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i just wanna breathe

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“I sorry,” Ali yelled, “Now where were we,” she began to play with my hair. I kissed her and she jumped down off the counter, I wrapped my arms around her waist. She began to giggle, “Gerard,” she turned around, “I love you,” she kissed me and I let her go, “Ha Ha,” she said shaking her butt at me. I ran up and threw her over my shoulder, ran outside, and threw her on the trampoline.

“You are a loser,” she was jumping up and down.

“So,” she sat on the edge and kissed me, “Come on,” she helped me up on the trampoline.

“What,” I whined standing there.

“Wow, what happened to you,” she put her hands on her hips.

“What do you mean,” I copied her.

“You are all Mr. Way,” she put her hands on my shoulders moving her hands up and down my arms, “I miss Gee,” she kissed me, “like the little kid Gerard. The one that I fell in love with,” she walked around me one hand trailing keeping her balance, “You know what I mean,” she whispered in my ear and it sent shivers down my spine.

“Exactly,” I though, “Wait I think I do?”

She flopped down on the trampoline, “Tell me when you find out,” she laid down.

I laid by her, “You mean the fun loving, hyper, kiddish, living in the past Gerard,” I paused, “Always wanting to be young?”

“Exactly,” she yelled wrapping her arms around me, “Do I get him back,” she pouted.

“He’s right here,” I kissed her, “You want to swing,” I grabbed her hand and carried her over to the swing set. She tried to flip out of the seat but she just landed on her back in the mud, “Ali you okay?”

“Peachie,” she pulled me down with her and continued laughing. She kissed me, “I love you, Gee,” she kissed me again.

“I love you too, Alejandra,” she blushed. She kissed me again.

“Mom can you take me, please,” Alex yelled.

***Alex’s POV***

“Yeah,” mom said all covered in mud. I saw her kiss dad and then get up leaving him there. He put his hands behind his head and looked up at me.

“I love you daddy,” I yelled down to him. Why I still called him daddy, I don’t know.

“I love you too, Alex,” he was still laying there when I left. We got in the Lambo, mom was still covered in mud.

“Bam,” she said running to the door. God I swear she was more happy to see him then I was, “Sorry I am all muddy,” she hugged him, he was shirtless as always so it didn’t matter.

“Uhm why are you muddy,” he asked.

“Me and Gerard were swinging and I fell in the mud then pulled him in,” she said laughing. Max came running downstairs. “Hey Max,” his jaw dropped.

“UHM hey Ali,” he stuttered.

“Bye mom,” I said.

“Bye Alex,” she paused and looked at Bam, “Bye Bam,” she kissed him on the cheek and ran off.

“Come on Alex,” Avril said. I followed her to her room, “This is my room,” she opened the door.

“Lets watch a movie,” I said.

“Great idea, how about 21,” I shook my head. I fell asleep during the movie.

“Ali get up I have to take you home soon,” Bam was saying.

“Got cha,” I got up and walked downstairs Max was waiting.

“Nice hair,” he said, I messed with it for a sec and grabbed my stuff. We got to my house and I walked inside.

“Mom dad I am home,” no one answered I knew what they were doing. I grabbed a jones soda, a bean bag chair, a Play Station controller, and sat down. I played the game for about thirty minutes when they came downstairs. I was in the middle of racing, “BE safe use rubber,” I yelled.

“Don’t worry I did,” my dad said.

I threw down the controller, after pausing of course, “That’s gross!”

“Would you rather have a little sibling,” my mom said.

“I am fine with whatever PROTECTED sex that you have,” I started the game again. I heard my mom giggle, “Mom stop staring at dad’s dick,” I didn’t think about that, I am so dead.

“Fine then I wont,” and they ran upstairs. I wanted to take a shower and all the towels were in mom and dads room. I walked in my mom brought her head up from the sheets and stared my dad was in to much pleasure to notice.

“I needed a towel,” I said grabbing one and walking out. Walking in on my parents was different they were embarrassed. I got in the shower when I heard my dad moan I about threw up.

“OH GEE,” I heard my mom scream.

I ran over and banged on the door, “Friggen A,” I yelled. I an downstairs and I still heard them going at it.
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