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The last Avater practices her form.

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It's a dance, is what it is.

Flames leap from her hands, flattened out like dull knives, and splash against the ground.

Oh sure, there's the martial aspect of it--firebenders are warriors by nature, so of course she was taught bending was a warrior's weapon--but bending also has an artistic side.

Two fists throw twin streaks a fire out in front, and she leaps after them.

She always feels somewhat sorry for firebenders; they will never get the chance to learn waterbending, or earthbending. They will never learn anything but war.

She spins on the ball of one foot, swinging the other leg out, fire trailing it until it falls back to the ground; the girl goes down.

Earthbending is a tool. For as long as history has cared to remember, the Earth Kingdom has utilized earthbending in its cities, to transport carts and supplies and even people within its walls.

Still kneeling, she thrusts a hand out, sending a small wave of dirt and stone out before her. She rolls to the side and does the same thing. And a third time. A fourth, and she comes to the lake's edge.

If firebending is a weapon, and earthbending is a tool, waterbending is an art. Where earthbending is strong and sturdy, waterbending is swift and graceful. Where firebending is wild and destructive, waterbending is free and peaceful.

She swings an arm out as she rises, and lake water arcs up above her, wrapping itself into a sphere. She nudges the sphere into a ring, and thrusts a hand upwards, sending a line of fire up through it. She lets the ring fall, splashing on the ground around her, then drops into a wide stance. At her gesture, a rock arcs over her head and...

She stops.

She is the Avatar. Master of all four elements. But she only knows three. She will only ever know three. The last airbender died long, long before she was born, taking his skill with him. Firebending is a weapon. Earthbending is a tool. Waterbending is an art. What is left?

She lets the stone above her drop.

She was born a firebender. The Avatar Cycle demands an airbender take her place when she dies. But there are no airbenders. The Cycle is broken. She is the last Avatar. And when she dies, the world will be left to balance itself.

She walks back to where she started and begins her dance again, though she knows she cannot complete it.
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