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Culinary 101

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Katlyn teaches Gerard some of her culinary skills

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Katlyn's POV;

Was this a dream? I'm here, in the girl's locker room, half-naked, in Gerard's arms, sharing a kiss! This couldn't be a dream because the last thing I remember was going to gym with Tragedy. We were talking about Frank and Gerard. Then, class ended, we walked back to the locker room. Everyone left, I told Tragedy I would meet her out in the hallway, then these 3 jock assholes were surrounding me. Now this. I don't fight Gerard, in fact I kiss him back. He tasted like coffee and chocolate(Tragedy had passed around a bar of chocolate at lunch), and his scent...who knew soap and cigarettes smelt son good? God, could this moment get any better? We broke apart for a moment.

"Katlyn," He began.

"Will...Will you be my girlfriend?"

Oh. My. God. This moment just got better. Gerard, the most attractive guy I've ever met, including the nicest, just asked me to be his girlfriend! He looked so sincere. I couldn't say 'no'. In fact, I wouldn't say 'no'.

"Yes." was all I could say. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed his lips. He put one hand on my head and stroked my hair. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. I smiled and he smiled back.

"Well, we're definitely late," I looked down at my body. My face flushed red.

"And...I need to get dressed." I said extremely embarrassed.

He kissed my forehead.

"I'll wait outside for you, okay?" He smiled. Man, that guy had a smile that could kill.

"Okay," I said and picked up my jeans.

I got dressed as fast as I could and walked out of the locker room.

Gerard was no where to be found.

'Hmm, I wonder where he went' I thought to myself.

Suddenly, I felt arms encircle my waist. I gasped and whipped back.

"Hey sugar." Gerard smiled.

"Hey." I said as I turned around in his arms and pecked him on the lips.

"We're going to be late, Gee." I copied Frank's nickname for him.

He smiled and laughed a bit.


"Well, you called me Gee. No one calls me that but Frankie."

"Is that okay?" I asked concerned. God, I already fucked something up.

"Hell, I could care less. In fact, I like that you called be that."

He hugged me tighter and pecked my lips.

We walked hand-in-hand to our next class. I felt another spring of happiness in my heart. Things have gotten better. Much better than I expected.

I was happy for 2 reasons. One, Gerard and I are together. AT LAST! He so adorable and kind. I couldn't ask for a better guy. No matter what other people thought of him, I thought he was just perfect. Two, our next class was Home Etc. I love to cook. It's one of my many talents. But, once we entered the class room,

"Gerard! Why are you late?!" asked a woman. She was wearing a chef's uniform. Guessing that she was the chef.

"Well I had a lot of trouble getting here." he said, looking down at me. We both did, actually.

"And who are you?" she asked, rudely.

"I'm Katlyn Palmer. I'm new. Sorry I'm late. Gerard and I had a bit of trouble getting here..." Hey, it wasn't a total lie.

"Well, I don't care about your excuse, since there's no other students available, you'll have to work with Gerard." she stated. He looked down and gave me a goofy smile. I blushed and smiled back.

"That's fine with me."

"Okay then. Let's move on. Today, were making a 2 course meal. The dishes today are all Italian. You are to make an entree and a dessert. Any of your choice, but the must be Italian."

I looked at the directions on the board then to the chef.

"Can you handle it?" she asked.

With a smirk, I replied,

"Of course."

"Alright then. Get started. I'll be around 10 minutes before the end of class to inspect your dish."

I shook my head and walked to the open kitchen. I grabbed an apron and put in on. I tied my hair up and washed my hands. Pulling out a cook book, I looked up the recipe for Lasagna and Cannoli's.

Gerard watched as I prepared the ingredients. I grabbed the box of noodles, the sauce, the meat and Ricotta cheese. I throughly cooked the raw meat and poured in the sauce. Once that was done, I layered the pasta then the sauce. After that, another layer on pasta then the Ricotta cheese. Repeating the same steps until the pan was completely full. I placed the oven on 450 degrees. I entered the pan into the hot cave waiting about 25 minutes to cook(the class time we had was about 45 minutes). I started the cannolis while the Lasagna was cooking. Everything had to be made from scratch. The teacher wanted to give us a challenge. Pfft, yeah right. I started the crepe batter and pour a bit into a skillet. The crepe was supposed to be very thin. I did this about 6 times. Making a total of 6 cannoli shells. I rolled them up quickly and put them aside to harden.

Gerard stared as I cooked.

"Gerard," I asked not taking my attention away from the dessert.


"Is there something wrong?" I asked smiling.

"No, it's just wow. I could never make any of these dishes. My mom forbids me from going into the kitchen, after what I did to her curtains about a year ago. I suck at cooking."

I laughed at the thought of Gerard burning his mother's kitchen curtains.

"Well Gerard, I happen to love cooking. And I have to say, I'm pretty good. I mean, I'm no grand master of cooking. But, you know, I have my moments."

I started to whip up the creme mixture. Confectioners Sugar, heavy cream and Granulated Sugar. I mixed the contents in a bowl(by hand, god this lady was old fashioned wasn't she?). Once I was done, I had to make sure it was sweet enough, but not too sweet.

"Babe, can you try this?" I asked grabbing a spoon and dipping into the creamy mixture.

Gerard gladly liked away the filling. He thought for a minute.

"When you said you have your moments, this is one of them. This is fucking good!" he smiled and licked the spoon clean.

"Well thank you for the complement." I laughed.

"Can you check the Lasagna for me?"

"Sure," he answered and walked over to the oven.

He opened the door.

"Damn, it sure as hell smells good, I think it's done."

I smirked.

"Just because it smells good, doesn't mean it's done, Gerard. The top of it has to be bubbling." I looked inside the oven. The Lasagna was doing just that. I grabbed the pair of oven mits off of the counter and took out the entree.

I set it on the counter to cool. While that was cooling, I applied the Cannoli filling to their shells. When that was done, I added chocolate chips to the sides for taste and appearance. Everything was finished. 3 servings for each person. 1 for the chef, 1 for Gerard, and 1 for me. Then whatever was left over, we could take home.

I turned off the oven and started to clean up. I looked over at Gerard. His eyes were wide with hunger. I laughed.

"See anything you like?" I asked standing beside him.

"Yeah..." he said grabbing my waist. "You."

I blushed, "Gerard stop that!" I giggled.

"Actually, I really can't wait until I try the food." he said.

"Well now here's your chance because here comes the chef." I pointed to the chef, as she walked to our kitchen.

"Lets see the finished product." she said.

I gave her a serving on Lasagna, and a cannoli. She took a bite of the lasagna. I had my fingers crossed.

"Hmmmm," she thought. "This is delicious!" she replied and picked up the dessert.

"The appearance of this is very good." she complimented and took a bite.

"This is good too! Wonderful!" she finished both dishes. I loved when people ate my food. Especially when they enjoy it.

"Wow! This IS good!" I looked next to me. Gerard was eating my entree with a huge smile on his face.

"Really? You like it?" I asked.

"Yeah! It's excellent!" he said, stuffing his face. He finished the Lasagna and picked up the dessert. He took a bite. Suddenly, the smile he had became bigger. He put down the plate and put his arms around me and kissed my forehead, my neck, then my lips passionately.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"You amaze me you know that? We have the same taste in music, we both love to draw, and now you cook. Great by the way. Your cannoli is actually better than my mom's really."

I thought about that. I wonder what his mother was like. His brother is really sweet and funny too. I want to know more about him. A lot more.

Then, the bell rang. The school day was finally over. We boxed up all the cannolis and some of the lasagna. I walked to my locker with Gerard. I grabbed my books and papers, stuffing them into my mesh bag. I sighed. I would have to stay in my car again tonight. But I can't complain, at least I have my car to live in and not a box. Be greatful.

"What's wrong?" Gerard asked, leaning up against his locker.

"I don't know. Stress I guess. I still have to figure a few things out." Oh shit! Why the hell did I say that! Lemme guess? He gonna ask..

"What do you mean?"

Fuck! I knew that was coming.

"Well," I started.

"Yeah? Is there something wrong going on at home?"

I sighed. I might as well tell him the truth.

"It's a long story," I stated.

"Okay," he said.

Damn, I didn't think I was gonna get off the hook that easily.

"Then you'll have to explain it to me, when we get to my house."


He wasn't thinking....

"Yep, you're coming to my house, whether you like it or not."

Yeah, he was thinking that.

Oh man, this was NOT going to turn on good...
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