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Make A Wish

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Okay Skylar IS in this chapter. Sorry for taking so long to introduce her. This chapter has been fastforwarded a little. It will make sense don't worry.

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Fast Froward 8 Months
"Anna! Wake up! You're gonna be late!" Frank's voice called from downstairs. Anna groaned and sat up. Her head was pounding and her mouth tasted stale. She got up muttering angrily out loud. She grabbed the nearst things in her wardrobe (Black skinny jeans, Red and black striped shirt, black converses). She ran a brush quickly through her greasy looking hair. Her eyeliner was smudged. She groaned impatiently and quickly wiped it off and re-applied it as neatly as she could. Her head felt like it was gonna split ove and her ears were ringing. Th last 2 months had been really tough for her. She had started drinking. Heavily. Eveyone had tried to stop her but she just wouldn't listen. Eventually Frank had managed to persuade her to go to a councilling group for drinking. She had completely forgotten about it and she felt terrible but Frank was still forcing her to go. She frowned at herself in the mirror. Her haair was limp and messy. She had dark circles under her eyes and there were spots on her chin and nose. She stomped out the room angrily. She walked into the kitchen where Frank was sitting, reading a newspaper with 2 bowls of cereal on the table. She flopped down in the chair opposite him and glared at him. He sighed at her expression.
"Anna you know this is for your own good" He said looking up at her from the paper.
"Yeah yeah you keep telling me that" She growled back, Folding her arms.
"C'mon eat Anna. We're leaving in 5 minutes" He said.
"Im not hungry" She replied back grumpily. He raised and eyebrow and sighed but didn't say anything and carried on reading his paper. She groaned again and buried her face in her hands.
"Frank please don't make me go!" She begged. He laughed softly.
"Anna. You promised you'd do this. Remember? You said you'd do it for me." Frank said. She groaned again and hid her face. She had promised.
"C'mon. Let's go" Frank said getting up. She ignored him. He sighed and walked over.
"Anna!" He said sternly. He shook her shoulder. She swore loudly and got up.
"That's better" He said happily. He put his arm round his sister and walked out the apartment with her.
"I'm really proud of you ya know?" He asked. She roled her eyes.
"Yeah yeah whatever." She replied moodily.

*Author Note: Okay okay I KNOW I said I'd put Skylar in here but i HAVE to get off RIGHT NOW or I am dead. I swear though she'll be in the next one. I SWEEEEEEEEEAR!!
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