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Rescue me from everything

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“Just like when they first started going out,” Frank added.
“I was thinking we just hand around the house,” Ali said, “Invite Bam and everyone over,” she sat up.

“Alright I will start calling,” Erin said running out of the room.

“Mommy, daddy I had a bad dream,” Frank laughed and laid in between me and Ali.

“Aw,” Ali hugged him, “The only nightmare you have is me.”

“No, you’re my bestest dream,” he laughed, “When you die.”

“Yeah yeah I love you too,” she turned away, “Stupid.”

Alex walked in, “This may be none of my business but is something going on between dad and Frank?”

“NO,” we yelled.

“Yes,” Ali muttered.

“Dad, Frank if you guys are gay I will still love you the same,” she sat on the bed.

“I am not gay,” I said, “I love your mom to much,” I leaned over Frank to kiss her.

“But I thought we had something special,” Frank got up and ran off pretending to cry.

“He scares me, are you sure your related to him mom,” she asked.

“Sadly I am,” Ali got up and walked towards the bathroom, “I am going to take a shower,” she closed the door.

“Can Max come over today,” she asked, “Please.”


“Because I kinda sorta like him,” she said.

“Sure but make me a promise,” I told her.

“No kissing please,” I begged.

“Promise,” she held out her pinky like always.

“Good,” I wrapped my pinkie around hers.

Frank came in and ran to the bathroom we heard the toilet flush, “Frank you asshole,” Ali screamed, “I hate you just wait.”

“That was so worth it,” he sat down.

“Wow, you guys are losers,” Alex shook her head.

We sat there and Ali came out, “You remember the tour we took Alex on and your hair was blue,” she said.

“Wait a second,” Alex yelled, “I have about five million questions but mainly, One I went on a tour? Two: You had blue hair? Three what other stupid pranks did you pull? This is interesting.”

“I had to live through it one time the got in a big fight over cranberry juice,” I laughed.

“Heck I would too,” she paused, “I love that stuff.”

“See if only she was around when I was younger for reals,” Ali yelled.

“Yeah that would suck for me,” Frank said.

“Duh because then there would be two girls that could kick your ass,” Ali said laughing.

“Hey mom, dad, when are we going to finish drawing on my wall please,” Alex begged.

“I don’t know next weekend okay promise,” Ali walked over to the closet and Frank tripped her.

“HAHA bitch, what now,” and he ran off. Ali got up wrapped in a towel and ran after him.

“How do we put up with it,” Alex said laying down.

“No idea, but I want coffee,” I got up I was just in boxers I didn’t care I bought the house. I walked downstairs and Ali was in my clothes as in a shirt and boxers, “Uhm Ali,” I began.

“I didn’t feel like walking back upstairs and your clothes were in the dryer,” she took a drink of coffee and hopped up on the counter, “Why?”

“Just wondering,” I stood in between her legs.

“Really,” she asked.


“NO WAY,” she yelled.

“Actually two no four Way’s,” she looked at me funny, “Me, you, Alex, and Justin, by the way where is he?”

“Chelsea’s she came and got him,” Erin said.

“Ah,” I said stealing Ali’s coffee. She pulled the hem of my boxers and looked down, “Yes?”

“Just thinking,” she said still looking.

“What are you thinking?”

“The real question what do you think I am thinking,” she was still staring down my boxers.

“Sex,” I cocked my head to the left.

“Exactly,” she kissed me.

“At least let me find somewhere to stay EW majorly,” Alex yelled.

“Sorry,” I looked over at her, “Its your mom’s fault.”

“Excuse me,” she said stealing the coffee.

“I heard the whole conversation,” she said, “I believe you dad, and I will stay at Bam’s Avril just asked.”

“Sure go ahead,” I said, “Then tonight,” I looked over at Ali.

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