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Pineapple expressions

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We got in the Mustang since my mom took the Lambo. Right we I got out a girl started to laugh, “Uhm are you picking me up since Justin is going to aunt Chels’ house.”

“Sure see you then,” he said before speeding off.

I walked up to Victoria and we were talking when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, “LIZANDRA MAY,” I yelled hugging her.

“ALEXANDRA RAE,” she yelled.

“I am scared,” Max said.

“Me too buddy, me too,” Ronnie said. Me and Lizandra looked alike.

“Uncle Mikey,” I yelled as he walked up. I hugged him, “What are you doing here?”

“I dropped off liz and I saw you so I came to say hi and I am coming over for dinner,” he said.

“Sweet action, LIZ TOO,” I yelled.

“Yes now I need to get going bye,” he kissed my fore head and left.

Lizandra and I had every class together and we were goofing off. We were balancing pencils on are noses in first period English, “Ms. Way,” Mr. Oxley said.

“Yes,” we both replied whipping are heads forward.

“No, I am talking to miss Way,” he said.

“We both are miss Way,” liz said.

“Prove it,” he said.

“Okay,” she stood up in her chair, “I am Lizandra May Way.”

I did the same, “And I am Alexandra Rae Way.”

“But you guys look alike are you twins,” a girl asked.

“No, she’s my cousin,” Liz said.
“You guys are lying,” a boy yelled.

“I am not,” Liz yelled she hated to be called a liar.

“Nuh uh my dad is Gerard Way lead singer of My Chemical Romance,” I yelled, “My mom is Ali Way from Attack of The Show.”

“Right and my dad plays Bass in My Chemical Romance,” she yelled.

“That’s enough girls,” Mr. Oxley said. We slumped down in our chairs.

The bell rang I grabbed my books and me and liz walked to our locker, “Urgh that makes me so mad.”

“What makes you mad,” Max said putting his arms on my shoulders.

“Nothing,” I said picking up my Adv. Biology book and handing Liz hers.

“Okay,” he said Sliding a note in my back pocket.

“Lets go to biology,” I said grabbing Liz’s and Max’s hand.

We sat down and we were talking when Mrs. Robinson walked in, “Okay class take your seats,” and she began roll call. She got down to my name, “Alexandra Way.”

“Here,” I hated this class.

“Lizandra Way,” she paused, “that ain’t right.”

“Here,” Liz said.

“That’s my cousin,” I said.

“Oh here we go again,” I guy said.

“Fine, don’t believe us,” we said folding our arms.

Class got over and we went through the day. Then we had swimming we walked out of the changing room and Max was saving us a spot like always, “Just for you,” he put and arm around me.

Liz looked at me the looked at Ronnie, who was sitting by her and he put an arm aound her too, “Too creepy,” we both said and laughed. The day ended and my dad pulled up to get me, When he saw Liz.

“LIZANDRA,” he yelled getting out of the car he picked her up and hugged her, “Okay we got shopping to do lets go.”

“Liz too,” I asked.

“Yes,” we got in the car.

We got to target and the first thing Liz said, “Get in the cart.” We got in and stood up and raced down the isle till we got caught.

“Sir either leave or get under control,” a security guy said.

“Fine,” he said taking us out,” I want to go see how much my CD is here.”

We ran to the CD’s and they didn’t have My Chemical Romance. We rounded a corner when Max and Ronnie were standing there. I hid behind my dad, “I got to get some stuff be right back,” I grabbed Liz.

“I will be at the games,” he yelled.

“Got cha,” we yelled.
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