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Chapter 9

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“Evieeee! Can you help meeee?” Brendon pouted from the stage with his guitar around him.
I rolled my eyes, before doing a running leap onto the stage and brushed my clothes down.
“What’s up Bren?” I asked, walking closer to him.
“Can you adjust the strap for me?” he batted his eyelashes.
“Fine. Are you that much of a baby that you can’t do it yourself?” I giggled, tightening his strap for him.
“No! I can do it fine! It’s just that... you do it better.” He told me.

I shrugged before kissing his cheek and jumping off of the stage. This is how it’s been for the past 2 weeks. Flirting a bit back and forth. He still doesn’t remember what happened that night at the hotel, and honestly, I’m happy and upset at the same time. Happy because he doesn’t feel awkward around me and sad because I kindareallylikehim. But it’s probably some stupid crush right? God I hope so!

“Evie, what’s up?” Spencer asked as he made his way towards me.
I was sitting at his drum kit, twirling a drumstick between my fingers.
“Not much mate, you?” I replied.
“Same ol’. What are you doing?” he asked as he crossed his arms over his chest.
I smirked, “Well, I was just about to test out the drums. D’you mind?” I asked.
He shook his head, “Go ahead. I’d like to see you try.” He said smugly.
I smirked before grabbing another drumstick and getting ready.

Spencer’s mouth was agape once I’d finished. I smirked before putting down the drumsticks, and looking at him from the chair.
“Good enough for you?” I asked.
“Shit dude! That was fucking unreal!” he exclaimed.
“Spence man! That beat was awesome! Did you write it down?” Ryan asked, walking over from the side of the stage.
Ryan then realised Spencer was in front of him and I was behind the kit.
“No fucking way.” He said.
I smiled and twirled a drum stick between my fingers, just for fun.
“Is there anything you can’t do?” Ryan asked me.
“Still working on that cure for cancer.” I replied with a smile.

I was lying in my bunk in my pyjamas, reading a book when somebody knocked on the bus door. I groaned, placed my book face down and went to answer it. When I opened the door I was surprised to see Brendon there.
“Hey.” He smiled.
“Hey. What are you doing here?” I asked.
“You don’t want me here? Fine! I’ll just, go off on my own into the big bad world.” He pouted.
I laughed and held the door open for him, and he walked inside, giving me a small hug on the way.

“Just so you know there’s nothing to do on this bus really.” I told him.
“Then what do you do when you’re bored?” he asked.
“Well, I read, or go on my laptop.” I replied.
“No video games?” he asked upset.
I shook my head, “Not on this bus anyways.” I told him.
“Where are your busmates?” he asked as we sat down on the couch.
Busmates? Funny, they’re on another roadie bus.” I replied.
“What? Why?” Brendon asked confused.
I shrugged, “They don’t like me.”
“That’s a pretty dumb reason if you ask me.” He said.
I shrugged again, “I like it. It’s nice just being by myself on the bus.”
Brendon looked upset.
“But it’s good to hang out with you and the guys. I get kinda lonely.” I laughed.

“So, have you decided what you’re gonna do after the tour?” Brendon asked me a couple of hours later.
“I dunno. I’ve been thinking about moving to America, but I’m worried about leaving Nan and I’d miss Ace & David.” I replied.
Brendon nodded in understanding, “I think it’d be good if you moved out here but I understand where you’re coming from.”
I smiled and yawned.
“Tired babe?” he asked.
I smiled, he called me babe, “Yeah, just a bit.” I replied, hoping he wouldn’t notice the blush on my cheeks.

“Well, I’ll go and let you sleep.” He said, about to get up but I pulled him down.
“No, stay... please?” I asked him with pleading eyes.
He smiled widely, “Sure.” He replied.
“Thanks.” I smiled before yawning again.
“No problem. Do you wanna sleep out here or in your bunk?” he asked.
I thought about it for a second, “Bunk.” I replied.
He nodded and helped me up and we walked over into the bunk room.
I climbed in and looked at Brendon who was just standing there, “I don’t bite.” I laughed.
He smiled and nodded before slipping his shoes off and joining me. I curled into him, and he wrapped an arm around my waist.
“Goodnight Eve.” He said before kissing my lightly on my head.
“Night sweetie.” I replied, closing my eyes.
“I’m glad you came on this tour.” Was the last thing I remember before I fell asleep.

The next morning when I woke up, Brendon was still besides me asleep. I smiled at the sight. His hair was a bit messy, and his lips were set in a pout. I carefully climbed over him and out of the bunk. After waiting a second to see if he’d wake up (which he didn’t) I walked into the front lounge area.

“Good morning slut.” One of my busmates, as Brendon called them, greeted.
“I am not a slut.” I said through gritted teeth, controlling my anger.
“Sure, that’s why you’ve got the lead singer in your bed. Face it, you’re a fucking slutty groupie.” He spat.
“Whatever. If that helps you sleep at night.” I said sarcastically before walking past him and getting myself a drink.
He made sure to bump my shoulder forcefully before leaving the bus.
A slut? What the fuck?!’ I thought angrily.
After that little... encounter I guess, I walked quietly over to my suitcase, grabbed out an outfit and walked into the small bathroom to have a shower.

Once I was cleaned and dressed, I walked out to the front lounge area and saw that Brendon was awake. He looked like he had only just gotten up and was rubbing his eyes.
“Morning.” I greeted, sitting beside him on the couch.
“Mm morning.” He replied sleepily.
“Did I wake you?” I asked.
“No. I just woke up and saw you weren’t next to me anymore so I decided to get up.” He replied.
“Ok, well I can make you some toast if you want.” I offered.
“How about we just go out for breakfast? My shout.” He replied.

“You want pancakes don’t you?” I asked with a laugh.
He smiled sheepishly and nodded.
“Ok then Bren, but I’m paying for me.” I replied.
Brendon rolled his eyes but nodded.
“Well, I’m gonna head back to my bus to get changed.” He said, getting up.
“Wait! I’ve got some of your clothes.” I said quickly before running to the bunk room and grabbing the jeans and shirt of his.
“Why do you have my clothes?” he asked.
“I borrowed them remember? I had them cleaned so they’re all good.” I told him.
He smiled and took them from me, “Thanks.” He said before walking to the back to get changed.

“I’ll have the pancakes with maple syrup, whipped cream and ice cream thanks.” Brendon told the waitress.
She turned to me, “And you?” she asked monotonously.
“Umm, I’ll have the same except waffles thanks.” I replied.
She wrote it down before nodding and walking away.

“Here you go.” I said, handing my debit card over to the cashier.
“No, it’s ok. That man over there already paid for you.” She smiled gesturing towards Brendon.
I smiled before giving her a $10 tip, “Thanks mate.” I said to her before walking over to Brendon.
Again I smiled, but hit his shoulder.
“What was that for?” he asked, bewildered that I hit him.
“Did I not tell you that I’d pay for myself?” I asked him.
“Well yeah but I thought I may as well.” He shrugged.
“Bren, I don’t want you paying for things for me. I’ve got money, let me use it.” I told him as we made our way outside to the rental car.

I was setting up the amps when my busmates plus some of their dickhead friends came over to me.
“So, how’s the slut today?” one of them asked.
I rolled my eyes but ignored them and continued with my work.
“Awwe, the groupie not get paid or something?” they asked mockingly and laughing.
Again I ignored them.
“Come on, we’re just wondering if we could get some. You should be pretty easy. I mean, you slept with the lead singer last night.” They said.
I lost it, “I didn’t fucking sleep with him last night. If you looked, I was fucking fully clothed and so was he! I’m not a slut or a groupie and I’m not easy so fuck off!” I shouted angrily.
They all laughed at my outburst, “You could’ve fooled me. I mean look at you! You just scream slutty groupie!”

“Hey! What the fuck guys?!” Jon shouted.
They stopped laughing and looked towards him, “What?” one of them asked innocently.
“You know perfectly well what. Don’t act fucking innocent.” He said furiously.
“Whatever dude.” The same one replied before they all started to walk away.
“I can have you fired mate don’t forget that!” Jon shouted after them.
A tear rolled down my cheek which I quickly wiped away before finishing up.

“Hey, are you ok?” Jon asked as he came closer to me.
“I’m not a slut.” I told him, looking him dead in the eye.
“I know. Why’d they say you slept with Bren last night?” he asked me.
“He came over to my bus last night and I was tired so I asked him to stay over and we just stayed in my bunk.” I explained with a slight blush that I hoped he wouldn’t notice.
Jon smiled at me, “You like him.” He stated.
“Wha? N-no I don’t!” I lied.
He chuckled and wrapped an arm around my shoulder, “Yes you do. It’s alright, don’t be so shy about it.” He told me.

“When did you start liking him?” Jon asked as we walked around together.
“Well, for a while. But I knew that I really liked him when we all got smashed.” I replied without thinking.
“Ooh, I’m intrigued. What made you realise that you liked our dear little Brendon.” He asked me.
“Well, you see, after we left the room once I kicked your arse, we got to our room he said I looked hot and we started making out and then...” I trailed off mumbling.
God this was embarrassing.
“And...?” Jon asked me to continue.
“Do I have to say it?” I asked pleadingly.

He smiled and thought about it for a moment, “You gave him a hand job didn’t you?” he asked.
I was dumbstruck, “H-how’d you know?” I asked him.
He smiled again, “You don’t seem like the type of person to go all the way outside of a relationship and I also didn’t peg you to give him head. So my answer was more likely and I was right!” he said happily.
This is wrong on so many levels.” I mumbled as I sat down on the grass out in the sun.
Jon sat beside me, “So, are you two a kind of thing now?” he asked.
That’s when I got quiet.

“Stevie?” he asked.
“The thing is... hedoesn’trememberanythingbecausehewaskindareallydrunk.” I said in one breath.
“What?” Jon asked confusedly.
I sighed, “He doesn’t remember anything because he was kinda really drunk.” I repeated.
“Ohh... well that sucks.” Jon stated.
“No shit.” I replied, rolling my eyes.
“Why don’t you just tell him?” he asked me.

I turned and faced him, “It was awkward telling you about it. Imagine what’d be like if I told him!” I replied.
“It was just a suggestion.” He defended.
“Look, just... don’t tell anybody. Then they’ll think I am a slut.” I told him.
“I promise, but if they heard that story, I don’t think they’d think you were a slut.” Jon replied with a smile.
“Thanks Jonny boy.” I smiled back.
“No problem darl. We should head back.” He said, getting up and dusting himself off.
“Yeah,” I replied, taking the hand he had outstretched to me, “thanks.”
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