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Confessions and Confrontations

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Archie gets Neil laughing. And says yes to Atlanta.

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What questions should I answer today? Hmmm…
Disclaimer: Class of the Titans is not mine.
♦ ♦ ♦

July 31, 2008. Kitchen table in the Brownstone. 7:48pm.

Sometimes I can be so stupid. I finally did it. I told Neil today during math class. Here’s how it went down.

I’m sitting at my desk which is unfortunately to the left of Neil’s. We’re supposed to be working on a math sheet but instead I’m reading this book for English called 1984.

I look up from reading and find a note on my desk. From Neil no less. So I open it up.

Hey Archie! Come on. Stop ignoring me. Jus tell me the truth and I can help you.

No Neil. I have to work on my math sheet.

Oh phu-lease. You never do math. You’re just reading.

Fine… if you really need to know. I like…

Who? Who? Who is it????


Neil didn’t write back. He was laughing too hard. I don’t blame him. The idea of Theresa and I together is like peanut butter and relish. It just doesn’t work, and leaves a funny after taste.

So now that Neil knows he has been giving me these ‘sly’ winks every time he sees me since math class. I would threaten to hurt him, but then he would just tell. Remind me the next time I get him alone to help me break up Tay.

But that’s not all the exciting things that happened today. I saw Atlanta when I was getting ready to leave after school. She was waiting by my locker. I was surprised but walked over anyways.

“Hey Atlanta,” I say.

“Hey Arch. Do you mind if I walk home with you?”

“Nope.” And we proceeded out the building.

We walked most of the way in silence. When we were about a block away from the brownstone Atlanta finally started talking.

“Don’t you just hate the fact that we have school in the summer? I mean if the gods want us to stay around so bad we could do that without having to go to school.”

“Yeah. I’d much rather be out skateboarding or something…”

“Me too. Anyways, I was wondering if you’d want to go to the dance with me. Would ya, Arch? I mean as friends of course.”

“Uh, jeez Atlanta I was actually planning on…” I was about to say asking Theresa but thought better of it. “Yeah. Sure we can go as friends.”

“Ok. Thanks Archie. See you at dinner!” and she ran into the Brownstone.

I was left on the porch with a friend-date to a dance that I only wanted to go to if I was going with Theresa. But I could never be mean to Atlanta. She’s like my best friend. And she would totally understand if I asked Theresa to dance and we went off somewhere quiet to talk…

Oh no I hear someone coming. Got to go.

♦ ♦ ♦
Sorry that took so long. Anyways… that’s it from Archie today (or two days ago).
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