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No need for Streaky

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A labratory actcident sends Krypto and the gang to demension to demension, reinacting my favorite action cartoons.

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I got this idea from a forum I made on hope you like it.



"Krypto the Superdog in: No need for Streaky"(au: writin and directed by yours truly)

We take a look at the Dogstar's satelite, wear we see Krypto, Streaky, Tusky-Husky, Mammoth-Mutt, and Hotdog in front of Brainy-Baker in their brifing room.

"So, What's the mission this time?" Krypto asked Brainy.

"A bodygaurd mission, for an old friend of mine." replied Brainy. Just then the doors opened, revealing a pink female cat. She stood on her hind legs and was wearing a small black jacket, and carring a briffcase.

"Now introducing the greatest scientific mind in the universe, NEOWSHU!!!" said the cat introducing herself. Then a tiny puppet version of herself hopped on her shoulder.

"Neowshu, you are a genius" it said in a high pitched voice. then another one appeared on Neowshu's other shoulder.

"Your the greatest genius in the WORLD!" it said in the same voice as the first one. The Dogstars were weirded out by her entrance, but said nothing so they didn't offend her.


The scene changed to them in a chamber. "You can leave your logedge here, till we get to the drop off point." said Brainy.

"why thank you brainy" said Neowshu as she opened up her briff case. then suddenly a whole bounch of wires came out and attach themselves to the walls. the it became a huge computer with a metal sphere in the center.

"Woah, how did you fit all that in their?" asked streaky, stupafid.

"Well, it's a peace of cake for a genius like me." Neowshu branged.

"So, what's this thing do anyways?" ask Hotdog.

"I'm glad you asked," said Neowshu "you see it connects the unstabullise poleroites to the chrystalla fragmints to conducted a annutralized paradox." Everyone but Brainy(who actually knew what Neowshu was talking about) just staired at her like she was speaking french.(au: as a side not, i don't know college science ethier. i'm just throwing big words around)

"She means, it can drag cosmic radiation to supstend an alternative result." Brainy explained. But it had the same result.

"Okay, we'll explain again," said Neowshu infustration "It makes the universe, the way YOU want it!"

Well everybody understands now. "I can live like a king and have my own fish bar" thought Streaky, imaging himself in a haram full of sexy pursians, giving him fishstick one by one.

"I can have two fangs." thought Tusky.

"I can be taller." Thought Mammoth-Mutt, imaging herself with a body more like brainy's.

"A great field of Hotdogs" thought hotdog.

"So Neowshu, do you mind if I take this baby for a little joy ride?" said Streaky.

"You know, I think pink is a very stylish color." said Mammoth-Mutt, trying to butter Neowshu up. Then Tusky and Hotdog moved in.

"Enuff," said Neowshu "I can't let anyone use it till I fully program it!" Little did anyone knows, their was a fly on the wall. A robotic fly that is.


On another spaceship, Mechanikat and his minion, Snooky, where watching there conversation on their monitor.

"And I won't use it for such matirial wants!" Neowshu finished. Then the monitor was turned off.

"A time altering Device Ah?" said the cybernitic feline "Purr-fect."

"I'll sneak on board their ship and..."

"No," enterupted Mechanikat "This is a too importaint mission for you."

"That's what you said about stealing Tusky's tooth, and that was a complete disaster."

"Fine you can go to." said Mechanikat, annoyed.


That night, on the dogstar's ship. Streaky was in a spair bedroom(him and Krypto where spending the night there) looking at the seilling. "how can I sleep Knowing that a palace is at my paw tips?" he thought. He got out of bed and sneaked to the room where the computer was. He got to The front door, only to find that Tusky, Mammoth-Mutt, and Hotdog where there.

"What are you guys doing here?" demanded Streaky.

"We could ask you the same question." answered Hotdog.

They all reallized they had the same thought and went into the room to gether. only to find that Mechanikat and Snooky where there. Streaky tried to hit them with his heat vision, but it ricachited off Mechanikat's arm and hit the sphere on the computer. Then everthing started to shake. Brainy, Krypto, and Neowshu went in to see what was going on. "Oh, my baby, my baby!" screamed Neowshu, running to her computer. Then weird energy was forming around everybody.

"Neowshu, what's going on?" shouted Brainy.

"The main system was dammedged, now this solor system is going to be sent into deferent dimentions. I'll stay here and try to fix the damedges. If I fail, all of you will be stuck in a alternent universe for ever." Just then a huge Flash appeared, and everything faded to white.

If your wondering what's going to happen in the next chapter, let's just say Krypto will go from a superhero, to a real american hero.

Disclaimer: I only own Neowshu, everybody else is owned by ethier WB or DC.
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