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Lunch Time with The Guys

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Gerard's POV;

Today was actually a good day. I met Katlyn. She has all the same classes as me. Except for gym, when she has gym I have free period. 4th period was almost over. Katlyn sat on the other side of the room where her assigned seat was(damn the fucker who invented assigned seating!).

"3-2-1!" I whispered.

Then the bell rang. I shot up out of my seat and bolted for the door. Man, I think i was a little too excited for lunch today. Crap, I need to cool down. I saw her run out towards the hallway, I walked out behind her. I stood some distance and just watched while she was putting things into her locker. Then, I started to walk towards her. She seemed to be really focused on something.

"Hey." I said as I leaned up against my locker.

She gasped when she closed her locker.

"Surprised to see me?" I laughed.

"YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME!" she held her chest, trying to catch her breath.

"I tend to have that effect on people." I said, smiling.

"Don't say that! I didn't mean it like that, you dork. Don't put yourself down like that." She told me as her cheeks turned red.

I smiled. She was cute when she blushed, which she did a lot.

"Well, come on. I want you to meet everybody." I said and dragged her into the lunch room.

I walked into the lunch line with Katlyn. Once we got our food, I looked around for everyone.

"Ah Ha!" I said, and pointed over to a lunch table nearby.

"Are you sure they're going to like me, Gerard? I might not fit in as fast as you think I will."

I laughed.

"Of course they're going to like you! Trust me, if I like you, so will they!"

I looked down at her and she looked up. I smiled and she smiled back.

"Let's go." I said, and started walking to the table.

Once we got to the table,

"Hey guys, I would like you to meet Katlyn, She's new."

They all looked up from they're trays of food at me and Katlyn. Tragedy's eyes lit up.

"Hi, I'm Heather, but these goons call me Tragedy. Nice to meet you." She said with a smile and giggled.

"Hi, my old friends called me Kat. So you can call me that if you want."

Tragedy smiled.

"Sit here, Kat!" Tragedy said and scooted over for Misery to sit.

I'm glad Tragedy and Katlyn became fast friends, I knew that they would.

This is all working out just as I planed.

Katlyn's POV;[split POV's suck don't they? lol sorry]

Tragedy began to introduce everyone.

"Well, that's Frank," she pointed to a guy with hazel eyes and brown and blond dreads. He had his lip and nose pierced, also his ears gaged. He wore a Black Flag tee with very tight jeans and slip-on VANS.

"Hi, I'm Frank, but you can call me Frankie if you want." he smiled and waved. He was very nice, goofy too.

"That's Ray." she pointed to a guy with a brown/hazel eyes and a brown afro. He wore a plain black tee, black jeans and classic high-top chucks[converse].

"Hi, I'm Ray Toro, nice to meet you. Frodo over here calls me Torosaurus. You can call me that if you want." he smiled.

"And of course, you know Gerard." I looked at Gerard. He had that famous goofy grin plastered on his gorgeous face. Along with some pizza sauce on the side of his mouth. I laughed, he looked so adorable.

"What?" he asked, completely oblivious.

"Ha ha, look at your face!" Frank whaled and started giggling as well.

I felt bad, so I handed him a napkin.

"You have a little pizza sauce on the side of your mouth." I said and point to the same spot on my face.

He just looked at me and said,

"Fuck," and wiped off the red substance. Damn, he was too fucking cute.

"Anyway, that's Mikey, Gerard's younger brother, or as we like to see him as "everybody's kid brother"." she pointed to a guy with glasses and an ANTHRAX tee. He had tight black jeans and VANS. He looked sort of like Gerard, but instead of black hair, he had brown.

"Hi, I'm Mikey. Everyone calls me Mikes. But you can call me either one." he smiled and took a bite of his fries.

Lunch was fun. We discussed our different classes, even thought we had none with Mikey. Also about bands, horror films and different comics.

"NO WAY! SPIDER MAN SO OWNS WOLVERINE!!" Frank argued with Gerard.



"What do you think, Katlyn?" Gerard asked me.

"Well, actually, I think both of them are really good superheroes. Now, if you look at Superman, right there, is a pansy! Yeah he's 'AS FAST AS A SPEEDING BULLET!' big fucking deal! All superheroes can do that! 'SUPER STRENGTH!' bullshit, again, EVERY SUPERHERO has that power, he's not unique. The Hulk too. He just had anger issues...I think, hands down, the top superheroes are Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ninja Turtles, and hmmm...Batman." I explained.

Frank and Gerard looked at each other, along with Mikey and Ray.

"What?" I asked.

"Well, none of the girls that I've ever met have EVER read comic books, or even cared about them." Gerard stated.

"Well, I guess I'm not like the other girls.." I smirked.

He paused, like he didn't know what to say. Does he feel the same way I feel about him?

"HELL YEAH! All those superheroes kick ass! HIGH FIVE! WHOO!" Frank screamed, all hyper.

"BEEEP!" the bell rang. Lunch was over.

" God Dammit! I don't wanna leave lunch! This sucks!" Mikey pouted.

"We'll see each other soon, the school day's almost over, so we'll catch up after school." I smiled. He smiled back, then walked back to the freshman wing of the school.

Me and Tragedy had gym class next. Greeeat.....I fucking hate gym class, maybe I can fake sick or something. Suddenly, Gerard tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey, I'll see you next period, okay?" he whispered.

"Okay, Bye Gerard..." I smiled and waved.

I couldn't stop staring as he walked down the hallway to his free period. For some reason, it seemed like me and Gerard we're closer than before.
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