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Make A Wish

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I am in a very good mood for some weird reason. XD XD XD (See what I mean?) I still haven't forgotten about Skylar. She should be in the chapter after the next one (?) xoxo

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Anna reached the front door to see Gerard shyly waiting in the dark hallway. Nobody said anything. He moved aside so she could go through the door into his (previously their) apartment. He shut the door and moved so he was stood in front of her. He didn't say anything. He just watched her silently. Finally he spoke.
"Was there something you wanted?" He asked still watching her. She could finally make out his face in the dark and Frank was right. He was in a much worse state than Frank was. Anna sighed and grabbed his arm and pulled him into the kitchen.
"Sit there" She said motioning to a wooden chair. He did what she asked him to. She got a bowl out the cupboard and filled it with warm water. She got a handful of paper towels and placed them on the table next to Gerard. She pulled another chair round and sat down so she was facing him. Without saying a word she soaked a towel in water and gently started dabbing the cuts on his face.
"You brother is a lot tougher than he looks" Gerard said wincing as she wiped a cut by his eye. She ignored him and concentrated on the spot she was cleaning. She could feel him staring at her.
"Quit watching me" She said frowning. He quickly lowered his eyes to the ground.
"Sorry" He replied quietly. He stayed quiet for a couple of minutes until he spoke again.
"I don't get it though. I.. I cheated on you Anna. Why are you here helping me? Does Frank know you're here?" He asked suddenly curious. Anna sighed.
"No" She growled, gently wiping a cut on Gerard's cheek. "And to be honest I'd prefer it if he didn't find out"
He nodded and didn't say any else. She finished wiping away his blood and took the bowl and washed it out in the sink. She turned to get a towel to dry it with but Gerard already had one. He held it out to her.
"Thanks.." She said quietly and dried the bowl then put it back in the cupboard. Gerard was sitting on the counter watching her again. Something snapped inside of her. She spun round.
"What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you keep staring at me?" Anna demanded. Gerard went red and looked down at his hands in his lap.
"I..I..I'm not.." He stammered not looking up.
"Yes you were. You've been doing it all evening. Why Gerard??" She shouted. "Are you some kinda pervert or something? Trying to guess what colour panties I've got on??". Gerard finally looked up shocked.
"No Anna I wasn't! I swear" He said wide-eyed. She knew she was being ridiculous but she couldn't help it.
"I was just..wondering why you were here. I mean..I..I..Oh god Anna I've been such a jerk" He said putting his head in his hands. Anna stayed silent.
"You're such a kind, sweet girl, And I..I was such an idiot. It wasn't supposed to happen Anna. I swear to you it was just the one time. Look it was on Frank's birthday and Brody got really drunk so I took her upstairs so she could sleep and.."
"Gerard I don't wanna hear it" Anna said running a hand through her hair.
"No Anna please just listen to me" He replied.
"And how is that gonna help hm? Rubbing in the fact that I was ovbiously not a good enough girlfriend for you so you had to go sleep with the first slut (Sorry Alice93!!) you could get your hands on!" Anna cried throwing her hands up. She felt her heart drop as she noticed the tears streaming down Gerard's face. She had never seen him cry before and she was shocked at how hard her words had hit him. He looked up at her and some of his long hair fell in front of his watery eyes.
"How could you ever think that?" He asked, his voice shaking. "Anna you meant the world to me. You still do. I am nowhere near the type of guy you should be with. You should be with someone who could give you everything you ever wanted and..and someone who doesn't lie to you or..or do things behind your back. You're not good enough for me. Anna you're better. You' much more than anything I could EVER have. And then I went and threw it all away because of some completely stupid drunken mistake! How can I ever live with knowing that I messd up the best thing that ever happened to me. I swear Anna, There isn't one moment when I wish I could have stopped it. I really really do Anna..I really do..". He hid his face in his hands again as his shoulders started shaking.
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