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Chapter 8

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-Sexual Content-

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A couple of hours later, Jon was almost passed out and I was fairly drunk. So, needless to say, I won. Insert smile here
“Whoa! I-I’ve never se-en Jonny boy lose be-be-before!” Spencer exclaimed drunkenly.
I smiled, “Well, what can I say? Mad skillz!” I declared in my fairly tipsy state.
“E-Evie? Let’s go back to our room. I feel sl-sleepy.” Brendon yawned, and got up, swaying slightly as he did so.
“Okie Dokies! Lezgo!” I slurred before getting up and making my way to the door.
“Bye guys!” I smiled.
“Bye.” They chorused.
Brendon and I made our way back to our room, and he stumbled as he swiped the key card. After we had successfully opened the door, we made our way inside.
“You look hot tonight.” Brendon smiled at me drunkenly.
“You’re not too bad yourself Mr Urie.” I smiled back.
Before I knew it, our lips were attached and we began a heated make out session that lasted a good 15 minutes. When we parted, we were laying back on the bed, breathing heavily and had flushed faces.
“W-wow.” I stuttered after catching my breath.

Brendon smiled drunkenly before leaning in and capturing my lips with his once again. As the kiss became more intense, I yanked the bottom of Brendon’s top before he got the hint and helped me pull it over his head before attaching our lips once again. He began to fumble with the buttons on my shirt before finally getting it undone and throwing it across the room. Brendon’s kisses then trailed from my jaw, down to my neck and then to my collarbone.
“Bren...” I moaned as he nipped the skin.
I could feel him smirking before he nipped the same area again. My hands reached down in the darkness and I began to unbutton Brendon’s jeans. They were tighter due to his... happiness, so he helped get them off in one swift motion. Next, were my jeans. Like his, Brendon took them off in one swift motion before they joined the pile of clothes on the floor.
“Too many clothes.” He grunted.
“Fix it then.” I told him.
He quickly ripped off my bra, exposing my chest to him. His eyes widened and his hands began tracing every piece of skin to my body. My chest, stomach, arms, legs. No skin was left untouched by his hands. He kissed down from my neck to my chest, paying close attention to each breast.
I moaned and shuddered and he bit, licked and kissed the skin. He chuckled and began to kiss me passionately again. I snaked my hand down and rubbed him through his boxers. He detached from the kiss and gasped. I smirked before teasing the waistband and putting my hand into his boxers fully.
I pumped him up and down, in long and easy strokes. Brendon gasped again before moaning.
“Fuck! Evie...” he threw his head back, mouth agape.
I smiled and continued to pump him.

Not too long afterwards, he jerked his hips forwards, making me pump him faster.
“C-closeee...” he moaned, and a few seconds later, came in my hand.
He was still hovering on top of me, but lied down beside me afterwards.
“Wow...” he mumbled.
I grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped my hand before Brendon leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips.
“G-G’night.” He stuttered before turning over and nestling into the sheets, his bare back facing me.
“Night Bren.” I replied, feeling at home with the soft breathing noises he made.

I grabbed my shirt, quickly pulling it over my head in my sobered-up state before thinking things over.
‘What if things get awkward?’ I couldn’t help but think.
I tried to shake the thought out of my head before I fell asleep, but sleep never came.

The next morning, after lying awake for most of the night, I got out of bed around 6am. I picked up my clothes from last night and neatened out Brendon’s too. After that, I had a nice, long shower before I got changed into my black skinny track pants and a white tank top. I pulled the flannelette shirt I was wearing yesterday over the top and did up a few buttons. Once I had quickly (and quietly) dried my hair, I pulled on a pair of thongs, grabbed my purse + key card and made my way out of the hotel room.

As I made my way into the lobby, I accidently bumped into someone.
“Oh, I’m sorry.” I apologised.
“It’s alright- Stevie? What are you doing down here?” they asked.
I looked up and saw Jon, “Oh hey Jon. Uhh, nothing. Just walking.” I replied.
“Same. Got a hangover?” he asked.
I shook my head and smiled, “Nope. What about you? Seeing as I whooped your arse last night buddy.” I teased.
“Funny. I can’t believe you beat me!” he said astonished.
“Yeah, liver of gold I have.” I laughed.
He laughed too, “Well Stevie, I have to go back upstairs. I’ll see you later.” He told me.
I nodded and said goodbye before he made his way over to the elevator.

I sighed and continued to walk outside. While I was walking, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone and pushed speed dial #1.

Ring, ring, ring...

“Hello?” a groggy voice answered.
“Hey Ace.” I replied quietly.
“Eve? Hey, what’s up?” he asked, sounding a bit more alert.
“Umm... can I talk to you without you being weirded out or anything?” I asked him.
“Yeah, you never get weirded out by me. So, shoot.” He replied.
I took a deep breath, “I kindagaveBrenahandjobandnearlyhadsexwhileweweredrunkandidon’tknowwhattodo.” I said in one breath.
“Pause, rewind, slow it down and play.” Ace said.

I sighed, “Last night we all got pretty drunk right? Anyways, me & Bren go back to our hotel room and we made out. Things got kinda heated and well... we nearly had sex... not fully but... yeah.” I explained.
“Wow Eve... why are you telling me this?” he asked.
“Because... I dunno. I just don’t want it to be awkward or anything.” I said.
“But what if he doesn’t remember?” Ace asked.
I groaned, “I don’t want that to happen either!” I told him.
“Ohh... you like him huh?” he asked.
“Yeah... I’m sorry for dumping this all on you by the way.” I said.
“Don’t worry about it. The day will come and I’ll need your advice in the middle of the night.” He teased.
I chuckled, “Yeah...”

“So... I think the best thing to do is just go on like normal. And if he doesn’t remember, don’t push it and just wait it out. The most important thing is to not let it affect your work Eve. ‘Cause I know you. You over analyse things and get distracted. And that’s not really a safe thing to do when you’re a Roadie huh?” he joked.
“You’re right. Thanks Ace. You’re the best.” I said with a smile.
“Don’t I know it! Haha, anyways babe, I kinda wanna go back to sleep. Work in the morning. So... yeah. Call me if you need me.” He replied.
“Will do. Love you.”
“Love you too Eve. Bye.” He replied.
“Bye.” I said before hanging up.

Later that morning, Ryan, Jon, Spencer and I all went to the small restaurant for breakfast.
“So... where’s Brendon?” Ryan asked.
I shrugged, “Probably still sleeping.” I replied.
“He got pretty smashed last night hey?” Spencer asked.
“Yeah, I mean, I was drunk too but I’ve never seen him that pissed before. He probably won’t remember anything!” Ryan said.
The three of them laughed while I just shrunk down and picked at my pancakes.

“What’s wrong Stevie?” Jon asked after seeing my reaction.
“Nothing.” I replied.
“You went all quiet.” Ryan pointed out.
I shrugged, “I get like that sometimes.” I replied.
They nodded and we continued eating.

About 5 minutes later, I practically jumped out of my seat when a hand was placed on my shoulder.
“Fuck!” I said fairly loudly.
Ryan, Jon, and Spencer all snickered.
I looked back and saw a very hung-over Brendon. He groaned and sat down beside me, resting his head on his arms.
“What’s up?” Jon asked him.
He just literally waved him off.
“Food will help,” I said quietly, “here.” I handed him the rest of my pancakes.
“You sure?” he croaked out.
“I’m full. Go ahead.” I told him.
He weakly smiled before eating some of the food in front of him.

“So... what happened last night guys?” Brendon asked once he had finished his food.
“You don’t remember?” Spencer asked.
Brendon shook his head. My heart sank.
“Well, Stevie here whooped Jon’s arse in their little drinking competition. And, as you already know, the rest of us got fairly drunk-”
“I’ve never seen you drink so much before man!” Ryan added to Spencer previous explanation.
Brendon shrugged, and urged Spencer to keep going.
“Yeah, so basically, we all got drunk and yeah... that’s about it.” He finished.
If only they knew.
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