes before turning to walk into the kitchen where Grace was standing with Holly and Ashlee.

‘What happened?’ Grace asked.

‘Mommy.’ Addy cried.

‘Baby girl, what’s wrong?’

‘Tingtongue, is mean. I don’t wite him. He talled me pugly and pulled wucy’s head opp.’ Addy cried.

‘Aww sweetheart, he’s just playing. That’s what boys do?’ Ashlee said soothing her hair back. Holly jerked her daughter away from Ashlee’s reach before whisking her out of the kitchen and up the stairs towards her bedroom with Grace following closely behind.

Grace had designed Addy’s room to the T, making sure everything fit Addy well. She carried out all of the decorating over seeing the boys painting and the construction done in the room. Addy’s room was very girly. The walls were a very faint pink with white accents. She had white bedroom furniture with pink, white, and brown lacy and fringed blankets, cushions, and pillows. There were pictures on the walls of Holly, Ryan, her aunt Gracie and Uncle Beary, the rest of the Panic boys, and her beloved dog, Hobo. With the last Accents being the name Adelyn Ryan Ross

‘What are you doing?’ Holly yelled as Addy started crying again. Kingston had completely destroyed Adelyn’s room.

‘I hate this room!’ Kingston yelled pulling the bedding off her bed.

‘KINGSTON, STOP IT!’ Grace said as she picked him up under the arms holding him at arms length in front of her, ‘this is Adelyn’s room not yours.’ Grace walked out of the room with Kingston kicking and screaming the entire way.

‘What are you doing to him?’ Ashlee yelled taking Kingston out of her arms.

‘He just completely wrecked Addy’s bedroom.’

‘Well you probably shouldn’t have let him go upstairs!’ Ashlee argued.

‘He’s your kid! What are you doing bringing him to an engagement party? Don’t blame this on me!’ Grace argued back as Brendon came in along with Pete.

‘What happened?’

‘Pete, I’m ready to go. I’m tired of these people mistreating Kingston.’ Ashlee cried. Grace rolled her eyes as she went over and stood with Brendon.

‘I can’t stand that child.’ Grace said as she took out her earrings later that night as she and Brendon had just gotten home from the party around mid-night.

‘I know. What happened?’

‘He demolished Addy’s bedroom; tore things off the walls, tore things off the bed, he took the head off of her favorite toy; He’s horrible to her.’


‘If we ever have a child like that…I don’t know what I would do but I would not be happy with that.’

‘We won’t have a child like that. Don’t worry.’ Brendon said as he lay down on the bed.

‘Okay, I want to talk to you about something and you have to promise not to freak out.’

‘Maybe?’ Brendon asked giving her a suspicious look.

‘We have six months and two weeks until we get married right?’

‘Yeah, I guess that’s about right, actually its six months and twelve days away but yes.’

‘We should abstain until our wedding night.’

‘Abstain? From what?’

‘Abstain…as in not have sex until our wedding night.’ She smiled. Brendon looked at her before he started laughing quitting as he noticed the look on her face.

‘Are you serious?’

‘Yeah! Imagine how amazing the sex will be on our wedding night. We won’t be able to keep our hands off each other.’

‘That’s a long time. Gracie, I have urges, I’m a growing boy! I need my woman.’

‘Brendon, come on!’ she asked sitting down on the side of the bed. Brendon got off the bed and got down on his knees.

‘I can’t! I need sex. I need you. You’re so beautiful. You’re so sexy. You’re so perfect. I need to have sex with you. You make me so hot. Please, please, please.’ He begged.

‘Brendon…you’re being a little dramatic here. It’s not like it’s that long. You’ve gone six months with out sex before; it’s not that big of a deal. I have to go that long too you know.’

‘I can’t believe I’m hearing this. What did I do to deserve this? Did I make you mad or something?’

‘Baby.’ Grace laughed resting her palm against his cheek, ‘I want our wedding night to be so hot we see fireworks. I want our wedding night to be perfect. It’s not like I don’t want to have sex with you…’

‘Will it make you happy?’

‘Brendon, I’m already happy.’

‘Will it make you happier?’

‘Yes.’ She smiled.

‘Okay then we can wait until our wedding night to have sex.’ He said standing up to he could kiss her.

‘I love you so much Brendon. We can start tomorrow.’ Grace said before pulling Brendon into a passionate, heated kiss.
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