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Well if You Wanted Honesty, That's All You Had to Say

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"Gerard stayed like that in our room for two days..." [Elliot's POV]

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Gerard stayed like that in our room for two days.

I almost began to believe that Jade had been lying when he told me that the 'vampire model' was staying at our house.

Finally at the end of the 2nd day, Jade told me to bake some of my oatmeal cookies.

I had a knack for baking. Jade said I got it from Dad. So when I learned that, it made me want to bake all the more.

Jade took the cookies and put them on a cute, little plate. Then he sat them right outside what was supposedly Gerard's door.

It was creepy how silent it was, but my brother didn't seem to notice.
He just sat there, cross-legged outside the door, waiting. He sat there for I don't know how long.

I got bored and decided to sit by him. He rubbed his hand over his fluffy blond faux hawk in the back of his head anxiously.

The cookies were warm at first, the smell just wafting everywhere.
Warm, sweet and comforting. Heck, even I wanted one.

But Jade slapped my hand back.

Big jerk.

He didn't say a word.

Then, just as I was about to give up and go downstairs, the doorknob slowly turned and a familiar bony hand scurried out the crack of the door. It hurried over to the plate of cookies.

I was amazed.

Jade, however, was focused and as soon as Gerard's hand landed on the plate of cookies, Jade's hand met his and began to pull.

"HEY LEMME GO!" screeched a raspy, worn voice from inside.

Jade wasn't giving in though as he pulled harder, revealing more pale arm. He kicked away the bait of the cookies.

I felt like such a dirty accomplice.

I tried to redeem myself.

"Jade! You're pulling too hard!" I insisted, trying to break Jade's grip.

Jade gently pushed me back with his other hand.

"No, he needs to come out." All of a sudden with only one of Jade's hands on him, Gerard wriggled out his grip. His hand flew back behind the door with a slam. Immediately, Jade started banging on it with his fist.

"C'mon, it's been two days! We've got to go grocery shopping and I-"

The door creaked open again.

Gerard stood now. He looked rough. His black hair was all over his face, the unnatural red at the back beginning to fade away.
Deep purple, signs of insomnia were wrung below his eyes in great contrast to such snowy skin.
He was wearing the same clothes he had worn when we sang together.
And he kinda had this smell...

"Welcome back to the outside world."

"I wanna get coffee," he mumbled.

"You need a shower first," Jade informed him, upfront.

There was a long pause while Gerard tried to regain himself.

I asked him if he was okay, but all he did was nod before stating to Jade-

"I already got a job. I can make money." This seemed to lighten up Jade's face.
He'd been worried about money.

"Oh really? Where've you been working at?"

"Mrs. Fields. I've had a few days off."

"The place with the cookies? Sweet."

"Yeah they're pretty much the best. I'm only allowed to work the cash register though. I totally burn all the cookies," he explained, heading towards the bathroom.

"Towels are in the drawer. Soap's on the sink. Oh and Gee?" Jade stopped him, "Try one."
Jade offered one of my cookies to him. Gerard took it, bit into it.

I held my breath.

He smiled, licking the crumbs off his lips.

"Damn these kick Mrs. Fields' wrinkly, old ass. We need to buy these too!"

Jade shook his head with a half grin.
"Elle made 'em."

Gerard was quiet for a bit, the smile still unchanging, before he mumbled,
"Figures." And headed off to the bathroom.

I looked at Jade, the obvious grin still on my face.
He winked back before heading downstairs.

Jade could be a very surprising person.
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