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Chapter 52

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“Leave,” I heard Pete yell. I must have fallen to sleep, cause I was still in bed and I didn’t know how long I’d been there. “She doesn’t need this right now,”

“I know better than anyone on this planet what Nonnie needs and it isn’t for you to take over her life. Its for her to learn to deal with things in a healthy way.” That voice was unmistakable. It was Jepha. “You making all her decisions for her, letting her run from her friends her life here, isn’t going to help.”

“I don’t care what the hell you say, I see her falling apart right now. She can’t deal.”

“Listen, you can’t let her do this. She needs to cope. I know it’s hard to see her this way…God if there is anyone on this planet who doesn’t want to see her hurt its me.” I heard a crash and spring up from the bed running into the next room. I saw Pete had Jepha pinned against the wall.

“Pete, stop.” I said. He didn’t even look at me.

“Listen, you’re going to leave here. You’re going to forget about Non. You couldn’t take care of her three years ago and you can’t now.” Jepha looked over at me. I just stood there watching helplessly. “Nonnie go lay back down. I’m still tired.”

“Pete stop it,” I said. Jepha swung hitting Pete in the face and knocking him off balance. Pete recovered quickly and tackled Jepha to the floor. I jumped between them the first chance I got. They both stood there out of breath and looking a mess.

“Nonnie, running isn’t going to solve your problems. Don’t take the easy way out. I did and look what I lost,” he motioned to me. “I lost my best friend and my girlfriend.” I knew that I was both those things. “Please just let Marcia, Frank and I help you…”

“Frank is part of what did this to me.” he looked puzzled.

“Nonnie Frank would never hurt you. Just like I wouldn’t.” I closed my eyes trying to shut off my brain and let one of them make this decision. I think he knew that I was trying to do cause he stepped forward and tilted my chin up trying to get me to look into his eyes. “You don’t have to come back to me.” I opened my eyes in surprise. “You don’t have to be with me, but you do need to stay here and deal with everything. Running is just going to sweep things under the rug. I don’t know what Frank did, but I know what ever it was…”

“He lied to me, he black mailed Marcy into helping him get me to sleep with him.” I looked up into his eyes he showed a flash of anger but quickly hid it. He has always been protective of Marcia too, the only time he’s every done anything contrary to protecting her was the day we kicked him out and that wasn’t really him. “You wouldn’t try hard enough for me three years ago. Pete is the only one who cares. He’s the only one who thinks I’m worth anything I don’t understand why either. Frank was my best friend and all he did was use the people I love and… my past against me. To make me be with him Jepha, I see a way out of this whole thing with a man that I’m falling for.”

“Non you can love him if you want, just deal with things here first. Talk to Frank he said...”

“You spoke to Frank?” he got this guilty look on his face.

“He’s the one who told me where to find you.” Frank was the only person on this planet who knew that for a long time after he left I held out hope for Jepha. “Non you need help, not someone to bury everything that’s happened.”

“Jepha don’t think about me, I’m not worth the worry. Pete’s going to take care of me. You just worry about staying clean…”

“I’ve gotten Bert to go to rehab.” He said, I gave a small smile.

“Good, but we both know its worthless unless he actually wants to be clean.” I looked into his eyes and he got my point. I was talking about him all those years ago.

“She’s made her decision, so you need to leave before I call security.” Pete said walking up to stand beside me. The look on Jepha’s face was pure pain, he was just trying to help, but Pete was right I couldn’t deal. I was falling apart and I wanted…no I needed someone to take care of me.

“You’re stronger than you think,” He said then he turned and left. Honestly I wanted to run after him, I wanted to believe that I was as strong as he thought I was.
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