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Tay No More?

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Archie is happy. Read to find out why.

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Did everyone watch The Phantom Rising Part 1 and 2 last night? It was so good! And we all thought Jay was the high strung. Jeez Theresa. That was crazy with her being the phantom and going all “I want my life back so I have to get rid of the gods.” And Jay and Theresa finally kissed on TV! It was so sweetly clichéd that Jay’s tears and kiss brought Theresa back to life. But yay! They finally made it official now on the show. Took long enough.

Now our other couple… There was only the usually amount of Archie and Atlanta flirting. Nothing special. Did you catch that when Theresa “died” Atlanta was crying in Herry’s arms? Archie was over with Odie and Neil looking uncomfortable. So what’s going on between Herry and Atlanta? Hmmm…

Anyways way to go Neil with your stellar ghost busting skills. And Odie for being there doing his tech thing.

The one thing I’m confused about is the ending. Cronus was like “Ha! They made me mortal so they must have defeated me but I’m still alive and not in Tartarus. So watch out guys”. So did they defeat him or not? Maybe Cronus will still fight them but who ever wins won’t be known or prophesized or something.

Wow sorry. I should get on with Archie now. My bad. And my apologies to anyone who hadn’t seen The Phantom Rising yet for spoiling it.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Class of the Titans.
♦ ♦ ♦

August 1, 2008. The library at lunch. 12:06pm.

Your probably wondering what a guy like me is doing in the library at lunch. I should be out in the cafeteria chatting up babes and doing manly gestures with my boys.

Yeah that’s so not me. I secretly love the library. Its peace and quietness. I can think freely here. And it doesn’t help that I’m a sucker for poetry. And I do love reading about our ancestors. Achilles was the best.

But that’s not the reason I’m here today. I needed a place to write this down without people seeing. Or Atlanta bothering me every second. Ever since I said yes to her she won’t leave me alone. You don’t think she likes me do you?

Your right. I shouldn’t flatter myself with such thoughts. And there’s really only one girl I want to like me. And that is what I’ve wanted to write about.

So here it is.

All is not well in loverland for Theresa and Jay. Me and Odie were coming down the stairs for breakfast this morning and we hear them arguing in the kitchen. So naturally we hid on the stairs and listen to what they were saying.

“Theresa! You know I would never cheat on you! Penelope just needed help on her English homework. We weren’t doing anything!” Jay was yelling.

“Yeah well that’s not all I saw buddy. I saw her through herself at you the whole time and there’s no way you were oblivious to that!”

“Ugh! You know I only have eyes for you babe.”

“Well you must have lips for the both of us considering I saw the way you both were sucking face. If you were going to cheat on me you should have had the curtsey to do it in private. Not in the middle of the library right in front of me!”

“I told you! She came on to me. I was trying to stop her!”

“I guess you didn’t try hard enough. So if that’s how it’s going to be, you can have your little Penelope. We are over!” And then Theresa ran out the front door slamming it behind her.

No one has seen her all day. I’m really worried about her. But she’s tough. She’ll be fine.

On the bright side of things no one will even look at Jay. We all heard them this morning. Jay doesn’t seem to notice though. He just has this blank look on his face. Walking around like a ghost.

Yay! Tay no more! I finally have a chance with Theresa! Once she comes back I am going to make my move. Actually I should probably wait until she cools down a bit.

But then she will be mine! Hahahaha!

♦ ♦ ♦
Sorry for the long intro. And jeez I’m so far behind. I’ve been busy. But I promise to catch up some time this week.
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