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Sex, Lies & Videotapes

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Madison finds out Mark's plan.

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Mark sat in his chair musing at how it was so easy to manipulate Madison into falling for his plan. Now he just needed the other participant and his plan will be complete. He smiled thinking how she would do anything for Bob, soon she will have to prove it. And just to make sure he’ll add Elisabeth into the twist because it worked so well with keeping Chris in line. She would have made a beautiful model, oh well.

Madison and Bob were saying their goodbyes at the Windsor airport. Bob was flying out to Jersey for a couple of days of practice before they headed out to Mexico. It had been months since they played the black parade all the way through with props and everything. The same could be said for the second part of the set which were songs from Sweet Revenge.

Madison cried while Bob held her not wanting to let her go. But it was his life and he wouldn’t have it any other way. They would be together soon. A few days in Mexico then back to Chicago to spend some time with Ali and the rest will be spent with Madison until he had to go back for practice for the benefit show and the rest of the tour. He would get that one night where he would have bet dressed in a tux but it would be worth it to see Madison all dressed up. She was skipping classes to join them at Maxwell’s then it would really be hard for her because he would be gone for a few weeks.

The night he was gone Mark came over and Madison cried on his shoulder.

“I don’t know if I can handle this. The other girls tell me it gets easier. Actually Alicia is having a hard time because she and Mikey have had all that time together and now he’s gone. Christa and Jamia say they keep themselves busy.”

“Then don’t handle it, break up with him.”

“I can’t I love him too much.”

“Then you’re always destined to go through this and I might not be there to pick up the pieces.”

“I know. I need to be alone.”

“Okay but we need to go over the menu. How bout my place I want to show you something you might be very interested in.”

Mark left the house smiling as he thought, ‘it would be so easy to manipulate her now that Bobby is gone’.

He got to the apartment he was staying at in Hartford and watched his updated version of the events from the other night, one of two things would happen she would be disgusted and leave Bob or she would do anything to protect him. Mark didn’t care which because either way he would win.

The next night Madison came over and Mark had a candlelit dinner, classical music in the background, and a fifty inch plasma television ready for viewing.

“What’s going on we’re supposed to be working on the dinner menu?”

“The caterer sent some samples over. I just thought to get the full effect of how the presentation would look at the benefit we would eat by candlelight. If it bothers that you much we can turn all the lights back on.” He moved to the light switch.

“Maybe just a little brighter.”

“Like this?” asked Mark.


They went through the samplings and slowly picked out the menu from appetizers to deserts.

“Well I have to go there was some homework I didn’t get to finish.”

“Wait, I still need to show you something.”

“I figured I wanted to show a movie clip of your mother, some pics and homemade movies type thing. I have two so I want you to choose.”

Mark put the first discs in and there were pictures of her mother when she was younger riding a horse, swimming in a gigantic pool, graduation from high school graduation from college with her father standing by her. Madison was in tears watching her parents wedding and how happy they were just after she was born. There was a picture taken outside the Wang Center in Boston where she and her mother went to their annual trek to see the Boston Ballet’s version of the Nutcracker. Only two people knew how special that was to her, her dad and Bob.

“I don’t need to see the other one this is the one I want.”

“No Madison you’ll want to see this one.”

Mark changed the disc and there was Bob close up of Bob kissing someone’s stomach. As he moved lower the camera focused on a young girls face she could be not much older than fifteen, sixteen the most. Madison cried when she saw the love of her doing all those things to a young girl. But what came next broke her heart even more when the girl pleaded for him to stop and he didn’t.”

Madison ran out the door crying, Mark went to chase her but she just screamed, “Leave me alone.”

She somehow got to the house without causing an accident and curled up in her bed and cried. It was eleven and her cell phone was ringing she looked at who it was. It was Bob, so she picked up the phone and threw it at the wall.

Bob looked at his band mates and sighed.

“What’s the matter?” asked Mikey.

“Maddie’s not answering her phone.”

“You said she was really busy at school, maybe she’s tired and went to sleep.”

Bob called again, and again there was no answer. “Hey babe I just wanted to let you know how much I love you. Call me when you get this message.”

Madison had a fitful sleep the images of what Bob had done to the girl were impossible to get out of her mind. Also what was impossible to get out of her mind was how sweet he was when he found out what happened to her. Something didn’t add up and she knew it. She cut classes that day and went straight to Marks. She conned the doorman to let her in his apartment. The disc was still in the player as hard as it was for her to watch she watched it again but this time the camera panned out and it was her bedroom and everything that Bob said he said to her that night, everything he did he did to her that night and all she could think of was how much of a bastard Mark was.

She shut it off then she heard the door open, it was Mark.

She went up to him and slapped his face, “You fucking bastard. How could you do that to me, to Bob? If this ever got out it would ruin him.”

“He’d probably go to jail. And the end of poor Bobby.”

“Is it because your that jealous, I’m sorry I don’t love you Mark. But this is insane”

“Love you think this is about love Madison? I don’t love you I never loved you it’s about the money it always was. I convinced your father Brad didn’t rape you so you would turn to me I have planned everything so we would be married. Everything but then Bryar came and I knew he was trouble so I set up those guys to scare you. But no they had to take it too far and Bob was now your savior. Every fucking thing I threw your way you and Bob seemed to dance right by, but not this time sweetheart. Here’s the deal Madison, when I propose to you at your mother’s benefit and I want leak this to the press.”

“Are you blackmailing me?”

“The beauty of it Madison I never would have thought of it. I stole the idea from you. Remember when you made that little video. I downloaded it that night. Your sister looked so young and innocent. I changed it to a younger girl but realized that was a little unrealistic. But this is so much better because it could be a fan.”

“I’ll tell everyone it’s a fake.”

“I don’t think so.”

“See Chris tried to tell on me and see the price he had to pay.”

“I won’t go to jail you will asshole.”

“I’m not talking about jail,” Mark dragged Madison to the computer. She saw a picture of a girl she swore she saw on a runway at a fashion event. Then the next picture showed her face was all slashed up.

“Fine do that to me. I don’t care Bob will still love me.”

“I’m sure he will, and I know you want in your dad’s business so you can do that behind a desk and almost never seen. But Elisabeth well she wants to be a trial lawyer correct. Maybe a jury will be too busy looking at her marred face and feel pity for her and her client.”

“Don’t you dare touch a hair on her head!”

“One phone call Madison and it’s done. Your decision. You have until October 23rd to make your decision. Until then we do business as usual. I leave Bob and Elisabeth’s fate in your hands. I have one more warning, don’t test me.”

Madison left fuming. Her phone rang she looked at the number it was Bob. She took a deep breath.

She answered the phone and said “Hey.”

“I was worried when you didn’t answer last night.”

“I’m sorry I was just tired.”

“That’s what I thought,” said Bob. “Are you okay hun?”

“Yeah why wouldn’t I be?”

“You just don’t sound right.”

“I’m just tired.”

“Are you in a class right now, I’ll call back later.”

“I just have a lot on my mind and need to think.”

“I love you,” said Bob quietly.

“I love you too no matter what.”
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