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Make A Wish

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Everything will make sense in this chapter guys. It'll explain Gerard's weird behaviour. It's not gonna be pretty though...

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Anna walked down the street towards Frank's apartment. She turned a corner and walked straight into a breathless, shocked looking Frank.
"ANNA! There you are! Did Brody tell you??" He asked grabbing her arms and shaking her. She could see him trembling and there was a look of anger in his eyes.
"She..she told me to find you. All she said was that she was leaving and that you would explain everything. What's going on Frank?" Anna asked scared of the look in his eyes. She'd never seen him looking so angry before.
"Oh god Anna..It all makes sense now. Me and Brody fighting, Her behaviour, Why Gerard's been acting strangely. She told me. It was her fault. It was his fault as well. He could have stopped it Anna! Or she could have! But they didn't! The bitch was too scared to tell me, And Gee! The stupid motherfuckers were too chicken to face up to the truth!" He shouted angrily. Anna could feel the hatred in his voice.
"Frank just tell me, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?" Anna demanded loudly. She noticed she was shaking as she spoke. Frank looked at her silently.
"Okay. Anna..." Frank said finally after a few minutes.
"Gerard..has been cheating on you."
Anna's heart stopped and she felt her stomach drop.
"What?" She whispered since her throat had suddenly become dry.
"He's been cheating on you with Brody. Its been going on for months apparently. It started at the party we had on Halloween." He replied quietly.
"At your birthday party?" I gasped horrified. He nodded sadly.
"Anna..I think you should go talk to Gerard." He added quietly.
"I don't..I.." Anna stammered. Frank suddenly looked into the distance and anger flashed in his eyes again. Anna turned round to see Gerard a few feet away. Frank lunged forward but Anna stopped him.
"Anna!" Gerard came rushing up to her. "Anna oh god im so sorry I didnt mean to hurt you I really didn't I wanted to tell you so badly but I couldn't please forgive me Anna? I love you." He said in one breath frantically. He looked her straight in the eyes on that last please. Then he hit the ground as Frank attacked him.
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