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Chapter 7

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As soon as sunlight entered the room my eyes shot open. It was around 7am. Oh the joy! I pushed the blanket off of me before folding it neatly and placing it at the bottom of the couch with the pillow resting on top. Suddenly, my phone began to vibrate. Thank god I put it on silent in case it went off, just so the boys in the back ridden with hangovers won’t get grumpy with me.
It was Ace! I answered it happily.

“Hey!” I said.
“Hey Eve! How’s America?” he asked.
“Umm... I dunno. From what I’ve seen out of the window, I suppose it’s good.” I replied with a laugh.
“Good. How’s the tour? Anybody giving you grief?” he asked.
“Just a bit of hazing here ‘n there. I don’t think they like me ‘cause I’m a girl but tough shit.” I replied.
He chuckled, “That’s my girl! So... how’s Brendon?” he asked.
I could picture him smirking right now.

“Wipe that smirk off of your face boy.” I told him.
“How’d you- fine.” He replied sullenly.
“He’s good, as is everyone else.” I told him.
“That’s good. I miss you.”
“Awwe, I miss you too babe,” I replied, “Do you know what I miss more though?” I asked.
“Our walkie talkie convo’s.” I replied with a smile.
“Haha, me too.” He replied.
“Hey, why are you calling me so late? Isn’t it like 10pm over there or something?” I asked.
“Yeah. But there was a show tonight so I’m up anyways.” He replied.
“Ok. I’ll leave you to get back to work then.” I said.
“Ok, love you Echo Victor Echo.” He told me.
“Love you too Alpha Charlie Echo.” I replied with a smile before hanging up.

“Who was that?” somebody asked from the bunk room doorway.
I turned and saw Brendon, “It was Ace.” I replied.
“Are you two dating?” he asked curiously.
“Excuse me while I retch.” I laughed.
“So... no?” he asked.
“There is no way I’d ever date him! He’s a brother to me! Besides, he’s going out with this girl Jackie, and she’s a legend.” I replied.
He smiled, “Ok then. How’d you sleep?” he asked.
“Alright actually. What about you m’dear?” I asked back.
"Eh. Can't complain... Well actually I can. I miss my bed." He pouted.
"And I'm sure your bed misses you too." I replied.

He smiled, "Want some coffee?" he asked.
"No thanks, not really a fan." I replied.
"Tea?" he asked.
"Yes please." I replied.
He nodded, got up and began to make said tea and his own coffee.
"How do you have it?"
"White please. No sugar." I replied.
Brendon made the drinks and handed me mine.
"Thanks babe." I replied with a smile.
"What's with all the pet names? Babe, hun, darl-"
"I'm sorry. It’s just a habit I guess. If you don't want me to call you anything just tell me." I said.
"No, no, no. It’s cute." He smiled.
Not long afterwards, I loud groan, followed by a thump was heard from the backroom.

"Bet you its Spence." Brendon said quickly.
"Ryan." I replied.
Brendon nodded, and waited for said person to come out.
It was... RYAN!

"I win!" I whisper shouted, just in case Ryan had a hangover.
I knew I hated people yelling when I had one.
"No fair! You have X-ray vision!" Brendon accused loudly.
"Bren! Shut up!" Ryan groaned, clutching his head.
"Sorry." Brendon whispered.
I stifled a laugh and remained quiet as Ryan downed some pain killers with water.
"Soo... Have fun last night?" I asked Ryan quietly.
He smiled, "Yeah it was good. Why weren't you there?" he asked back.
I shrugged and took a sip of my tea.
He nodded but stopped and gripped his head.

"Go back to bed; wait for the pain killers to kick in." I said.
"Ok, bye." He said, and made his way back into the bunkroom.
"How long til we get to the next venue?" I asked curiously.
Brendon held up one finger, excusing himself before he walked to the front of the bus to ask the driver. He came back a second later and sat down.
"About 9 hours." He replied.
"Seriously?! Oh joy!" I replied with a laugh.
"Y-you don't love me?" Brendon pouted.
"Of course I do Brenny Bear!" I replied with a chuckle before sitting on his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck and hugging him.

Brendon chuckled too and hugged me back.
"You're quite comfy m'dear." I stated, staying on his lap.
"Why thank you." He replied with a smile.
"No problem. But alas, I must now leave the comfy-ness of your lap in order to do something entertaining." I said intelligently.
"Umm ok?" Brendon replied, and I got off of his lap and sat beside him on the couch.

The rest of the bus ride was filled with: playing on my phone, listening to Brendon's iPod, talking with one of the guys, or laying there doing absolutely nothing.
"Here Stevie. The showers free, and these are some clothes you can borrow." Brendon said, holding out a towel and bundle of clothes.
"Thanks Bren." I smiled, getting up from my place on the couch and making my way into the small bathroom.

After having a quick shower, I got out and dried myself with major manoeuvring skills on my part. I pulled on the jeans that Brendon had given me, plus a flannelette button up top.
'Ahh, I feel like I'm in Melbourne again!' I thought happily, rolling up the sleeves on my top and leaving a few top buttons undone.
As I walked out of the bathroom, I realised that these jeans fitted me surprisingly well.
"Whoa, you look hot." Spencer said as he saw me.
"Why thank you." I replied with a smile.
“Who looks hot?” Brendon asked, coming out of the bunkroom.
“Supposedly me.” I giggled.
He turned to me, “Whoa... yeah. I agree with Spence.” He smiled.

“Ta. How much longer till we reach the venue?” I asked, sitting beside Spencer on the couch.
“Like... 3 more hours I think.” Spencer replied.
“Ok. There is a show tonight right? Or do you have tonight off as well?” I asked.
“Night off,” Brendon replied, “You staying at the hotel too?” he added.
“Hotel?” I asked confusedly.
“Yeah, we’re staying at a hotel tonight.” He replied.
“Seriously?” I asked.
“Yeah. Didn’t anyone tell you?” Spencer asked me.
I shook my head, “Nope. Oh well, I’ll just stay on my bus tonight.” I replied.

“Why wouldn’t the others tell you?” Spencer asked.
“It’s quite simple really. Because I have the anatomy of a female, they don’t like me.” I replied.
“Because you’re a chick they don’t like you? Well that’s a bit harsh.” He commented.
“I don’t care. Tough shit if they don’t like me.” I shrugged.
“That’s a good philosophy for life.” Ryan chuckled as he walked out of the bunkroom.
“Is Jon still sleeping?” Brendon asked curiously.
“You know Jon. If he has a hangover, he just sleeps it away.” Ryan replied.
“That’s a good skill for life.” I commented.
“So, back to this hotel business,” Brendon started.
“Yes Brendon, we’ll be there soon. Cool your jets. You can sleep on a bed soon enough.” Ryan rolled his eyes.

“Not what I meant. Stevie, are you gonna stay at the hotel?” Brendon asked me.
“I don’t know.” I replied honestly.
“Please? It’ll be fun!” Brendon told me.
“Hmm... I’ll stay, as long as I don’t have to room with one of the roadies. That cool with you?” I asked.
“Yeah! You can room with me!” Brendon said excitedly.
“Alrighty then.” I replied with a smile.
“Yay! It’s a win-winsituation.” Ryan smiled.
“Explain Ross.” I said.
“Well, you staying with Brendon means you give us a break from him, and you’re coming! See? Win-win!” he said happily.
“Oh I see how it is. I’m just a babysitter to you? Well ha! Me and Bren are gonna have soo much fun, you’ll be begging to hang out with us!” I retorted, huffing and crossing my arms.
“Yeah!” Brendon replied in the same fashion.
The guys all laughed.

“Ok... I’m bored.” I said not long later.
“You into video games?” Spencer asked.
“Into them? I freaking worship them! Chuck one in!” I said excitedly.
“What one?” He asked, showing me the cupboard.
My eyes widened upon one video game in particular, “If you do not put on Crash Bandicoot right now I’ll cry!” I said.
He nodded and hurriedly put it in. Crash Bandicoot! Ahh memories! It only took a minute or so to load before we were playing.

“Ha! I totally won!” I cried out as I thrashed Ryan on Guitar hero.
Yeah, we’ve been playing video games for 2 hours now. We’re nearly at the venue according to the driver.
Ryan pouted in defeat.
“Awwe, don’t worry Ry. I mean you lost badly, and I mean really badly but hey? At least you’ve still got your... appendix!” I finished after thinking for a while.
“Appendix?” he said.
“Well yeah. I don’t have mine anymore,” I pulled up my shirt to show the scar, “see?”
“Whoa! Cool scar.” He complimented.
“Why thank you.” I replied, letting my top fall back down.
“Any others?” Brendon asked from beside me.
“Yeah, a couple on my knee.” I replied.
“From what?” Spencer asked, joining in the conversation.

“When I was... 5, I was chasing a seagull at the park and fell over. My skin just healed badly so I have this one thick scar and 3 skinnier ones around it.” I explained.
“Show us.” Spencer urged.
“I doubt you’ll be able to see it. My knees kinda scratched up at the moment.” I replied, lifting the jeans up to show my scratched up knees.
“What happened?” Ryan asked.
“Brendon here jumped out of nowhere last night when I was skating. I fell down, and I was wearing shorts so that kinda didn’t help.” I replied.
“We’re here kids!” the driver yelled out, coming to a stop.
“Bags not waking Jon!” Ryan said quickly.
“I’ll do it.” I shrugged before getting up and making my way into the bunk room.

I made my way in, and searched for Jon’s bunk. This wasn’t hard to find, his was the only curtain that was shut. I quietly opened the curtain and saw Jon sleeping peacefully.
‘How to wake him...’ I pondered, until I went for the basic approach of pushing him lightly.
“Jonnnn? Jon, wake up. We’re at the venue.” When he didn’t wake I rolled my eyes until a thought hit me.
When David or Ace would be stubborn about getting up, I’d kiss their cheek. So I tried it, and it worked. Jon’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled at me.
“Welcome back to the world of the living. Time to get up hun, we’re here.” I told him before leaving.

The guys were waiting back in the living area.
“No bangs? Shouts? Screams?! What did you do?” Spencer asked.
“I woke him up like I said I would.” I replied.
“How? Normally he flails his arms around, yells, falls, you know? Violent stuff.” Ryan said.
I shrugged, “I kissed his cheek a couple of times. Did it all the time with Ace and David.” I explained.
“Where’s my kiss?” Brendon pouted.
I rolled my eyes and made my way off of the bus.
“Stevie! I didn’t mean to offend you!” Brendon called after me.
I turned around and smiled, “You didn’t. I just need to pack a bag for tonight.” I told him.
“Oh, ok. We leave in a half hour. Don’t be late.” He told me.
“I won’t. Be back soon.” I replied and made my way towards my bus.

Half an hour later, I was in a fairly large van with the guys on our way to the hotel. It took us about 20 minutes to get there, and once we did, we quickly made our way inside. Jon collected the key cards from the receptionist, and we all made our way over into the elevator. We were all on the 5th floor. Once we arrived, Brendon and I walked towards our room while the others made their own way to theirs. Brendon swiped the key card in the door, and we made our way inside of the room.

“Fancy.” I stated as I checked out the room.
“Well done captain obvious.” Brendon sarcastically commented.
“Funny Bren." I said as I placed my bag on the desk.
“What do you wanna do now?” Brendon asked me.
“What’s the time?” I asked back.
“Umm,” he pulled his phone out of his pocket and looked,” about 4pm.” He replied.
“Ok, well I don’t know about you but I’m hungry.” I said.
“I am too. Let’s order room service!” Brendon said excitedly.
“Ok. You wanna order or shall I?” I asked.
“I’ll do it!” he replied, basically throwing himself at the phone.

“Hello? This is Brendon Urie and I’d like to order some room service... yeah? Cool! Ok. We want 2 servings of fries please. Oh! Plus some red bull if you’ve got it. You do? Awesome! Room 5472. Thanks!” he said into the phone before hanging up.
“Great, just what you need. More energy.” I rolled my eyes jokingly.
“Oh! That hurt Stevie.” Brendon said sarcastically.
“Bren? Can you just call me Evie?” I asked.
He smiled. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Brendon walked over and answered it.
“Wow that was quick. Thanks man.” He said, and brought in a tray plus some red bull.
“Whoa. That was hell fast!” I exclaimed.
Brendon laughed, “Now, will you be helping me with the Red Bull? Or will I have to drink them all on my lonesome?” he asked with a pout.
“I think you’ll be fine with them.” I replied with a smile.

It was now about 9pm, and Brendon wanted to visit the guys.
“Come on! Let’s go!” Brendon said.
“Alright, cool you jets boy!” I replied with a smile before following him down the hall to their rooms.
Brendon knocked on the door 3 times before waiting for it to be opened. Spencer opened it and smiled.
“Hey guys.” He said.
“Hey.” We replied.
Brendon walked into the room and I just stood there.

“I warn you, he’s had about 5 Red Bulls.” I told Spencer seriously.
“Dammit! Well, come on. You can’t just stay there.” He told me, and opened the door open further.
“Why thank you.” I replied as I walked inside.
“Hey Stevie.” Ryan greeted.
“Hey man. What’s up?” I asked.
“Not much. We’re just discussing what we should do tonight.” He replied.
I nodded.

“I say we get drunk.” Jon said.
“Sounds good.” Spencer nodded.
“Yeah.” Brendon & Ryan agreed.
“So Stevie, what do you say?” Jon asked me.
“Sure. Do whatever you want.” I replied.
“Awesome. Imma go and get the booze.” Jon said, getting up and walking towards the door.
“I’ll come with you.” Spencer said.
Jon nodded, and they both left the room together.
There was an awkward silence, so I decided to fill it.

“When you’re down and low, lower than the floor, and you think you don’t have a chance. Bum, bum, bum! Don’t make a move till you’re in the groove, and do the Peter Panda dance. clap clap. Just hop 3 times like a kangaroo. Side step twice just like the crabs do. 3 steps forward, 1 step back. Quick like a turtle, lie on your back. Roll like a log till you can’t no more. Better jump quick ‘cause there ain't no floor. Hold your breath, step to the left. And that’s the Peter Panda Dance!” I sung and did all the actions.

Brendon actually joined in, and once I looked over to him, we burst out laughing.
“You guys are weird.” Ryan stated.
“Oh come off it! I saw you singing along too!” I retorted quickly.
Ryan flushed a bit.
“Ha! So don’t call us weird!” Brendon added.
We talked for about 10 more minutes until Jon and Spencer got back. Bringing a fair few bottles of liquor with them.
“Let’s get this party started!” Jon cried out.
“Do you guys always drink in a hotel room?” I asked.
“Well, yeah. If Spence is here anyway. Still not legal.” Ryan replied mockingly.
“Urggh! Shut up Ry. Just couple months and I will be.” Spencer retorted.
“Legal? Oh yeah! Legal age is different over here!” I said, just remembering.
Brendon laughed, “Hey Spence. She’s still got like, 3 years over here until she’s legal.” He said, trying to make Spencer feel better.
“Hey man. I’m legal in Australia and England.” I pointed out.
“So? We are too.” Jon replied.
I huffed, “You guys suck seriously you know?” I said.

Brendon smiled, “Do you drink Evie?” he asked.
“Pope a catholic? Kennedy’s gun-shy? Fish waterproof? Of course I drink!” I rolled my eyes.
“Gun-shy? What do they teach you in that country?!” Brendon cried dramatically.
“Sorry. My dad always said that.” I replied with a smile.
“Alright. Well m’dear, choose your poison.” Jon smirked and showed me the variety.
I shrugged, “Whatever’s fine.” I told them.
“Ooh don’t say that! Jon might make it lethal! He’s got an alcoholic liver.” Ryan told me.
“Which I’m not. God just blessed me. It’s a beautiful thing.” Jon said, wiping away a fake tear.
“You guys are messed up.” I laughed, taking the shot that Jon had made me.

I drunk it quickly, and the guys looked at me as if expecting something to happen.
“May I enquire as to why you’re all staring at me gentlemen?” I asked.
“Because you’ve most likely drunken one of the most potent drinks Jon can make, and yet... you haven’t passed out.” Spencer said.
I knew drinking games with Ace and David would pay off someday.
“Ah! It must be my mad skillz.” I smiled, placing the glass on the small coffee table in front of me.
“No... I challenge you to a drink off!” Jon said to me.
“Oh my dear boy, you’re on.” I smiled.
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