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“What?” Gerard looked shocked, “Seriously?”
“Fuck yeah, why not?” I smiled. His jaw dropped even more, if that was possible. He began to stutter some shit, but I couldn’t make any sense of it at all.
“Gerard, just shut up,” I laughed, “I mean it. Let’s get married! What age do I have to be before we can do it?”
He managed to say, “16.”
“Oh, great!” I smiled, taking hold of his hand, “That means in 2 months we could tie the knot.”
“B…but, Frank…you…” he began, but I interrupted.
“Oh my god! We could have a Christmas wedding! That gives us about 3 months to plan it and shit. Aww man, that would be so amazing. It would be all snowy and…”
“You need your parent’s consent, Frank…” Gerard finished my sentence but not in the way I had wanted it to end.
“What?” I gasped.
“You need to get your mom or dad to say that you can get married, or else it aint legal, babe,” he put his arm around my shoulder.
“But, that’s never gonna fucking happen!” my dreams had just shattered.
“But Frank… We can get married when you’re older. We don’t have to get married right away; it was just a suggestion for the future. We have our whole lives together Frank, no rings are gonna make us any more in love than we already are…” he tried to comfort me.
“I had really warmed up to the idea though. I want to be your husband. I wanna be Mr Way, or I want you to be Mr Iero, or why not go for both Mr Way-Iero!” I snivelled, burying my face in his shirt.
“You really want it that much?” he asked, stroking my hair.
“Yeah. I really really want to show you just how much I love you. I want to put a ring on your finger and tell you that I love you and that I will never leave you, and I want you to do the same back, Gerard,” I stared up into his eyes.
“Then that’s what we will do,” he announced, “Im sure there is some way we can convince your mom to see just how much we want this. We have 2 months until you are 16, to do some serious persuading, and then another month to plan and book the venue, and all that shit.”
I smiled so much that my cheeks began to ache, also making Gerard giggle.
“You would really do that, for me?” I asked, still smiling.
“Of course I would. I would do anything to be Gerard Iero… Way-Iero… Iero-Way… whatever the fuck you want me to be called,” he laughed, kissing my lips so softly I could barely feel it.
“I love you!” I squeaked.

Later, after we had got a shower, got dressed and planned out all of the things that we would say to my mom, we headed to my house in Gerard’s car. Sneaking in a heated kiss before we got out of the car, we then hesitantly knocked on the door, holding each other’s hand tightly.
“Frank! Oh my god, you’re home! I was getting worried!” my mom cried, throwing her arms around me. I didn’t want to make her angry, so I hugged back and smiled when she finally freed me from her grip.
She looked down to see Gerard’s fingers tightly entwined with mine, and then gave him an evil glare. Despite her obvious hate for Gerard, she invited him in… sort of.
She pulled me by the hand, into the house, and I almost fell through the door. Noticing that I was still clinging tightly onto Gerard’s hand, she said, “I guess you had better come in too, then.”
“Mom, we have a question for you,” I broke the ice.
“Would you like some coffee, Frank?” she ignored my comment.
“Uhm, yes please, you know how I like it… and Gerard will have a black coffee, no sugar,” I smiled as he squeezed my hand to say thankyou.
“Okay,” my mom said, making sure her eyes didn’t meet with Gerard’s, “Ill be right back.”
When she had left the room, Gerard saw it as a golden opportunity to talk about what we were going to say, however I saw it as an opportunity to explore his mouth with my tongue. He wasn’t going to say no to that.
I heard my mom cough as she entered the room, and I quickly broke away from Gerard, not daring to turn back round to face her.
“Your coffee, Frank,” she said, expecting me to take it from her.
I slowly turned around, feeling my cheeks burning red as I took the mug from her hands, “Thanks.”
“And… your friend’s…” she scoffed, handing me the black coffee she had made for Gerard.
“Thankyou Mrs Iero,” he said, trying to smile.
She said nothing. I decided to tell her more about our question
“Mom, about that question we wanted to ask you…” I began.
“What question?” she pretended she didn’t know.
“The one I mentioned earlier…uhm, we just wondered if…if…if…” I began to stutter.
“We wondered if it would be at all possible for you to try and accept Frank and myself as a…couple, if we could prove to you how much we…love each other,” Gerard finished my question for me, I used the hand squeezing technique to let him know I was grateful.
“Frank, that guitar tutor called, he said he has an opening on Saturday evenings, wouldn’t that be nice?” she said, trying to avoid answering.
“Mom, ive told you, I teach myself, I don’t need a tutor,” I said, going off the subject a bit.
“He’s an amazing guitar player,” Gerard added, smiling. His comment didn’t go down well with my mom, as she scowled at him, almost as if to tell him to be quiet and mind his own business.
“Anyway, we’re going off the subject… Mom, could you answer the question please,” I said.
“What quest…” she was interrupted.
“You know what question, mom. Just answer…” I was beginning to get irritated, but Gerard calmed me down, putting his arm around my shoulder and rubbing my arm to let me know he was there for me.
“How were you thinking of proving it?” she said through gritted teeth. I could tell it was taking all of her willpower for her not to dive on Gerard and rip his arm from around me.
“Well, Mrs Iero, we were thinking about our future, and we realised that Christmas weddings are always very beautiful…” Gerard ignored her evil stare and began to explain. I could see her eyes widening as she thought about what was coming next.
“And, well, we thought… wouldn’t it be amazing to have our own Christmas wedding,” I said, feeling numb as my mom’s facial expression changed. The look in her eyes was indescribable. She looked like she was about to burst.
“Mom…” I said, waving my hand infront of her a little, trying to wake her from her trance.
“Frank will be 16 in 2 months, Mrs Iero, and if we plan and book things now, we will have just enough time to make our dream come true. We don’t want to have to wait another whole year for this, we want this to happen as soon as possible, so if you would just give it your consent, it would make us the happiest people alive…” Gerard explained calmly, trying to keep my mom from exploding with anger.
“Frank…” she said. I was fearful of what she was going to say next, “Can we talk… alone?”
“Mom, anything you have to say can be said infront of my boyfriend,” I said, kinda regretting it as her face went red.
“Frank! I want to talk to you, on your own. Now!” she raised her voice. Gerard clutched my hand tightly and continued to rub my arm.
“Mom, we are in love, we don’t hide anything from each other, so Gerard will find out what you had to say anyway. You might as well just say it to us both. I love him mom, and he will soon be my husband,” I said, angering my mom even more.
“Frank Anthony Iero!” she ‘full-named’ me.
“What!?” I began to get sick and tired of her constant need to get what she wants and ruin my happiness.
“Frank,” Gerard said under his breath. My mom looked up at him.
“No, Gerard! If she can’t just accept that im the happiest ive ever been, and she can’t accept the fact that we are together, then I don’t want to know her!” I screamed, not knowing what I was saying.
“Frankie, baby, calm down,” Gerard said, pulling me back down quickly so I ended up sat with one leg over his, “Don’t say things like that. She’s your mom, and no matter how much she pisses you off, you should remember that she will always love you no matter what. Just give it some time, im sure she will understand your frustration.”
I struggled to be free from his grip, but he kept a tight hold on me, turning my head so that I was looking directly at him, “I love you so fucking much, Frank Iero. I want you to be mine forever. I know you feel like your mom doesn’t understand, but im sure she does, and if she doesn’t then im sure she will do in time, babe. She is only trying to protect you. Now, I don’t give a fuck where we are, or that your mom is sat right across from us… just kiss me, beautiful.”
A tear of happiness fell from my eye as I gazed at his gorgeous face. I looked over at my mom, who was staring at us, her mouth wide open. I looked back at Gerard and moved my face closer to his, so our lips were almost touching and whispered, “I love you.” I worked my lips against his, cherishing every moment of the kiss, as I began to worry that after this my mom would ground me for life and keep me locked in my room, never allowing me to talk to Gerard again. Our tongues slid together, exploring every inch of each others’ mouths. I could taste coffee on his tongue and im sure he could taste the same on mine. I ran my fingers through his hair and he ran his hand up my thigh. Just as things were becoming more heated, we both had the same thoughts, and we ended the kiss. Gerard brushed my hair out of my face and put his forehead and nose onto mine, smiling.
We looked across at my mom, who was still staring at us, mouth wide open.
“…if you could just try to understand, mom. If you could just take one step back and realise just how much this would mean to us…” I began, but was silenced by the sudden reply of my mom.
“Oh Frankie,” she said lovingly, waking from her trance and coming over to me. She knelt beside me and cupped my face in her hands, looking into my eyes. I was kinda freaked out at first, but when I heard what she had to say, I could easily say I was the happiest person on this planet.

-okay, so i dont actually know what the legal age that you can get married at is in the USA, but in the UK it is 16 with parental consent, so im sorry if it is actually older than that in america. rememeber this story is fictional, so im allowed to make little alterations to the rules anyway :) ...rate and review please, tell me if you like it... + keep me going!-
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