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Kevin finds a weird watch that turns him into one of the Dog Stars.

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"Kevin 10"

The flash cleared, revealing a space setting. Their where two ships, one looked like Mechanikat's ship, but in was red and black. The other was a small silver ship. The red ship started to fire lazers at the little ship, but it dogde them and shot the other with a lime green lazer.

We now see inside the spaceship(the red one), and see Snooky wearing a black lucha mask with a red X on it. "We're locked on target, oh Green one." said Snooky.

We now see Mechanikat, but he's wearing red and black, and has tenticles on his face. "Yes," he said "soon the Starmatrix will be mine, and no will stop me!"


We now see Kevin, in class, making a paper airplane out of boredom. He threw it without paying attention where it was going and hit the teacher's head lightly.

(theme song)

It start when alien device did what it did
It stuck itself opon his whrist, the secrets that it hided
Now he's got superpowers he's no odinairy kid
He's Kevin

Now if you see him you might be for a big surprize
He'll turn into alien before your very eyes
He's furry, creapy, fast, and strong, in every shape and size
He's Kevin

With all these powers, he's on the case
Fighting all evils, from earth or space
You'll never stop, in anyway
Cause he's the badest kid who ever save the day
He's Kevin

(end of theme song)

Everybody was sitting in the class room, waiting for the bell to ring. It was almost summer vacation, and Kevin is excited, because he's going on a long trip with his grandpa.

"Now class," said the teacher "I know you ready for summer, but I want you to know that I'm teaching summer school this year, and it's not too late to sign up."

"Yeah right." said Kevin, sarcasticly.


Everybody got from their desk and ran out the door.

"Bye, class. Have a fine summer!" the teacher said. Kevin was about to lieve to, but...

"Except you, Mr. Whitney." Said the teacher. Kevin turned in worrie. "You mind if we have a little talk?" she said, hold the paper airplane from before.


Kevin was outside waiting for his grandpa to pick him up. Just then a RV with large tv satalite on it pulled up. The door opened up to show a man driving. He was a musclar fellow, had a boxed chin, grey hair, wearing glasses, a red hawaiian shirt, jean shorts, and a pair of sandals(I desided to make Klark Kent/Superman Kevin's Grandpa).

"Get in Kevin," said the man "We don't want to be late."

Kevin just ran in with a smile on his face. "This is going to be awsome," said Kevin "I've been looking forward to this trip all year." Just then he saw Andrea, sitting at a table, pouting. "What are you doing here?" Kevin ask as he pointed to he, "What is she doing here?" he asked his grandpa.

"I don't want to be here either, dofus," said Andrea "Somebody convince my mom to come."

"Grandpa?" Kevin said, winly.

"I thought it would be fun if your cousin went with us." said Grandpa Kent(au: that's what I'm calling him in this chapter)

"This is torally bogus," said Kevin "The best vacation ever, and I have to spend it with 'The Queen of Geeks'."

"Don't think I'm enjoying this," said Andrea "I had my summer all planed out." She then pulled out a chart. "I even color coated each activity, so I won't do the same thing twice. Now I'm stuck with my pestky cousin."

"Freak." Kevin insulted.

"Jerk." Andrea insulted back.

"This is going to be a long summer." said Grandpa Kent as he started the RV.


They are now at a camp site. Kevin and Andrea are sitting at a picknick table, while their grandpa lad down a large bowl of white, wiggling, magguts.

"So, what are these?" Kevin asked in desgust.

"Baggarian stoumach worms," Grandpa Kent answered "It's hard to find them here. The're considered a delicacie in some countries."

"And extremely gross in others." said Andrea as a worm fell out of the bowl, and went accross the table.

"If you don't like that," said Gandpa Kent "I got some sheep's tounge in the fridge."

"Can't we just have a burger?" asked Kevin.

"Nah, this trip will be a adventue for your taste buds," replied Grandpa Kent "I'll go get the tounges." And with that, he went into the RV.

"I got two candy bars and a half eatin bag of chips in my backpack." Kevin wispered to Andrea "What do you got?"

"Some rich cakes and hard candies." she wispered back.

"Think you can make em last the whole summer?"


Back in space, The red spaceship was about to fire a powerful beam at the silver one.

"Ready," said Snooky "Aim,"

"FIRE!" comanded the impacent Mechanikat. But before the Beam fired, the silver ship fired a beam at Mechanikat's cockpit. But the Beam Snooky fired did damaged the silver ship, which sent out a round pod to a blue and green planet.


We are now back at the campsite. Kevin's playing a video game and Andrea's on a labtop. Grandpa Kent came by, holding a bag of marsmellows.

"So, who wants to roast marsmellows?" he said, but no answer. "Okay, who wants to tell scary ghost stories?" still no answer. "Oh, come now. You don't just want to sit around and mope, do you?"

"I vote for moping." said Andrea in a moodless voice.

"Anythings better then hanging with the queen of freaks." added Kevin.

"Well at least I'm being perductive." said Andrea, "I'm looking for a cure for anoying dufises. I haven't found anything yet, but let's not give up hope."

"I don't need to take this, I'm going for a walk." said Kevin, who turned off his game and went into the woods.


He's now walking on the forest path. He stoped to see a green light, streaking accross the sky.

"Cool, a shooting star." Kevin said in amazment.

But the 'star' just made an L shape turn and crashed landed right in front of Kevin. He went in for a closer look to see a sphere shaped pod. It opened up, revealing a strange device. It looked like a wristband, with a green Superman S on it.

"What's a Watch doing here?" Kevin asked himself.

Just then, the 'watch' just jumped up and attach itself to Kevin's wrist.

"Woah, get off, get off!" Shouted Kevin, trying to shake the thing off his wrist. But it didn't come lose. It just stuck itself there like it was a part of Kevin.

Just then, the S lighted and pop up, showing a black figure in it. Curious about it, Kevin just push it back down. But suddenly, he started to go over a transformation. A red rock pattern was forming around his arm, and spreaded to the rest of body. He had now became an anthro version of Hotdog, but he had a rocks covering most of his body, glowing hands and feet, flames around his head, and the S was on his chest now.

"AHHH! I'm on fire, I'm on fire!" Shouted Hotdog(au: if someone turns into someone else, I'm going by who they tured into), runing around like a chicken with it's head cut off. But he stoped to take a better look at himself.

"Hey, I'm on fire," He said "And I'm okay. Look at me, I'm hot." he then laughed till he notice a tree before him.

"Why not?" he then point a finger to a branch, which shot out a fireball, buring the tree.

"Now that's what I'm talking about." he then used both his hands and made a bigger fire ball, and threw it at a bunch of bushes. He was having till he realized what he done.

"Uh oh." he said. He then ran to the fire. "Stop burning, stop burning!" Hotdog comanded as he was stomping on the fire. But the heat from his body just made the fire worst.

"I am so busted for this."


We now see Grandpa Kent and Andrea at the campsite.

"Grandpa, look." said Andrea, pointing at a cloud of smoke.

"Looks like a start of a forrest fire," said Grandpa Kent "We better let the ranger handle this. Probably started by some fool, who's messing around with something he shouldn't." He paused for a sec to think who that sounded like. "Kevin!" he shouted in worry. He then opened a metal box, pulled out two fire extiguisers, and handed one to Andrea. They both ran off to the burning forrest.


We now see Hotdog, still tring to put out the fire with no luck.

"This would be so cool," He said "if it wern't so NOT cool."

Later Andrea got in the area, putting out the fire left and right. Hotdog was to bisy to notice she was right behind him. She then, unnoticly shot Hotdog with the extiguiser(she got his attention now). When Hotdog turned to see what hited him, he saw his cousin with fearful eyes.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" she yelled at the strange doughtsun.

"Look, I know I look weird..." said Hotdog, trying to calm her down. But he was interupted when she whacked him with the extiguiser, nocking him on his side.

"I don't know what you are," she said, sounding tuff "But you'll stay down if you know what's good for you."

Hotdog then pointed to her left shoe, which made a flare. Not a big one, but it got her distracked and put it out.

"I warned you." she said, holding the extiguiser like she was about to throw it.

"Don't even think about it, freak."

Andrea then realized what he called her. "Kevin, is that you? What happened to you?"

Hotdog then just explained what happened as fast as he could "Well, I was walking threw the woods when this meteor came crashing down, exept it wasn't a meteor, or a satilite, it was this watch that jumped up on my arm, then suddenly I was on fire, then this whole place was on fire."

"Okay." she said, weirded out. Just then, their grandpa came by.

"Andrea, how are you handling the..." he then saw Hotdog "Oh my."

"Hey grandpa," said Andrea "guess who."

"It's me grandpa." said Hotdog.

"Kevin?" he said in surprize "What happened?"

Hotdog tried to tell the story again. "Well, I was walking threw the woods and..."

"Ah I hate to interup, but we have a situation here." said Andrea.

"What do we do?" asked Hotdog.

Grandpa Kent thought for a sec. "Backfire," he said "Start a new fire to smilter out the old fire. You think you can do that?"

"Shooting flames, I can definitly do." said Hotdog.

He went to the edge of the woods and did exactly as his grandpa said, and in no time, the fire was gone.


We now go back to the space ship, to see Mechanikat in a large tube, with a leg and an arm missing.

"This battle nearly cost me my life," said Mechanikat "And we lost the Starmatrix, at al cost."

"I'll send the drones oh crankness."


Hotdog, Andrea, and their grandpa are now sitting around a campfire.

"So, you say this watch jumped on to you, and turned you into this?" asked Grandpa Kent, as he tossed a marshmellow to him.

"Hey, this time, it wasn't my fault," said Hotdog, putting the now toasted marshmellow in his mouth "I sware."

"You think he's going to stay a monster for ever?" Andrea asked her grandpa.

"He's not a monster," said Grandpa Kent "He's an alien."

Hotdog and Andrea just staired at him with confusion.

"Well look at him," he said "What else could he be?"

"I don't want to stay this, Hotdog for ever, grandpa." said Hotdog "How am I suppost o play little league this year, when I charcole the ball evertime I catch a popfly?"

"We'll figure this out, Kevin." said Grandpa Kent "Don't worry."

But just then, the S on Hotdog's chest started to flicker red. Then a blinding green flash apeared, and Kevin was in Hotdog's place. "Alright, I'm me again." said Kevin.

"Drat," said Andrea in a depressed voice "I liked it better when you we're a breucette."

"Should I try it again?" asked Kevin.

"Better not mess with it, till we know what it is." said Grandpa Kent "I'll go check out the crash site, to see if I can get some clues." He then went off.


We're now back at the place the watch landed. Then a giant missle then crashed down. It then turned into a mantis like robot. It looked around and say the container that baried the watch. The robot pointed it's three digit claw at it, and shot out a green lazer that blew it up. Then steam came out of it's neck, and produce two saucer shape droids, that went out into the woods.


We're now back at the campsite, seeing Kevin fitling with the watch.

"Your not still messing with that watch?" asked Andrea "Grandpa told you not to."

"Oh come on, don't tell me your not at least curious at what this thing can do?"

"Not in the least"

"Are you sure your related to me?" asked Kevin "Look, if I can figure out how this watch works, I can start helping people, and I mean REALLY help people. Not you know, make it worst."

"So, what was it like, going all alien?" asked Andrea.

"It's like it was me, but at the sametime, it also felt like I was someone else" Just then, the watch lit up. "Hey, I got the watch working. Should I try it again?" said Kevin, rotating the watch till he saw a four-legged creature.

"I wouldn't"

"No duh, YOU wouldn't." He then slamed down the watch. He started to grow light blue fur, all over his body. He was now Tusky-Husky, but he had no eyes, and the watch was know a shoulder pad.

"Grouse, this thing is uglier then you are normally." said Andrea. Tusky tried to talk back, but it came out as a light grawl. This body obiusilly can't talk.

"Bow wow, put a flea collar on this mutt. And what's this?" teased Andrea, as she waved her hand in front of him "No eyes? What good is that? It can't even see." Then she had a thought. She when behind him, holding a stick like a baseball bat. But suddenly, shark like gill flaps appeared on Tusky's neck. And before Andrea could swing, he jump into the air, knocking Andrea off balance, and landed on the RV. He then let out a great roar.

"Okay, maybe it's not a total loser." said Andrea. Tusky jumped back down to Andrea's side, and ran into the woods. His beastly instinces took over. "Kevin, come back! I'm gonna tell grandpa you we're messing with the watch and turned into a wolf-monster thing, and went swinging in the forrest when he told you not to!" she paused for a moment to think about what she just said "This is one majorly weird day."

We now see Tusky, jumping from tree to tree. But then, he heard something. It was the droids from before. They flew at him, spining their blades and shooting their lasers. Tusky dogded each blast till he lost them. One of them just hovered their, slowly turning to look for him. But just then, Tusky jumped on the droid, making it move really fast. A huge sabretooth came out of Tusky's mouth, and he starts drilling on the droid's serface. But then the watch starts blinking again, and if that wasn't enuff, their's also a cliff the droid is flying into. Tusky jump off in time, but flashed back into Kevin and fell on the ground(but not injured). The droid just crashed.


Kevin looked where the droid crashed. "All right!" he cheered. But then the other droid apears behind him, charging it's laser. "Oh no." It was about to blast Kevin, but out of nowhere, it got hit by a shovel spade. Holding the shovel was Andrea.

"No one's going to get MY cousin." said Andrea before violently smashing the droid with the shovel, until it burst into flames.

"Never thought I would say this," said Kevin "But I'm glad to see you."

"Come on" said Andrea, pulling Kevin's arm back to the campsite.


Everyone's now back in the RV.

"I told you not to mess with it." said Grandpa Kent, scoldly to Kevin.

"Sorry, Grandpa." Said Kevin "But at least I figured out how the watch works. All you need to do is pop it up, pick one of these things, slam it down, and...WHAMMO, your one of ten super cool alien canines."

"What about staying a 'super cool alien canine', and not turn back into plan old pizzaface." replied Andrea.

"Oh, I haven't figured that part yet."

Grandpa Kent starts thinking. "With a device as powerful as that attach to your wrist, my guess is that we need to teach you how to use it, pronto."

"Alright" said Kevin, being glad he can keep the watch.

But then, they where interupted by Grandpa Kent's radio. "Everyone, PSTPST getout of here!" said a man being growned out by static, "We're being PST attacked by, your PST not going to believe this, PST a giant robot. Oh no AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" Then the signal went dead.

"What was that about?" asked Andrea.

"The're after the watch," said Kevin "Those people are getting hurt because of me, and I have to stop them."


They are now outside the RV, getting ready to use the watch again.

"Eny, Meny, Miny," said Kevin, turning the watch till it showed a muscular figure, "Here it goes." He then slammed the watch. His body was getting covered by a green crystal. when the transformation was over, he was now a crystal version of an anthro Krypto, wearing a jumpsuit that was grey blue on one side, and lime green on the other(think the color of Kevin's shirt), the watch was now on his chest.

"So what can this guy do?" asked Andrea.

"I don't know," said Krypto, looking at his hand as he made a fist, "But I bet it's gonna be cool."


They now have gotten to the site. It was the Mantis robot that was sent by Mechanikat.

"Looks like papa robot this time." said Krypto "You get everyone out of here, I'll take care of the bug." With that, Grandpa Kent and Andrea went to help the people, while Krypto charged to the robot.

"Hey, Ugly!" shouted Krypto "Looking for me?" The Robot looked at Krypto and saw the watch. It shot it's laser, full force at Krypto, knocking him into a trailer. But then a curved blade cut open the top. It was Krypto's right hand, he found out he can shape his form.

"Cool." he said with amazment. He then tried another attack on the robot. He swung his blade arm at the robot, but it quickly jump into the air, and pined him to the ground. The robot moved from Krypto, grabed him, and tosed him accross the campsite. Then the robot starts firing it's lasers again. Krypto dogded each blast, but one hit a tree, and it started to timber on Andrea.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" she screamed. But luckily, in the nick of time, Krypto ran over there, and made spire form his back, which split the trunk in two.

"So, we even?" asked Krypto as the spire shurnk into his back.

"Even." replied Andrea. But then, the robot grabed Krypto.

"Uh oh." he said. The robot lefted him in the air, and tried to pull his arm off. But Krypto reshaped his arm to make the robot's arm explode. The robot threw Krypto forward, then tried to blast him. But the laser bounced off him. Krypto started to have an idea.

"Come on, lay one right here." said Krypto, pointing to his shoulder.

"Kevin no." said Grandpa Kent on the sidelines.

The robot blasted a huge beam of light, but Krypto caught it with his hands while planting his feet to the ground.

"What goes around, COMES around." said Krypto. He made his hands bigger, and reflected the beam so it went accross the robot's torso, making it explode.


"Oh yeah, who's bad."

Grandpa Kent and Andrea started to cheer. "Yeah, way to go Kev..." said Grandpa Kent, till relized people where watching "I mean, Diamond Dog!"

"YEAH!" shouted Krypto, jumping in the air, making the ground shake. When he saw his grandpa and cousin waving their hands no, he desided to skip the victory dance. "Well, I guess my work here is done." he said, sounding like a retro superhero. Here then sprented off, with his grandpa and cousin not far behind.


Back at the spaceship.

"My evilnest," said Snooky "I lost the signal to our robot. We asume it's destroied."

"Intresting," Said Mechanikat "Clearly, who ever has the Starmatrix is a cunning and agile warrior."(au: If he only knew)


It's now moring back at the RV. Grandpa Kent and Andrea are packing up.

"Andrea, have you seen Kevin?" asked Grandpa Kent.

"Haven't seen him since breakfest." replied Andrea. Just the a cloud of dust was moving torgde them, making a zooming sound. Then a sound like tires making friction can be herd, till it made a stop. Where the dust cleared, stood a thinly billed creature. It was orange, stood on it's hide legs which had a ball-like wheel each, and a bushy fox like tail. It whore a grey blue jumpsuit with the watch on it's crest, and a green helmet. When the visor of the helmet went up, it revealed itself to be Streaky.

"Hey, like my new form?" said Streaky, trying to look cool. "Check this out." he put the visor back down and made a trackrunner's stance. In no time he was moving so fast, you only see orange flashes. Each cooler, box, and backpack was going right into the RV like it was being inhailed. When Streaky was finish packing he stop in front of his grandpa and cousin. Just then the watch started flashing red, and he turned back into Kevin. "This is going to be the best summer, ever."

"It sure is." said Grandpa Kent.

"It's defently going to be interestng." said Andrea, not sound as proud as the boys were.


Back where Neowshu is.

"Eleven identities, for one guy? What's the universe coiming to?" and with that she preshed a button, making a huge blinding flash, erasing the world.


Sorry if this was so long.

For those of you who know what show this was. If the other forms were in that episode, I would of had Dooly as Ripjaws(the fishman), Paw-Pouch as Fourarms(the hulk-ish one), Pleek as Greymatter(the 3 inch one), the catipiler from "A Bug's Strife" as stinkfly(the wasp), Ace as Ghostfreak, and Dogbot as Upgrade(the liquid robot).

For those of you who didn't know what this was, sorry I'll try to do ones more readers know of. And what's next you say? Well, lets just say that The Dogstars are going to stop being pets, and start being 'masters'.
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