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Plotting in the Little Boys Room

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Archie rants in a washroom. Jay and Theresa make out.

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Well thanks to those who reviewed my/ Archie’s first entry. I don’t really know why this is from Archie’s point of view considering he isn’t one of my favourite characters. Oh well I like odd pairings anyways.
Disclaimer: Again, don’t own Class of the Titans.
♦ ♦ ♦

July 30, 2008. Boy’s bathroom at New Olympia High. 4:32pm.

I can’t take this any longer. I was on my way to the janitor’s closet for training with Ares and who do I see by the water fountain making out?

Go on I’ll give you three guesses...

If you guessed Jay and Theresa then go get yourself a freaking cookie. It’s on me.

I can’t believe it. They must be getting pretty serious to engage in some PDA action. I mean, if you just glanced at them while walking by, you couldn’t tell where Jay started and Theresa ended. It was like a loud, sucking monster lurking in the corner waiting for some innocent student for it to slurp up.

When will she ever realize that Jay is completely wrong for her? No one could enjoy going out with someone as high strung as Jay. She must play second string to Cronus.

If, no when, Theresa is my girlfriend I will always treat her like she is the most precious thing on Earth. (Which she is but still.)

Anyways, enough ranting about Jay and Theresa (should I call them Tay or Jaresa). It’s to depressing.

There’s nothing that exciting going on around here. We haven’t heard from Cronus in awhile and that’s not good. Zeus knows what he’ll have in store for us next time. But I’m not scared because I’m the warrior. Descendant of the great Achilles.

Though I’ve always wondered why when his mom dipped him in that river to make him immortal and held him by his ankle, when she was done why she didn’t just dip his ankle in so he was totally covered is really stupid.

Just goes to show you that besides technology, common sense has improved over the years too.

I was talking to Neil this morning during math class (I hate math so much talking to Neil is a better choice). And he was telling me all about this dance that’s coming up soon.

He asked if I was going to take Atlanta and I said, “No I don’t like her that way. The only way we would go together would be as friends”. I don’t think I should have said that though because now he won’t stop bugging me about who I like.

If I tell him do you think he will blab it? Or will he help me brake up Tay (Jaresa?) and win Theresa for myself. Then I could take her to the dance.

After all, his mentor is Aphrodite so he must’ve learned some tips on making people fall in love. Maybe she has some love potion and Neil could steal it for me and I could us it on Theresa…

But I don’t really want her to love me because of a potion. I want her to look at me the same way she looks at Jay. I want to look into her cat-like eyes and see them filled with love for me. The way my eyes probably are when I look at her.

Oh gods I’m so helpless. Maybe I should just tell her. No, can’t do that or else Jay will get Herry to kick my ass.

Crap! Look at the time. I’m late for my session with Ares. Great, now he’s going to work me extra hard. Maybe some good combat will be just the thing for me. I can pretend Jay is the dummy I’m fighting…

♦ ♦ ♦
The second entry! Stay tuned for more and find out the answers to these questions. Will Archie grow some balls and tell Theresa (or Neil?). Will Tay break up? And what will happen when Atlanta comes into the picture? Find out in future chapters. Peace out.
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