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G. I. Bone: Patrol 6

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The Dog Stars are soldiers trying to enfulltrait an artic base.

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Okay, now that the prelude is out of the way, I can go to the main focus of this fic. In this chapter, /itallics means singing/, and bold is what Krypto's thinking/narrating. Start the fic!





"G.I. Bone: Patrol 6"

The flash clears, showing a tundra area. We turn to a hexigon shaped building. We then look through a sacurity camera's point of view, seeing a large group walking it's way. The camera staticed up, and when it went back on, we have a better look at the group. They were Katbots, but the're blue, have bladed arms, and had a red cat face symbol on their chest.

"Intruder alert, intruder alert" the camera said. But it was too late, one of the Katbots got close enuff to slash at it.


(theme song[au: yes, i'm putting in theme song parodies to])

Dogstar Patrol: a secret organasation detecated to stop the evils of K.A.T. Your mission, stop K.A.T., stop K.A.T.

Be a hero
Dogstars will turn the tides
Be a hero
The Patrol is your side
Be a hero
Be the best of the best
When ever their's a mission
Dogstars are their

Krypto, take command
Bulldog, on the sences
Bat-Eyes, Paw to Hand
Shotdog, lean and mean
Rosie, ready to fight
Tunnal Cat, Ignite

(inturmental break)

Whenever K.A.T. strikes, where ever they attack.
Dogstar would fight, their's no turning back.

"Go patrol"

And be hero
Dogstars will turn the tides
Be a hero
The Patrol is on your side
Be a hero
Be the best of the best
When ever their is trouble
Dogstars are their


(end of theme song)


We now see two vehicles driving threw the snow. We get a close up of one of the drivers. It's Krypto, but he's now a muscular anthropomorphic, and wearing a black and blue jumpsuit.

"My name is Comrade Schnauzer. My codename: Krypto. We received word that K.A.T. broke into a millitary base."

We now see Rosie piloting the other vehicle. She also became anthropomorphic, but had a thin build body, and wore a yellow and black jumpsuit with green lens goggles.

"My second in command, Rosie, and I went to see the damadge."


We now see a large truck, with Hotdog in the driver's seat reading a magazine.

"Good think we have Shotdog as back up, he's our best tank pilot we've got."


We now see Ace, also in anthro form, and wearing a black ninja uniform. He was running really fast, and was accompanied by Tusky-Husky and Mammoth-Mutt, who were also in anthro.

"Also joining us is Bat-Eyes(Ace), one of the best ninjas on Earth. Along with his apprentaces, Tscao(Tusky) and Minx(Mammoth-Mutt), The're an unstoppable force."


We now see a jungle area, then switch to see Bulldog lifting a grate that's twice his size(and he's really big now). He had muscles a bodybuilder would die for, and was wearing a tight grean shirt, white pants and a red bandanna.

"At our Amazon Base was Bulldog, who had the strength of an elephant."

Just then a small, brown mouse appeared. When Bulldog saw it, he groped the grate, went on his knees, and covered his head, like a bomb was coming.

"I just wish it was the only thing he had in common with an elephant."

Just then, Streaky came out of a large pipe. He had a thin build body(kinda got the short end of the stick there), and wore a brown and red jumpsuit, a black ski cap, and goggles with lime green lens.

"Joining him is Tunnal Cat, our bombing and survival specialist."

Streaky(oops, I mean Tunnal Cat) then spotted a cockroach. He picked it up with his tounge, and poped it in his mouth.

"But he has the weirdest taste in food."


We then turn back to where Krypto and Rosie were. They are out of their vehicles and examining the base(now in ruins) where K.A.T. attacked.

"We had no idea what K.A.T. was after. But I do know one thing, if K.A.T. wants it, it's nothing good."

Rosie then talked in her communicator. "Bark-Tech, can you lock on to K.A.T.'s base" she said.

"Way ahead of you." said a weman's voice.


The scene then changed to a large computer. In front of it was a large transparient blob, working the computer. You can see two purple fured paws typing.

"Oh, almost forgot. This is Bark-Tech, our digital mastermind. She can hack into a system faster then anyone, and you'll never know what invention she'll come up with next."

The blob stand up, revealing it was Brainy-Barker in a invisable blanket. She(as everyone else) was now anthro, with a thin build body. she was wearing high tech armor, and large, green lens, goggles.

"I'm just glad her brain's on our side."


Now we see in the K.A.T. base tower. We see Delilah, now a thin build anthro with long black human like hair on her head, wearing a black skin tight jumpsuit, and a small pair of glasses. She's playing vurtural chess with Mechanikat, who now had a large, muscular upper body, and an all silver head with his emblum on his forehead. He was wearing a think black jacket with brown pants.

"Vood vork vorm the Katbots, vor retrieving the viles, Comander." said Delilah in a russin accent, "Now ve can start our opperation on vinding the Krypor stones."

"Yes Dairaness," said Mechanikat "I hope you also have top protection for the files"

"But vof course" replied Dairaness "I sent our best agent to lead the army. The Ninja, Ice Shadow."


We now see a large feild of katbots. Running torges them was Tscao and Minx. The katbots then start firing lazers.

"Hey Tscao," said Minx "attack paterin beta?"

"You know it." replied Tscao.

They then ran at top speed, doing empressive backflips and summersults, dodging the lazers. When they got close enuff, they pulled out their swords and choped each one they passed. When they got to the center of the katbot army, they put their swords back into their scabers, stand back to back, and started firing at the katbots with their lazer gauntlets.

Up on a clift, Ice Shadow(Isis) was watching them like a hawk ready to strike. She was wearing a white gi(martial arts robe) that had the K.A.T. emblum on the left side of her chest, and a hood that had a red vial. Bat-Eyes appeared behide her, getting ready to draw one of the swords on his back.

"Bat-Eyes," said Ice Shadow with out looking behide her "I was hoping you would come." She then quickly pulled out her sword, and charged at Bat-Eyes. Bat-Eyes did the same.

Their Swords clashed between them, in a feirce lock. They then jumped back and charged at each other again. Bat-Eyes swinged his sword, swiftly at Ice Shadow. But she did a summersult jump over Bat-Eyes and kicked him in the back, knocking him off the clift. Bat-Eyes then shoots his grappling hook in the air. It reached Ice Shadow, only inches away from touching her nose. It then went down sticking into the Clift side, making Bat-Eyes land safely.

"This isn't over, Brother." said Ice Shadow, before storming off.

Bat-Eyes stood next to Minx and Tscao, who already beaten the katbots. Just then, Krypto's and Rosie's vehicles just came.

"Yah!" Minx and Tscao shouted as they jumped for joy. Bat-Eyes just stood their, being serious as he is.

The Hatches of the vehicles open. "Come on team," said Krypto "Bark-Tech just located the K.A.T. base, and Shotdog well meet us their." With that, Bat-Eyes and Tscao went in with Krypto, while Minx went with Rosie. The vehicles closed up and jeted off.


We now go back to the Amazon base, to find Bulldog carring some boxes. And Tunnal Cat, who just got in the room.

"Boy, am I beat," said Streaky "I need a lunch break."

"You just had three lunch breaks," said Bulldog in a deep voice "Now get your butt in gear." As he pass Tunnel Cat, he spanked him lightly on his rear.

"I'm just saving my energy, for when K.A.T. attacks."

"Oh yeah, if we can get your stomech into a weapon, K.A.T. would problably be gone by now." Bulldog joked.

"I don't need to take this, I'm going outside." said Tunnal Cat. He opened the front entrince, not noticing that a fleet of Katbots were outside. "You know, it won't hurt to relax once and awhile."

"Sorry, but I'm saving my energy for when K.A.T. attacks."

"What ever." Tunnal Cat then finally saw the Katbots. "AAAHHH!" he shouted, as he tried to run from their lazers. Bulldog notice them to and both of them ducked for cover behide a desk.

"So what now, we left our guns in the other room?" Bulldog asked Tunnal Cat.

Tunnal Cat just thought for a minute, till he remembered something, "Hey, I still have my granades." he said as he pulled out some small black balls. He then ran out to the line of fire.

"Wait kid, don't do it!" shouted Bulldog, trying to stop him. But it was too late, Tunnal Cat threw the granades like he was a baseball pitcher.


The base was now leveled. Bulldog poped up from the debree, pushing peices of what's left of the roof over himself.

"Tunnal Cat!" Bulldog called out, hoping for a response. "Tunnal Cat, where are you!"

Tunnal Cat then popped out of an airvent, his fur and cloths covered in ash, and had a dazed look in his eyes. "Over here." he said unconsesly.(au: sorry, couldn't resist) Bulldog then went to greet him like he was a long lost relatvie.


We now go back to the artic, to see the Dogstar's vechicles being joined by Shotdog's semi, heading strait for The K.A.T. base tower. The back door of the semi opened , letting in the vehicles.

"Shotdog, activate the Tigerhog and Mobile Suit!" comanded Krypto.

"Way a head of ya." replied Shotdog. Just then, the back of the semi opened up, relieving a helicopter(piloted by Rosie), and Robotic Armor that had the Superman S on it. They both took off.

"GO, PATROL!" everyone said in unison.

"Rosie?" said Krypto on his communicater.

"Yeah Krypto?"

"I just want you to know, if I don't make it out alive, your the new leader." Rosie was suprized when he said that.

The Mobile suit busted threw the doors, only to meet a squad of Katbots who quickly fired at it. The mobile suit shifted a gun barrel out of each arm, and started firing left and right, till there was one left. The Suit then charged full speed at the remaining Katbot, and stabed it with it's gun barral. The suit then saw a room with Mechanikat and Dairaness in it, but the doors were closing. The suit the charged at the room at full speed, only to be caught in the door, but Krypto opened the chest of the suit, jumped out, and pointed his hand lazer at Mechanikat.

"Give it up," said Krypto "We got you surrounded!"

"Oh no Krypto," said Mechanikat claimly "We have you surrounded." With that, Mechanikat and Dairaness started to flicker like a bad tv raseption, then disapeared. They were holograms. Then the whole place started to shack.

"Bark-Tech," said Krypto into his communicater "What's going on?"


"The base is really a rocket, but I think I can cancel the count down" She tried, but then the monitor turns blue, saying 'system errer'. "Oh no, my computer crashed! I'm sorry Krypto, but your on your own."


Back at the base, the base blasted off and Krypto was runing threw the hallway talking to Rosie on his com.

"Krypto, I'm loyal all the way, but this plan is too crazy." said Rosie.

"Their's no time for new tactics, just do it!" Krypto then found an exit, and kicked it open. He jumped out caught the leg of Rosie's helicopter and held on tightly. The force of the rocket was pushing him really hard, but he just held on. When the rocket left obit, Krypto climbed into the copter saying "Good job, Rosie."


At The Dogstars home base, Rosie, Bat-Eyes, Tscao, Minx, Shotdog, Bulldog, Tunnal Cat, and Bark-Tech were standing in a row in front of Krypto.

"We have no idea what K.A.T. is up to, but it's going to take every resouce we have to stop them. I'm not going to force anyone into this, you have to deside for yourselves." said Krypto finishing his speach.

"We're with Krypto," said Rosie "All the way."

"Yeah!" everyone else said in unison.

"We'll then, let's get started." replied Krypto.

"Go, Patrol!" everyone shouted.


In some weird limbo type world, Neowshu was watching the whole thing. "Okay, now to delete this world," she said "although, they do have big bulky muscles." she then smacked herself lightly. "No, no, it's got to be done." she then pressed a button making a huge flash.


Okay, I hope you like this so far. Sorry if it's so long. This Chapter's a parody of G.I.Joe(in case you didn't figure it out). What show am I gonna do next. Well, let's just say the Dog Stars are going to work togather.
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