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Breaking dawn

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“Won’t your mom be mad,” she questioned.

“Yeah but, I want to at least have a shot with him,” I said. I looked over at Max and a cheerleader was all over him.

“You going to say anything,” she said.

“Yeah,” I walked over to him, “I love you,” I kissed him and walked off. He came running soon after wrapping his arms around my waist. He kissed my neck and I shivered. I was speechless. We walked into the school, my phone began to ring, “Hello?”

“Alex where are you,” it was my mom.

“At school why,” I asked.

“Just making sure,” she said and hung up.

My phone began to ring again I picked it up, “Hello?”

“Hey is my son with you,” it was Bam.

“Yeah, he is standing right here,” I said.

“Okay he is going to you house after school same with Avril,” he said.

“Uhm okay,” and I hung up.

“Lets go,” Max said leading me along.

“Bleck,” I whinned. I dragged myself to my locker, “I hate school!”

“But you love me,” Max started, “right?”

“Of course,” I kissed him.

“Major ewness,” Liz said. I stuck my tongue out at her. I mean good things were happening to me nothing could ruin my day till homeroom.

“Ms. Way,” Mr. Oxley began, “You are Failing English, My English class to be exact.”

“I am so dead,” I threw my head back.

“What,” Liz asked. I handed he my report card and her jaw dopped, “Dude, you know what this means,” she looked at me.

“Yeah, No skateboard, no iPod, no MySpace, no cell phone, and no friends over, this sucks ass,” I said.

I got home and showed my report card to my dad he was cool but when my mom saw she freaked, “ALEXANDRA RAE WAY,” she yelled.

“I am sorry I tried I don’t understand it,” I was about to cry.

“YOU SPEAK IT,” she yelled and I started getting smart.

“I don’t write in proper English,” I folded my arms.


“Because I understand Spanish class,” I said.

“I don’t even want to put up with this,” she grabbed the keys and left for work.

“URGH,” I yelled stomping my feet on the way up to my room.

“Alex,” I heard a knock at my door.

I opened it and it was Justin, “What's wrong with dad?”

“I don’t know,” I thought, “Be right back,” I pushed him out of the way and went to the balcony, “Dad?”

“What,” he wiped his face.

“What's wrong,” I said.

“Your mom,” he began, “just its almost Frank’s birthday, yeah, and she just gets emotional around that time, that’s all and it just throws me for a loop.”

“Oh, okay,” I walked back to my room and blared 30 seconds to mars and fell asleep.i woke up and my dad was asleep on the floor. I pulled his hair, “Wake up what are you doing in here?”

“Your mom,” he fell back asleep.

“Uhm okay that explains a lot,” I rolled over.

I woke up again and my dad was mumbling in his sleep, “Maybe just one more drink,” he was laughing like a drunk. I knew something was up. I walked over to my mom who was passed out in her room. I rounded the side of the bed when I saw someone on the floor. He had black hair like my dad’s. my mom rolled over to me.

“Hey sweetie,” she said.

“What's wrong with dad he is in my room mumbling something about drinking,” I folded my arms. Just then the guy got up.

“Hey I am Max, Max Green,” he said.

“Not in the mood,” I looked to my mom, even though his beauty was distracting me, “What is wrong with dad,” I was almost yelling.

“NOTHING,” he came barging in tripping and falling.

“I cant handle this,” I walked down stairs in my PJ’s and ran to Frank’s. I ran into Max, my Max. He said something but I just kept running he ran after me. I barged in the door and ran in to their room. They were in the middle of sex. I didn’t care I jumped in the bed hugging Frank and began to cry

“WHAT THE FUCK ALEX,” he yelled. I guess he didn’t notice I was crying.

I inhaled really big, “I…Am…Sor…ry,” I managed to get out.

“Oh fuck, what happened,” He hugged me EW HE WAS STILL HARD I bout threw up, “I am sorry bout that,” he pulled away, “First reaction to hug you.”

I rolled over and Max was right there I threw up on his feet, “Ew gross,” I threw up again.

“I said sorry hold on,” he walked way. He came back ten minutes later, “What happened?”

“I woke up and…..” I explained the whole story. Max had slipped off his jeans reviling his boxers in the middle of the story and laid next to me with his arms around my waist.

“Wait,” his eyes got wide, “Crap,” he looked at Erin her mouth dropped.

“That means,” the ran out of the room leaving me and Max.
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