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Cigarettes and Coffee and alcoholics best friends

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I rolled over to face him, “I am lost.”

“Me too,” he inhaled, “What could possibly drive both your mom and dad INSANE.”

“I don’t know,” I buried my face in his chest and fell asleep.

“Alex get the fuck up this is important,” Frank was yelling.

“What the fuck,” I covered my mouth.

“Don’t worry this is more important then that,” he pulled me up, “Uhm your mom and dad started drinking again and Max green was with them and well a lot happened.”

“Holy fuck,” I already could tell I leaned over and threw up.

“Yeah,” he paused and looked down at me, “I don’t know how bad it is either.”

“No,” I yelled, “He cant,” It finally sunk in and it hit me hard.

Yeah he is,” Frank said slowly, “I. Am. Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” I was mad. I pushed him off the bed and was running toward the door till I saw a black shirt in font of me. “Leave. Me. Alone,” I spit out with each punch. He pulled me close. I broke down, “I. Hate. You,” I screamed sobbing. I said it many time getting quiter each time till I was whispering, “I hate you,”

“I love you,” he lifted my head, it was Max and kissed me.

“I can’t respond,” I tried pulling away from him.

“Stop,” he said. You could hear the fear in his voice. I pushed away from him and stared.

“What,” he looked at me then pulled me close. I pulled away again, “Tell me,” I said threw my teeth.

“Nothing,” he was crying. I totally forgot Frank was in the room.

“Tell me Dammit,” I yelled.

“No,” he calmly said.

“Fine,” I pushed him more then I intended to and he hit the wall, “I’m not going to ask again. I give up,” I walked out the door. When I heard them talking.

“Just let her calm down,” obviously Frank.

I walked in the front door and saw my Mom, Dad and The one guy in the kitchen, I saw the beer bottle and freaked, “What the hell,” I yelled at my dad.

“What its just one……five,” my jaw dropped,

“Stupid drunk,” I muttered, “I fucking hate you,” I yelled, “you just think because you are Gerard Mother Fucking way…” he cut me off.

Just then something clicked in his head, “What did you just say,” he glared at me.

“You’re Gerard,”-I talked slower- “Mother Fucking Way,” I was in his face.

“Don’t ever fucking cuss at me,” he grabbed my wrists, “You hear me.”

“Fuck….you,” I screamed just then Mikey walked in, “I. fucking. Hate You,” I broke his grasp and ran up to my room. My phone began to ring, “What the fuck do you want?”

“Let me in,” he screamed. I hung up and opened the door. It was my Max, I clung to him for dear life, “I am sorry, I love you. I owe you. Please forgive me,” I kissed him each time, crying too.

“Shut up,” he glared at me. I stepped back from him, “You think you can be a bitch, and just apologize and everything will be fine?”

I cried even worse, “I-I.”

He cut me off, “You are a bitch……and……I love you,” he tackled me onto the bed, kissing me, “I do love you very much.” I pushed him onto the floo.

“Just because I am a bitch doesn’t mean that you can be an ass and othe expect me to make-out with you,” He cocked his head, “Well I love you too,” I walked to my door and opened it to see my dad fall and I caught him even though I wanted him to fall.

“I am sorry,” I smelt the booze on his breath.

“I don’t care,” he got up and I heard a pill bottle shake, “What was that?”

“Nothing,” I snatched it out of his hand.

“Xannex, what the fuck,” I was screaming.
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