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Make A Wish

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Still hating my friend Jess. Im sad cos the last chapter made me cry lol. Im sorry guys but things arent gonna get better with Anna and Gee. Im really sorry.

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Fast forward about 2 months

Anna walked out the Starbucks door into the snow. She shivered and zipped up her jacket a little more. She started walking to the beach. It was almost December and she was going to the beach. It was weird but she always felt relaxed there. Things were still really stressful and things with Gerard had gotten worse. They hardly talked any more. They couldn't even sleep in the same bed anymore. Anna still loved him though. She didn't know that Gerard still loved her as well. More than when he had first met her. He wished so badly that he could tell her how he felt. But he couldn't. She reached the beach and walked straight up to the shore. The waves lazily swept back and forth soaking her converses and the bottoms of her jeans but she didn't care. She leant her head back, eyes closed and listened to the waves crashing gently. She bent down and picked up a small rock next to her left foot. She lifted it up and squeezed it tightly in her palms. Closing her eyes she concentrated hard.
"I wish me and Gerard can get through this" She whispered. "Please god. Please". Then she pressed the stone to her lips and and opened her eyes. Then she curved her arm and threw the stone as hard as she could. It skimmed the waves 3 times before sinking under the water. She could remember when she was a little kid, Frank once took her down to the same beach and showed her how to skim stones.
"Don't forget Anna" Her big brother had said. "Always remember to make a wish. The sea is magical so anything you wish for will come true". Anna smiled as those memories came flooding back. Suddenly her cellphone started vibrating in her coat pocket making her jump. She scrabbled in her pocket and brought her cell out.
One New Message
She flipped the lid up and looked. It was from Brody.
Anna. Meet me at the train station right now. It's urgent. Brody xx
Anna turned round and made her way to the train station. "I really don't wanna deal with her and Frank's problems right now. I'm too busy with my own." She thought. But it was only a few minutes away so she carried on. She reached there pretty quickly. She saw Brody straight away. She came running up to Anna with a large suitcase behind her.
"Oh god Anna. Thank god!!" She rushed hugging her tightly.
"What.. what's going on Brody?" Anna asked surprised.
"Oh Anna..I couldn't do it any more.. I had to get away. I just had to.. I can't live here knowing what's happened. What I've done.." She said sobbing.
"Brody? What's happened? What have you done?" Anna asked.
"I've hurt him. I've hurt you Anna. I've ruined everything. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. It was a big mistake. I didn't think it was gonna end up this way!" She cried shaking her head.
"Brody what happened?!?" Anna asked grabbing hold of her shoulders. She just shook her head again as more tears spilled down her cheeks.
"I' leaving town Anna, And I'm never coming back. I can't." She howled. Anna frowned.
"What about Frankie??" She asked. Brody cried harder.
"Ive left him!" Anna was stunned.
"WHAT?? When??" She asked shocked.
"I just.. I just texted him.. I couldn't do it face to face. I just couldn't!" She admitted sadly.
"You texted him!?! You were too much of a wimp to say it to his face?" Anna demanded. Brody started sobbing again.
"Anna it's all because of.." She started but she was cut off by a loud train whistle.
"Oh god Anna I gotta go. Look please explain to Frank that I couldn't say it to him. In my text I told him everything. He'll explain. Oh god.." She hugged Anna tightly and whispered.
"Anna. Please remember this okay? Gerard still loves you. He truly truly does. Im so sorry. Im so so sorry" Then she turned and hurried away to the big crowd of people getting on the train. Anna stood still, too shocked to move. Then she turned away from the train station, And her best friend, And made her way back to find Frank.
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