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Bury Me and Fade to Black

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Time to talk to Aunt Tracy. But why doesn't it feel like the normal bashing?

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I pulled into my driveway and my house never looked so foreign to me.

It wasn't that there was anything different about the house itself. Same blank, white undefinable house. The funny thing was that it was so incredibly plain looking that it was easy to pick out of our lineup of houses in the suburban. But that evening I'd almost passed it.

I inhaled and walked inside.

"I'm not mad at you an' I'm not gunna yell at you," Aunt Tracy informed as she sat on the armchair with Mikey, who was, for once, not texting on the couch.

He was glaring at me.

I was confused by the abruptness and the lack of Leroy quivering with fury as it usually would have.

"'re not?" was all I could sputter out in disbelief.

"No," she said as she stood up and paced, her long, tan, bony fingers clasped together anxiously.

I leaned back against the wall to watch her.

Aunt Tracy had always been a very overdramatic creature. I suppose it came from out loud Italian heritage.

"I blame my sisteh entiyahly for both you an' Mikey's behaevyer," she squeaked in that high-pitched voice of hers. I watched Mikey wince at the same time as me. Both in anger at her words and frustration of that voice of hers.

"I mean you're gone all tha time while Mikey's bin spendin' the night wif gurls doin', well, who knows wat?!" she practically screeched.

Mikey's face was red.

I opened my mouth to protest, but she opened hers first.

"Now I know it's not yer fault, Gee. I know you all dun have any real parents to enforce any kind of rules fer you and I hate sayin' that. But this has got to stop."

There was something in that squeaky sentence that made my insides quiver.

"So I decided we're moving."

I felt a tiny wave of relief wash over me with a sigh. That was it? But Jade and Elle...


"California," she said with a hint of question in her voice, as if she were surprised by my reaction.

Wouldn't any normal person like to know where they were moving to?

I was enraged.

"California?! But I've got friends down here!"

Not to mention the only real friends I had since Mikey ditched me.

A hint of realization came over my Aunt's face and my stomach dropped when she said for the first time in her life softly.

"Gerard, dear. I meant Uncle Jamie, Mikey and me. Not you."
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